"Stupid Xiao Long…"

Not for the first time, Weiss was frustrated. Severely. She didn't have any major complaint per se, rather, just an accumulation of little annoyances that had the steady effect of raising her blood-pressure day by day. Little cracks like 'Sup Bitty-titties,' or 'Morning A-Cup,' just kept right on piling up. No one in her life had ever shown such a persistent glee in getting under the Heiress's skin and raising her ire like Yang Xiao Long. Weiss assumed that it was some kind of perverse 'welcome to the family' hazing since she had been partnered with the obnoxious Blonde's sister, but that did little to salve her frustration. Instead, Weiss would quietly mutter to herself, day in, day out, that Yang didn't know what she was talking about and should just shut up, but that didn't fix anything, just helped her bottle her frustration.

What infuriated The Heiress the most though, was Yang's cocky assumption that Weiss would never do anything about it – that she'd just take 'sisterly' ridicule lying down. 'Please, you're too prim and proper to do anything about it," was probably Yang's favorite line whenever Weiss insisted that she'd get her for it someday, and much as it irked Weiss to admit it, she was right… Weiss couldn't really come up with a suitable means of revenge against someone so 'easy-going' as Yang… because nothing seemed to embarrass her…

Then, Weiss had hatched an idea… a scandalous, deviant little idea… If she couldn't embarrass Yang in turn directly, she could prove the boisterous blonde bimbo totally, totally wrong! Which was why she was presently wearing a trench coat, scarf, and trilby in the middle of summer…

There were of course, certain places that a Schnee did not go, and so despite the 85 degree heat, Weiss had to bundle up so as not to be recognized. Toys & Girls was one such place, located on the backstreets of eastern Vale…

It was in one of those shopping plazas with a name nobody ever bothered to remember, between a trashy hair salon and a second-hand weapon-parts store. Despite sweating profusely – whether it was from the heat coupled with her very necessary bundling up, or from sheer embarrassment at the positively indecent posters plastered all over the windows – Weiss was decidedly reluctant to enter the almost certainly air-conditioned store. What if they recognize me? Idiot! Not like it's going to matter- well… okay… white hair isn't all that rare in Atlas… and blue eyes are hardly unique… but – NO! Caution first! What if Father finds out? Just go in, buy what you need, and get the Hell out… Taking a deep breath, Weiss placed her hand – gloved, of course – on the door handle, and pushed it open…

Weiss had to blink a few times. Off in the corner was a bored-looking clerk at a cash register, but everywhere else… It was quite possibly the most profane and baffling display she'd ever seen. The clerk shot her a raised eyebrow at the sight of her completely necessary wardrobe choices, then rolled her eyes, going back to reading a magazine as Weiss continued to stare dumbstruck. Front and center was a rack of brightly colored cylindrical… Weiss shuddered to even think about it, but she was committed now, so with another deep breath, she compromised; toys in varying sizes. Gingerly stepping closer, she leaned in to examine one in particular…

Oh my god… that's HUGE! Weiss swallowed, Maybe next time… instead, she reached over to the side blindly, still transfixed on the huge toy, grabbing a new one and holding it at arm's-length and tore herself away from the rack to go… somewhere else in the store….

"R-right…" She mumbled to herself, heart fluttering in a manner somewhere between excitement and panic at the mere thought of the thing she was holding in her left hand, "I-I can do this… Now I just need.. an um…"

A few days later, Weiss discreetly excused herself from the RWBY dorm, pleading a desire for peace and quiet, and after rolling her eyes and diligently ignoring Yang's wisecracks, she departed Beacon entirely – she wouldn't be back until Sunday night. It was a perfect plan… until she arrived at the penthouse suite of a certain hotel whose name she would take to her grave to find that her… purchases had been delivered… all of them…

"Okay… perhaps I might have gone a little bit overboard…" She somewhat embarrassedly lamented as she looked at the heap of discreetly packaged boxes – some of them quite large – piled floor to ceiling in the corner of her living room, "And to think that pushy clerk wanted me to buy more… I don't see what difference a stupid bottle of gel would make next to all of this..."

