Hello and welcome once again to Playtime with Snow White. For this chapter, we're going to play with a little Ice Cream, and maybe hinting at things to come… maybe… Hopefully you enjoy, and as always, any feedback is appreciated.

Weiss smiled as she slowly, deliberately and with an almost sexual relish parted her lips around a big, firm spoonful of her three-scoop ice cream, wantonly showing off for any and all to see. She wasn't in private – where would have been the fun in that? – and everybody stared, from disapproving mother s to wide-eyed little girls unable to resist telling her how pretty she was, to say nothing of each and every man and boy so much as passing by the little open-air ice cream parlor in downtown Vale. She had decided to take a personal day off from both Beacon and her show, but no matter how much she resolved to relax, she couldn't resist her newfound urge to show off. It didn't hurt that she was so very obviously recognized by quite a few of her current spectators. True, she had gone out in her shortest possible skirt that she could get away with in public, and no, she hadn't needed to wear that one spaghetti-strap top that just barely kept her breasts from spilling free, but she wanted to. Ever since she'd come clean, Weiss just wanted to wear all the most risqué pieces of her wardrobe all the time – she'd even traded out her typical boots for the most suggestive pair of 'fuck me' heels she owned.

Weiss smiled, licking her lips and casting a wink to one particularly slack-jawed girl across the café. It was strange to think about it, butt there, eating her ice cream, being ogled by dozens of strangers, she felt as powerful as she ever did on the battlefield. She could just tug the neckline of her top down a little more and had anything she wanted of anyone at the parlor. The mere thought of it sent shivers up her spine and-

Weiss swallowed, squeezing her thighs together suddenly, "Shit…" Weiss whined under her breath, forcing herself to maintain her 'come hither~' smile all the while. She'd worked herself up a little too much… She swallowed, and then she swallowed again, forcing herself to finish her ice cream, fixing her gaze on the same awed wallflower as she did, if only to try and fool herself into thinking she didn't have quite so much of an audience to tickle her inner exhibitionist. Unfortunately, that particular wallflower was really cute, with her strawberry eyes, chestnut hair, and adorable blouse… Weiss could get used to the idea off ofering more… private performances…

NO! Weis shook her head, forcing down another bite of her dessert, Save it for the show! Or at least… when you're… Her spoon clattered against her empty bowl as she idly scooped for the next bite, not having noticed that she'd finished her bowl, Oh… well… I guess that's one hurtle out of the way, still… She glanced at the little wallflower again, and licked her lips anew, "Maybe I could… go for a warm up…"

Standing from her seat and casting that one lucky wallflower a little wink before she turned to leave. Slipping into more of a strut than a walk as she took her leave, she didn't head for Beacon – too far – and she couldn't go for her penthouse either, much for the same reason. No, the lady's room at the café would have to suffice for a quick fix. Fortunately, the 'Snowdrift' Atlesian style ice cream parlor borrowed more than its confectionary stylings from her homeland, and Weiss was pleased to find that cleanliness was another authentic touch of the place, even in its restrooms.

Weiss smiled at her own reflection in the wall-mounted mirror, positively beaming with the self-assurance she'd only begun to feel since her independence. Bracing her hands on the counter, Weiss leaned forward and winked to herself, bending forward just so to flash herself some cleavage. She really didn't want to wait until her next stream to feel herself up-

Weiss caught her breath with a start as the door behind her opened, and in the mirror Weiss saw her lucky little Plain Jane walk in. Weiss grinned at the sight. Plain Jan's got nice hips actually…

Weiss imagined just laying her hands on those lovely hips, grabbing a perfect stranger and making her day. Then Plain Jane passed out of view behind Weiss's own reflection, and an instant later, Weiss was startled to find a warm body pressed against her back. A svelte little hand reaches around her and presses a small, Vibrating object to her breast, right over her nipple through the dangerously thin fabric. Weiss gasped in pleasure, as not only was she expertly treated Weiss to persistent nipple-stimulation , rubbing tiny circles about the huntresses rapidly stiffening peaks, while at the same time another hand slid down the front of Weiss's skirt.

