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Cordy was her best friend for so long. Even when she started dating Xander Harris who was, like, the definition of loserness, Harmony still totally thought she was the best. If she didn't, why would she even care? She just knew Cordy was better than that.

The point is, she loves Cordelia, and now she's dead. And not the dead where they could be friends again and hang out and gossip in the break room while sipping blood. She's just… gone dead.

And it's not really fair that she has to come in to work today and Angel gets to just sit around his apartment and be all sad. This is totally traumatic and heartbreaking and Cordy was her guide, Lorne told her so!

And… also she misses her too.

But she comes to work right on time, just like always (or almost always, usually), because she's a good assistant, and when Wesley comes over to her desk and tells her to reschedule (he says it wrong but she doesn't point it out because everyone's hurting about Cordy and apparently grief's supposed to make people do weird things) all of Angel's meetings and to not put any phone calls through to him today, to just let him be and to give him some privacy, she totally does. Because she's a good assistant.

Only, sometimes, part of being a good assistant is not always following the rules exactly, because of circumstances, and right now she thinks her latest phone call is one of those circumstances. She doesn't put the call through. She does like Wes said and takes a message, but she's pretty sure that Angel should probably hear this message now.

Wesley's office door is open, so she knocks on the wall beside it and peeks her head in. "Wes?"

"What is it, Harmony?"

She comes in, but not very far, because there are books everywhere and Wesley yells at her a lot when she touches his books. "I know you said to not bother Angel today, but some guy called—"

"Harmony, I'm sure this can wait."

"Yeah, but he said that he's sorry for our loss, but no one named Dennis lives there and we must have the wrong number. So I was thinking I should tell Angel."

"Ah," says Wesley. He nods very slowly. Like, really slowly. What's the point of that? It's just harder to notice. "No. That's all right. Don't disturb him."

"Really?" Harmony asks. "But if he tells me what this Dennis guy's last name is, maybe I can find his actual phone number." She twists her message pad in her hands a little. "I mean, if he's Cordy's friend…"

"No," says Wesley. "There's no need. I'm sure he got the message."

Nobody ever listens to her.

"But the guy said—"

"It's all right, Harmony," says Wesley. "Everything's been taken care of."

People should get to know that Cordy's gone. Everyone who might care should know. Because Cordy was amazing and everyone should get to be sad about her.

But Wesley used to be the boss, or something, and he's super smart, so maybe he knows what he's talking about. "Okee dokee," Harmony says. She makes herself smile to show how she totally understands. "I'll just… go back to my desk then." She backs up toward the door.

"Thank you for bringing this to me first," says Wesley. "I can promise you that Angel's message was received by the right person." And then he looks back down at his book and that means she's supposed to go and not ask him anymore questions, even if she has them.

Like, why would the guy lie about Dennis not living there? Or not being Dennis.

Maybe grief really does make people weird.

At least he gets to know.