It wasn't the biggest penthouse Weiss had ever stayed in, but it certainly served; a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and of course – most importantly – a bedroom… All of the furnishings were of the most elegant quality, though tasteful in there simplicity, which made the mere concept of the mound of adult toys piled in the living room all the more garish by contrast… Weiss couldn't help the urge to avert her eyes from the stack out of habitual modesty, but she resolved that she was going to do it! "Right after I shower…"

Shaking her head and turning her back on her illicit treasure trove, Weiss robotically went through the motions of doing just that, mind racing all the while as she contemplated what she was about to do. Can I really do this? I mean it's already bad enough that I even have these but… She unbuttoned her bolero jacket and tossed it haphazardly on the counter, I mean… I can get away with it… I just need a little makeup to cover the scar, wear my hair down, and nobody will be able to prove it's me! She unzipped her combat skirt and let it fall to the floor. Especially that obnoxious Xiao Long… Dust… how the hell did Ruby managed to grow up with that big oaf for a sister…? And then she stripped off her blouse with a smirk, Yang can't finger me unless she can wipe that stupid smirk off her face and admit that she was wrong~

As she undid the wrap and let it unwind, slipping to the floor, Weiss drew a deep, relieved breath, "That's so much better…" she sighed blissfully as the binding fell from her chest and she let herself actually breathe. Yang could mock her for being 'flat-chested' all she wanted, but what Weiss wouldn't have given to see the look on the brawlers face now… Weiss had long since slipped into the habit of taping her chest down because it was bad enough to have one boy after another slavering over her for her money, let alone her body too. Not that she was excessively well-endowed of course, but even on the modest end of C-cup, Weiss was sure that Yang wouldn't have grounds to call her flat if only she knew. Ah, but such is the price of the perfect crime…

Stepping out of her fine white silk panties though, Weiss did indeed turn the shower – all eight showerheads no less – on, and turned it up to hot. The steaming torrent felt so good on her skin, blasting all of her stress and anxiety away and filling her with self-assured confidence. Oh come now… You are Weiss Schnee! You can do anything you want – and if I don't want to be a virgin anymore, I can fix that easily – just to show Yang…

Before she knew it though, her shower was over and she was toweling off with a delightfully soft towel, before slipping into the 'outfit' she'd prepared for the occasion. It consisted of an alluringly translucent light blue negligee and a pair of sandals that screamed 'fuck me.' Lastly, a pair of light blue panties of even finer silk than her white pair, which she opted to wear because the negligee only met in the front about her chest, and hung open exposing much of her bare stomach all down its length down to her thighs. All told, a fittingly sensual ensemble for the occasion, Weiss thought.

"Now I just need to… yeah…" A hurricane of butterflies churned in Weiss's stomach As she proceeded into her bedroom. Maybe this would have been easier if it was as simple as that, but no; Weiss Schnee did nothing halfway… though as she opened up her laptop and set up her webcam, she might have caught herself wondering whether or not she might do well to reevaluate that particular conviction…

"No…" The Heiress shook her head, keying up the custom-designed website she'd commissioned under an assumed name, "You. Are. Doing. This…"

She was going to do it. She was totally going to do it! An exhilarating little experiment in youthful rebellion and an exciting new experience all in one – plus it didn't hurt that she could ever after look down on a certain ignorant bimbo for her sad little jibes, secure in the knowledge that Yang would have no idea what she was talking about…. "…And all I have to do is lose my virginity on camera for the whole internet to see…" She sighed, "No pressure…" As she took a breath, about to start the stream, she panicked, realizing she'd forgotten something… "C-crap! Makeup!"