O-Oh my god… Weiss's hands gripped the counter like a vice as her knees grew weak, her assailant's fingers rubbing over her panties now, A-am I… being… raped!?

No sooner had that horrible thought crossed Weiss's mind than did the molestation cease though, leaving Weiss heaving breath after breath as she rounded on her… attacker…? Weiss Blinked, then blinked again. One instant, she was looking at the Plain Jane from outside, and the next… "N-Neo!?"

The colorful vixen cocked her head with a wink and blew a kiss, "I go by 'Cherry' online 'Snow white~' " She whispers, "And I'm a huge fan…"

"Cherry… Wait- CherryyOnTop!?" Weiss demands, eyes wide in realization, "But you're…"

"On the straight and- well… bi-curious and narrow~," Neo grinned stepping close again and pressing herself against Weiss, and Weiss against the counter, "The boss and I decided to go into business for ourselves~"

"You mean Roman-,"


Weiss shivered at the thought, but swallowed her distaste, though she was unable to keep an uncomfortable look from her face, "I… see…"

"So…" Neo asks, suddenly coy, "We were wondering if you would want to work with us on a show….?"

"I don't think…" But the summary rejection died on Weiss's lips as she looked down over Neo…She was grinning up at Weiss, batting her eyelashes. The smaller girl's deceptively modest attire nonetheless alluring in the way it hugged her figure, which she pressed against Weiss suggestively.

"I… don't think I want anything to do with… with Roman Torchwick…" Weiss completed her thought at some length, "For business or pleasure…"

Neo chuckles lifting her knee to the counter next to Weiss as she reaches up to caress Weiss's cheek, "Silly…" She whispers, "Roman is all mine… don't you ever forget it… But I just want you to play with me~"

"Is that so…?" Weiss mulled it over. Neo did have an… appealing offer on the table after all… Or the counter, as it were… and Weiss smirked, running her fingers up Neo's thigh, "Then I agree… on one condition…"

"Oh?" Neo smiled devilishly, speaking the single word with her lips millimeters from Weiss's throat.

"We do it at my place…"

"Oh fine…" Neo cooes into Weiss's ear, "But only if I get to do you here and now…"

"Wha-AAH! MMMM!Mmmmm…" Weiss cried out in surprise and sudden pleasure as, with her acquiescence to Weiss's own demand, Neo very aggressively made one of her own in the form of a four-inch long toy unceremoniously plunged into Weiss's pussy after her panties were effortlessly brushed aside by the vixen's dexterous fingers. In a single instant Weiss had gone from controlling the situation to violated and loving it as the full length of the toy was pushed inside her and began to vibrate just in time for Neo to remove her hand and set Weiss's panties right again. Her startled cry devolved into a sexual moan, and then to a simpering mewl, her limbs going weak, priming her for compliance as Neo manhandled her to turn and face the mirror instead, forcing her to look into her own blushing visage.

Wait… why are my breasts…? Weiss languidly wondered in an incomplete thought, only for it to be broken off as something firm was pressed to her ass. Somewhere in the hazy intervening heartbeats of time Neo had pulled Weiss''s shirt down to bare the former heiress' breasts to the mirror, but she didn't have long to ponder this fact before Neo's mercifully lubed strap-on was forced into her ass. Weiss's eyes shot wide in the mirror and her body jerked as her ass was impaled with the toy. Her breasts bounced as she shook from the abrupt intrusions to her body, and Neo didn't let her recover or brace herself before pulling back and thrusting again.

Weiss had been fucked in the ass before of course, whether by one of her teammates, her machine, or simply by pushing toys into herself that first time, but this… this was different. Getting literally taken by surprise by a perfect stranger – former enemy even – was almost rape save for the fact that Weiss found herself really, really into it… Granted, as the continuous vibrations shot through her womanhood and she continued to take it up the asss over and over, she dimly thought that she'd still rather top, but the idea of fucking in a public space was more appealing than she would have thought, and she was all the hotter for it. The very idea that literally anyone could walk in to watch her have sex first-hand… Make a note of that for- FUCK YES!

