Synchronicity part 2

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction
by cheebs!

In through the window. Sound of breaking glass shatters the morning-after idyll.

Out through her chest. Her voice shatters the moment with her final observation: "Your shirt."

In. Sunlight catches in the crystalline shards, reflecting on the walls, the ceiling...her. It lights her dead eyes, lit from within just a moment before at the joy of being a couple again.

Out. A hole mars the imperfect beauty that was perfect for you, honey-brown spilling over milk-white, framing cornflower blue. Memories of the night before, of making love until both begged for mercy, flood your mind.

In. Breath catches in your throat before you can scream your denial of reality. Grasp the golden thread of her lifeforce as it slips through your fingers. Pull, screaming, with all your might. Lose your grip. Reach for it again; miss.

Out. Listen to the sudden silence where her breathing should be. Know that she will never breathe again. Listen to yours quicken uncontrollably.

In. Feel the blood rush through your veins, suddenly conscious of every cell of hers as it spills. Watch the trickle of brilliant crimson slow and finally stop.