Scrambling to cancel the streaming window, Weiss leapt from the soft, nicely pressed blankets of her bed to retrieve the necessary cosmetics from her dresser. She might be able to claim that 'Snow White' was some other blue-eyed, white-haired Atlesian floosy, but even her larger bust than she normally let on would wear thin as disguises went if 'Snow White' had the exact same scar… "Can't have that…"

It didn't take long though, and moments later, Snow White was boasting an unblemished face, and Weiss gave her best – if slightly awkward – seductive smile, "Now you're ready…"

She sighed, sitting in front of her webcam once again, before slapping her cheeks to prepare herself, and then reaching down to restart the stream, "Here we go…"


Weiss cleared her throat.


"La la la la la laaa…" She ran through a few last-minute vocal exercises she'd picked up in her singing career – and tried not to think about what this would do to that career if anyone positively pinned what she was about to do on her…


"This is it… I'm really doing this…" She reminded herself, getting onto her knees on the bed in front of the camera and leaning forward to emphasize her cleavage – Might as well flaunt it after all…

As the stream officially initiated, placing her face – or in most cases more to the point, her breasts – on the screens of approximately six-hundred-seventy-two viewers across Remnant – almost half of them in Vale, if the viewership monitoring application she'd insisted upon when she commissioned the site was to be trusted. She hadn't exactly advertised this little endeavor to say the least, but she'd nonetheless garnered a few curious page views here and there over the past week before she'd actually posted anything save for "See you Friday night~" right under "Playtime With Snow White…" Most of them were undoubtedly the sort of slavering letches that Weiss wouldn't touch with any length of barge pole, but she couldn't help a little smile at the thought that so many people wanted to see her – never mind the fact that none of them actually knew what she looked like yet… That much at least, was all about to change…

"Hi everybody! It's so nice to meet all of you!" Weiss greeted in her most cheerful voice possible, waving a hand at the camera before leaning back to sit on her heels and making sure her chest got a vigorous shake as she repositioned… They like that… right…? "My name is Snow White, and I'd like to invite you to be my playmate for the night~"

Oh my god, what am I saying!?

But she was in it now, and she couldn't back out – well, she could, but that would be downright unprofessional… "If you like, you can go ahead and message me all you want while we're on; I'd love to satisfy any desires I can," She forced herself to wink, feeling the blush twinging her cheeks as she tried to get more and more lewd, but she was going for broke now… "Just be gentle with me boys – it's my first time~"

Weiss wanted to heave just listening to the saccharine-sweet voice she herself was using, but she had to be extra-attractive if she was going to do this right… right…? But she didn't have much of a chance to mull it over though; the instant she refreshed the page – the feed still running out onto the web – the comments exploded… and Weiss wanted to heave again…

'Cut the crap and strip bitch!'

'You want a good time? Why don't you swing by my place and I'll fuck you till you can't stand.'

'SHOW US YOUR TITS!... Please…'

W-well aren't they positively SHAMELESS!? The Heiress incognito silently fumed, before blushing all the more profusely when it occurred to her that she wasn't exactly one to talk… and instead tried very hard not to break character, "Oh… oh my… well aren't we dirty…?"

'Come on! Show us the goods!'

Weis's eyebrow twitched in irritation, Seriously? Where's the romance!?

'Is it really your first time…? That's… cool of you to admit… I'm a virgin too…'

I don't doubt it if you're watching this… The Heiress thought bitterly, before realizing that that was the nicest thing any of her commenters had said so far… the rest all having been more interested in seeing her remove what little she was still wearing, "My my…" she cooed in her playful bimbo voice, "I'm glad you're all as excited as I am…" This one's for you, my fellow virgin…She thought as she cupped her chest with both hands, squeezing her breasts together for the camera, "Was this what you wanted?"

She had to remember to smile cutely, rather than smirk with contempt when the comments exploded in the affirmative – well, mostly …

'Nice tits sugar, but how bout some ass?'

Disgusted, but doing her best not to show it, Weiss instead waved a finger at the camera with a forced smile, "Uh-uh-uh~ Girls don't like pushy boys~"

I can't believe I'm actually doing this! Why am I doing this!?