Weiss's body convulsed as she was driven over the edge, her walls clamping around the vibrator inside her, and while her head spun, apparently her body sup too, because next she knew, she was facing Neo again in time to feel both the vibrator and strap-on were abruptly removed from Weiss's holes, only for the strap-on to be violently thrust back into her – her pussy this time. Weiss's head immediately jerked backward as the hard tip of the toy ran firmly along her front wall on its way to her depths, and a fresh shiver went up her spine as she felt a set of lips suckling at her left nipple. Her leg was lifted over Neo's shoulder, and she whimpered in pleasure as on the left she felt her milk being suckled from her teat and on the right she was squeezed and fondled, milking her onto the floor. Her chest heaved as she breathed heavily to let her heart keep up with the vigorous working over she was taking, and as her body shook, her shoe fell off her upraised foot, revealing her curled toes.


As fortune – or perhaps misfortune for some – might have it, it was precisely as Weiss was exhorting for still more that the bathroom door swung open again, admitting a certain cape-wearing huntress in training. Ruby stopped cold in her tracks at the sight, eyes wide as saucers as her jaw hit the floor, "I-I… um… Weiss… You're uh… Funny seeing… um…"

Bleary-eyed, Weiss forced herself to look Ruby's way with a dopey smile on her face, Neo not halting her stroke for anything, and consequently Weiss's whole body continued to jerk and heave as she tried to address her partner, ""H-Hi there… R-Ru-BEEE!" Weiss squealed as Neo made her cum, once more shattering her wits, but little had actually needed saying anyway, and a decidedly flushed Ruby turned and bolted, spluttering apologies.


Weiss hummed to herself with a contented smile as she brushed her hair in front of her vanity mirror later that evening. Everyone had made their way to her suite for an impromptu session – including her special guest – and she was very much looking forward to streaming that night. Unfortunately, going by the way she stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her, Yang was not so ecstatic.

"Weiss are you crazy!?"

"Yang calm down-," Weiss responded without interrupting her grooming, but Yang wouldn't have it.

"That girl's – Neo works for Torchwhick! – she's one of the-,"

"They're trying to do something more legitimate with they're… talents… I see no reason not to lend a hand, as successful as we are here,"

"Ruby said she raped you in a public bathroom!"

"That… was impromptu… certainly… but nonetheless enjoyable…" Weiss adjusted the subject, "Besides… I like to think of it as an audition…"

"Yeah? Well I don't want her 'auditioning ' me by surprise!" Yang objected, though she was losing a little steam, "N-No matter how cute she is in a nightgown…"

Weiss grinned , setting down her hairbrush now, "That's the spirit- but remember~" Weiss walked behind Yang on the way to the door, pinching the buxom blonde's ass as she passed, "You're Schnee property now, so don't go wandering unless Winter or I tell you too~"

"I-I Wasn't- N-not even a … I mean…" Yang stammered as Weiss left the bathroom and let the door swing shut behind her with a smirk.

Loud moaning – Blake's specifically – could be heard from the guest bedroom as Weiss walked by, and with a roll of the eyes, Weiss flicked her wrist and shut the door with a glyph on her way to the master bedroom-turned-studio. The Supplements Weiss used to ensure she continued producing milk for her show had really done a number on Blake, as she was still just a step shy of heat from that one dose, and gratifying her urges was really putting poor Ruby through her paces. Weiss had of course taken the liberty of setting the pair up with their own stream feed – no sense in being stingy after all, either with her friends or her viewers – But at the present, Weiss was intent on enjoying her own stream as she approached her closed bedroom door with a grin.

