Annalise Tonks Kenobi

Annie groaned and slumped down beside her mom. This was so boring! Why did they have to wait outside the Jedi Council room while Dad and Uncle Ani were inside!? She butted her head against her mom's shoulder. At 9 and as a Jedi initiate, she really should try to be more mature, but she couldn't help it. Mom's Force presence was too comforting.

Mom sighed and brushed a bright red curl from her forehead. "Don't groan so, Annie. It's unbecoming as a lady and as a Jedi."

"Yes, Mom," Annie said and sat up. That's right; she had to act like a good Jedi so a Master would pick her as a Padawan and then she'd be a Knight, just like Dad.

She was the second one of her siblings to be Force sensitive. The first was Benny, who was already a Padawan (though Annie secretly thought that Uncle Ani only took Benny as a Padawan because Dad didn't want him to go to the Agricorps). Lil-lee wasn't and neither were Annie's two little brothers, the twins Sirius and Remus. Not that Annie had ever expected them to be. Even though they were 6, Siri and Rem still ate mud. At least she stopped when she knew better.

Annie looked over to where Aunt Padme was sitting with Luke, Leia, and baby Sabe. Luke waved and she waved back. They were her best friends, but Mom had told her that they should be as quiet as possible for some reason. Maybe Mom was trying to overhear the Council meeting? She tugged on his sleeve. "Mom? Are you worried?"

He smiled down at her. "A little. Let's just say I never thought this meeting would be necessary."

She frowned. "Mom, you're being cryptic again." Honestly, why did her mom feel the need to do this at the worst possible times? Did someone teach him how to do it or something!?

Her mom cocked an eyebrow, but before he could speak, the Council doors opened. Annie restrained herself from running to her Dad, but Siri and Rem did no such thing. Mom, Lil-lee, and Annie stood in unison. "Well?" Aunt Padme asked nervously.

Uncle Ani beamed. "The Council thinks out experiment was a success," he said proudly. Annie and the twins looked at each other in confusion. "Jedi are now officially allowed to have families."

"I hope you've learned your lesson, Obi-Wan Kenobi," Mom said crossly. "Never underestimate me again."

"You think he would have learned that years ago." Aunt Padme laughed and everyone joined her.

Annie smiled, still a little confused, and grabbed her mom's hand. Oh, well. Her parents were weird anyway. There was no use trying to understand them.