'I hope this doesn't sound creepy… but you're really pretty Miss White… But I don't want to push you into anything… weird…'

You again? Weiss blinked leaning in to read the screenname, WarmFuzzies123…? They think I'm pretty? I was kind of going for 'hot,' but that's… sweet… Almost makes it worth it- I-I mean aside from proving stupid Xiao Long totally, TOTALLY WRONG! She took a breath, and restored her slipping smile, but then thought better of it and pouted for the camera instead,"Please be patient with me… I'm not as experienced as all of you…"

She kept right on cupping her breasts though, running her fingers over her peaks for the pleasure of her viewers – not to mention her own, now that she was doing it… - she noticed something and blushed, before realizing she shouldn't miss the opportunity. Letting out a deep, shuddering breath, Weiss squeezed her breasts together under her translucent blue negligee, further emphasizing them and highlighting her erect nipples beneath the wispy thin fabric. God this feels weird… but I think I like it…

"Oh look what you've gone and done now; I'm all hot and bothered~"

'I'm getting hot just watching…'

'I'd love to suck them… Could you uh… pinch them for me…?'

Weiss could almost hear the shamefacedly bashful tone of voice implicit with the request, and with a screenname like WarmFuzzies123, Weiss couldn't help taking pity. She stifled a little yelp of pleasure as she rolled her nipples between two fingers each, sending unexpectedly intense ripples of pleasure through her, and she let out a little moan, partly for the benefit of her audience and partly because it felt so good… "H-how's that WarmFuzzies…? That one was for you…"

'That was nice and all, but come on! Tits OUT!'

Weiss frown playfully at the camera, finding the act to take a little less effort now, "Tut-tut, mustn't rush now ShadyNighty- Oh…" She didn't want to get ahead of herself, but literally the entire chat wanted more skin… "Well never mind then…" she cleared her throat and leaned in to wink at the camera, before undoing the single fastening over her chest and letting the Negligee fall open, "How's that…?"

Her cheeks rouged as she checked the feed on her laptop, showing her breast bared for the world to see on the internet, one nipple still partially concealed by the hanging side of her negligee, but the other peak was unabashedly in plain view. Still, she looked happy, and that was what mattered for the audience… who were eating it up…

'God those are nice tits…'

'Squeeze them!'

Well, except for HatMan30+, much to the Heiress's annoyance; 'Meh… I've seen better…'

Time to up the ante I guess… She thought, incongruous determination spurring her on, she slipped off the negligee entirely and propped herself up on her hands, closely placed together in front of her to further emphasize her nude chest, "Now… what would you all like next?" She batted her eyelashes for effect, "You know you want it~"

As the responses rolled in, Weiss skimmed them, trying very hard to keep up her seductive front, Suck my… show us your ass… they want to see WHAT!? Swallowing thickly, Weiss eventually made up her mind and shifted in front of the camera. She sat side-on to the camera, raising one leg and cupped one breast, lifting the nipple to her lips. She squeaked softly as another ripple of pleasure flowed through her from the sensitive peak, but that wasn't the showpiece, so to speak… No, what really had her audience excited was that Weiss was stripping off her panties at the same time… This is it Weiss… all the way…

"What do you think?" Weiss asked the camera, letting her nipple slip from her mouth as she pulled her panties down to her knees, "I'm all yours… Any way you like…" She got on her knees, facing away from the camera as she pulled them all the way off to satisfy the viewers who wanted that particular angle before turning and laying lengthwise, giving a full-frontal shot for the webcam, "Or every way you want~"

She smiled in satisfaction, even HatMan was singing her praises… Albeit most of them were being more than a little lewd about it…

Until ShadyNighty decided to ruin the fun… 'You're too hot to be a virgin.. I want you to PROVE IT…'

"Y-you want what!?" Weiss looked away nervously, reflexively squeezing her thighs together. Being fully nude on camera was embarrassing enough but that… that was something else entirely… "I… I don't know…"

WarmFuzzies123: 'You weren't lying when you said you were a… well… you know… Were you?'