"Payback time~"

As the door opened, Neo was sitting on Weiss's bed, as expected, pink nighty and all, with a deceptively innocent smile on her face. She wouldn't be talking for the duration of the show, or so she'd intended – what with her 'cute mute' stage persona – but as much as Weiss had enjoyed Neo's 'audition,' Yang did have a point; Neo had been too brash for Weiss to simply let it pass. Even setting that aside, now that she was out as Weiss Schnee on the show, there were certain… indulgences she could engage in that she couldn't when she was incognito…

"Are you ready?" Weiss asked with an innocent smile to match Neo's, and every bit as insincere.

Neo simply nods in answer with a wink that said 'bring it.'

Oh I will… Weiss thought in answer as she turned on both the stationary camera and her Kino before climbing onto the bed next to Neo, "Hi everybody~"

'Oh my god is that…?' HatMan's surprise was obvious, and Weiss shot Neo a sidelong glance.

Somebody didn't tell the boss…

'I know you've got your whole team in on the show…' Hot chocolate piped in, 'But who's this cutie?'

Weiss grinned to the fixed camera as the Kino hovered for arear view, "I'm glad you Asked HotChocolate-, " Or should I say Coco~ "Because my special guest tonight …" She put her right arm over Neo's shoulders, "Is Cherry~ Remember her from chat? She's also got her own show that I'm sure some of you have seen like I have,"

Neo beamed to camera, waving.

"She doesn't talk much though…" Weiss continued, reaching down to suddenly squeeze one of Neo's nipples through her nightgown to elicit a squeak, "But we're gonna see if we can't make her tonight~" Neo's eyes widen and her attention snaps to Weiss. Clearly there was a world of difference between fucking on camera and forcing her to break character, but Weiss ignored the startled look and continued playing to her audience, "You see, Cherry here has been a very bad girl… And bad girls get punished~"

Neo's eyes took on a genuine look of alarm now, but the chat was all cheering, and like that, Weiss resolved to go through with her little revenge scheme. Weiss snapped her fingers and a set of glyphs flickered to life, binding Neo Hand and foot. With a wave of the hand, Weiss's glyphs lifted Neo to hover over the bed face down toward the mounted camera, only to have her wide-eyed look of shock covered by a blindfold. The smaller girl trembled, mouth hanging agape as she was suspended and now blindfolded, and seeing just how complete her power over Neo now was, a shiver of anticipation coursed through Weiss.

With an almost predatory glint in her eye, Weiss leaned in to Neo's ear and whispered, "The safe word is 'Ice cream~ '"

Seeming to calm down a little with the clear presentation of Weiss's intentions and managed to nod, steadying herself somewhat, but she didn't say a word.

Her premise established, Weiss stepped away from the bed for a moment to go to her chest of drawers and select her props for the evening's performance. A riding crop… a strap-on… probably more other toys than ere strictly necessary… But one could excuse a lapse of moderation for revenge's sake…

Walking back into view of the camera, Weiss smiled, tapping the underside of Neo's chin with the crop, "Now then… we're gonna play… Would you believe this cute little thing jumped me in a bathroom?" Weiss mused aloud, rotating Neo with her glyphs to face the Kino now, "So now you lovely ladies and gentlemen get to watch me get even~" As she finished the sentence in a lilting singsong voice, Weiss reached forward and yanked Neo's panties down, exposing her bare backside to the main camera, "Let's start with twenty lashes?"

Neo squeaked again, and Weiss held up a hand to her ear with a smirk, but Neo would not be bluffed into surrender it seemed, So Weiss would have to follow through. Smirking and winking to camera, Weiss drew back the riding crop and then swatted it across Neo's ass. The effect was as instant as it was on point – a quiet little yelp and a sudden jerk of Neo's whole body, but not a word was to be had out of her mouth.
I'm gonna enjoy this… Weiss's grin broadened, "Hear that everybody? We're gonna have to punish poor Cherry until she learns her lesson~"

