It has been several months since John and I reconnected. We are happier than ever and Kristen has left Salem once again.

John: Baby?

Me: Yes, my love

John: What would you have done if I had't come back to you?

Me: I would have moved back to Colorado and raised this baby on my own

John: Would I have ever seen you or the baby?

Me: No, It would have been a fresh start for me and this baby. The only people I would contact are Sami, Eric and Will.

John: I am so sorry I hurt you baby. I will never forgive myself for that.

Me: I love you Baby and that's in the past, we are starting over.. you, me and our baby.

John: I promise I am never gonna leave your side again.

Me: You better not because I will move to Colorado with this baby and you will never see either of us ever again.

John: I am never gonna let you go again baby.

A few weeks later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that we named Robert Joshua Black. We have recently learned that Kristen died shortly after she left Salem. John and I have renewed our vows and are enjoying our new start at life.