"N-no!" Weiss impulsively denied, inexplicably unwilling to disappoint her one polite viewer, "I am! It's just… well that's extra embarrassing to show people…"

'But whoring yourself out to a mass audience is fine…?' ShadyNighty quipped.

"T-that's-!" Weiss began to object, but it died on her lips, and put on her 'sexy-cute' voice again, "Okay, okay… You win ShadyNighty..." She said, forcing herself to spread her legs, "I'll show you…"

'Shaven… wow…'

'Fuck I'd hit that~'

Weiss tried not to think about exactly how many people were fantasizing about stealing her virtue in that very moment – or whatever else they might be getting up to while they watched this – and dutifully spread her legs as widely as she could before reaching over and angling her webcam down at her emaculate – if perhaps just slightly damp – sex, "O-okay… I hope you're watching ShadyNighty…"

Her fingers trembling, Weiss reached down to touch herself wincing in pleasure as her own touch sent shivers of pleasure up her spine. God was she sensitive there… and she felt heat pooling in the pit of her stomach as her fingers lingered, hesitant. Come on Weiss! You've already TOLD them that you're a virgin! What difference does it make to prove it!? It's not like they even know it's actually YOU anyway… Just DO IT! "EEP!" She squealed as she pushed two fingertips inside herself suddenly and spread her folds, showing her maidenhood to the world. She was breathing fast and shallow as she held herself open and on display, and couldn't help a breathy quality in her voice as she angled the camera back up to speak to her viewers, "S-see…? I told you… How… How'd you like to help me out…?"

'Sweet! Pop that cherry!'

'Finger yourself…'

'Fuck that! Go all out! You've got small hands!'

Weiss blanched at the thought being implied, deliberately refraining from memorizing the offending screenname. Then though, WarmFuzzies123 was on again; 'Do you.. have any… um… toys…?'

Weiss blinked, thinking of the massive pile of toys in the other room… and then about how she'd forgotten to take any of them into the bedroom… "Um… h-hold that thought!"

Weis hurriedly scrambled off of the bed, and off camera – though giving a lovely view of her pussy in so doing – and headed for the door to her living room to rummage through her recently purchased mound of sex toys. She tossed several aside that she'd bought without actually even knowing what they were, but it didn't take long for her to find what she was fairly certain WarmFuzzies123 was talking about…. She shivered a little bit as she clutched the cold plastic of the box to her naked breasts, but nonetheless she hurried back to her webcam, anxious about being unprofessional of all things – heaven forbid she should leave any dead air…. "W-well… I've got this lovely set of… " she opened the box and gingerly picked up one of the toys between two fingers to show the camera, "These… lovely toys…"

'What's wrong virgin? Never seen a dildo before?'

'Do… Do you have a… a uh… Bigger one…?' WarmFuzzies123 asked over the chat.

Weiss's eyes – hitherto very deliberately looking anywhere but the toy suspended between her fingertips – drifted to it now, seeking a point of comparison, and she blanched again, "B-bigger…?" The toy that she was 'holding' was six inches long and an inch and a half thick… "Um…" She looked down into the box, and saw that she did indeed have several larger ones… in that box alone… "O-okay…"

She reached for the largest toy in the box – but then thought better of it and limited herself to the eight inch long, two inch thick one… "I-I can do that…"

'What? Just like that?' Somebody going by 'HotChoclate' demanded, 'You've got to make it sexier! Suck it!'

Setting the box aside and clutching the toy more firmly than she cared to, Weiss gaped at the screen, "S-suck it!?"

The Heiress looked down at the neon blue plastic object in her hand, shaking with her hand. She gulped, but then nodded, Must be 'professional' Weiss… Slowly, gingerly she raised the toy to her lips and closed her eyes, It's just plastic… it's just plastic…

'Suck it! Suck it!'

Here goes nothing… Weiss thought as she parted her lips, pushing the toy into her mouth. It tasted like… well… plastic.. but that was to be expected, she supposed. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling in her mouth, just… different… The real surprise came when she opened her eyes to glance at the chat again…

'Work it girl! Suck that cock!'