Both Weiss's audience and the handful of newcomers from 'Cherry's stream that Weiss didn't recognize by username cheered as she spanked Neo again, and again, Each time Neo let up another squeak, and a fresh jerk and shudder coursed through her, but she wouldn't give the word. Ten lashes, twenty, by the time Weiss had administered thirty lashes to Neo's backside, she was reddened and whimpering but remained stubbornly tight-lipped, and Weiss was forced to admit to herself that she preferred to be on the receiving end of this sort of sadism – if only from Winter, and she lowered the riding crop, idly tracing circles around Neo's folds as she pondered what to do next. She enjoyed the way Neo whined and twitched, but Weiss really wanted to make sure to replace all of Neo's smug with respect when she looked at the debauched Heiress in future… but how? Unless…

One good turn deserves another…

Smirking, Weiss moved back to her drawer, fishing out a strap-on toy – not her largest, but up there – and put it on before returning to her subject, manipulating the glyphs to position the struggling Neo on her knees before Weiss. Weiss grabbed a fistful of Neo's hair and rocked her hips forward, rubbing the tips of her strap on against Neo's left cheek, and then the right, "Open your mouth Cherrry~"

Neo swallowed, but to Weiss's surprise, obeyed, parting her lips around the head of Weiss's toy. Lickign her lips, Weiss pushes her toy into Neo's mouth. Neo did her best to suck moaning softly around the toy, but Weiss was determined to make her work, and so she pushed deeper and deeper. Neo swallowed again as the toy was pushed deeper into her mouth, only stopping at the back of her throat before Weis began to pull back and bobbing Neo's head back and forth. Weiss winked to the Kino as it cycled around before pushing to the hilt into Neo's throat for one last push before pulling out suddenly leaving Neo to gasp and splutter. Weiss stood, swiveling Neo with her glyphs even as Neo looked over her shoulder –Weiss imagined Neo to be blinking under her blindfold – but Weiss offered no explanation before Thrusting her strap-on straight into Neo's unprepared ass. Neo yelped in surprise, body jerking as she was roughly spread around the thick toy, mercifully slickened by it's time in her own mouth. Her tongue began to hang from her mouth more and more with each thrust, and she moaned a little louder as Weiss reached around her to grope her breasts as well. Weiss rolled Neo's nipples between her fingers to elicit little squeals and whimpers, but after a minute of this and a half dozen more thrusts, she concluded that this too was not enough to break Neo, and so without breaking her stroke, Weiss reached over to her box and selected another toy.

In much the same way Neo had surprised Weiss earlier in the day, Weiss waited for the perfect moment, and when next she drew back her hips, nearly withdrawing the strap-on from Neo's ass, instead of allowing Neo the heartbeat to brace herself for the next thrust, she plunged the second toy into Neo's pussy and flicked on the vibrator. It was more the surprise than anything else that drew the sudden, much louder yelp from Neo, but Weiss made sure to change that by thrusting back into Neo's ass with her strap-on even as she reached for a third toy. Again Weiss waited to pull back with her hips before forcing Neo to take the second vibrating toy in her pussy, transmuting her unprepared yelp into a scream as the stretching forced the tiny vixen over the edge, her juices gushing around the toys as her body fell slack. Grinning in satisfaction, Weiss pulled out of Neo's ass and lined up her strap-on with the smaller girl's pussy, leaning forward to place a possessive kiss on the back of Neo's neck, but as the toy brushed against Neo's folds and the other toys, Neo broke.

"I-Ice… cream…." Neo whimpered, hanging her head in defeat, her body wracked with shudders.

Weiss grinned, "Good girl… It's important to learn your lessons…"

"Mmmhmmm…" Neo whimpered as Weiss's glyphs dissipated, letting her cling to the bedside for support now.

'I'm disappointed Cherry…' HatMan30+ jeered, 'What happened to you?'

'Hot-damn Snow… hell of a mean streak…' HotChocolate remarked.

Weiss just winked to camera reading those comments in particular among dozens, "Play nice, or you might get punished too~"