'Deep throat! Deep throat!'

Deep…? Weiss puzzled for a moment without removing the toy from her mouth, working her lips over the end the whole time and trying not to look confused, Oh… OH… W-well… here goes then…

Taking a deep breath through her nose, Weiss plunged the toy cock into her mouth and the back of her throat. She nearly gagged almost immediately and pulled it out right away, leaving her gasping and breathless, but it seemed to have pleased her audience – if '*Cums in mouth*' was anything to go by… disgusting as the thought was…

'Good girl… now… time to show yourself a good time…' Suggested HatMan, 'Let me see you fuck yourself…'

'D-do you all really want to see me go all the… all the way…?" Weiss asked the camera, secretly hoping the answer might be 'no,' but no such luck in the comments. Even WarmFuzzies123 wanted to watch her lose her virginity… "W-Well okay… "

Her heart fluttered with excitement and fear at the thought of what she was about to do. It was so embarrassing but on the other hand, she really wanted to as well… she felt a burning itch between her legs now and she was well and truly wet. Her body wanted it… now she just needed to persuade her mind… Unbidden by the comments, she clutched and groped her right breast with her free hand as she lowered the toy, rubbing her thighs together in anticipation. "I… I'm gonna do it… Oh god…" She moaned as the toy contacted her clit, rubbing over that so tender place before moving on to her folds, "God I want it! Please! Do you want it too?"

She didn't even bother to look at the screen – she could practically hear all of her viewers screaming YES! Who was she to deny her loving audience? As the end of the toy parted her folds, Weiss flopped backward onto the bed, spreading her legs and holding them up on either side of the webcam. She squeezed her breast as hard as she could and belted out a husky sexual moan as her back arched and more of the toy entered her most sacred place before reaching her maidenhood. "It's coming! It's coming! God! F-Fuck! YES!"

Weiss's fist clenched around the toy as she made to push it all the way in, and unbeknownst to her she depressed a membrane switch on the base of the toy, and it began to vibrate as it pierced her maidenhood, "Oh! Oh! God Fucking YES! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" She wailed in ecstasy as the momentary pain was utterly swept away, "Do you love me yet!? There's my virginity! All yours! I'm yours! Fuck!"

Her insides clenched around the shaft, and the constant vibration sent paroxysms of ecstasy through her whole body. She fell limp. Her body jerked and spasmed with pleasure, and her hands rose to clutch and knead her breasts, the toy continuing to vibrate inside her, six inches deep as she thrashed on the mattress and her comments section exploded – not that she was in a fit state of mind to care… She was much too busy whimpering in bliss, her orgasm gushing around the toy and spraying wildly and coating the lens of her webcam. As she came down though, Weiss simply collapsed, exhausted – too exhausted even to remove the toy as she propped herself up on her elbows to glance at her comments one last time for the night, reading aloud the single most common response: "F-Fuck yeah…" Then, as she tried to pull the toy out, she winced, "…Ow…"

The next day, A rather shamefaced and perhaps slightly bow-legged, though still thoroughly disguised Weiss walked out of Toys & Girls again with a bottle of lube… And tried very hard not to think about the clerk's smug look… Lesson leaned… she thought, grimacing in discomfort before halting in her tracks, Wait… Why am I still doing this!?

Hello all, yet another new project! This one was hatched in a chat with Kiko Gorgon, to whom I owe a major shout-out for helping me brainstorm and giving it the once-over. Anyway, the premise of this one is fairly self-evident I should think – not to mention one of the more 'normal' (he says in air-quotes) ideas that I'm working with. The tall and short of it is that Weiss Schnee (whom I couldn't resist the urge to give a bit of an adaptation boob-job…) has decided to launch a live cam site. Why? Because Smut. At any rate, I do hope that you enjoyed that, and as always, I do love feedback – and if you feel like making a request, you just might be one of the commenters on the stream in a future chapter~ Have a good one everybody.