"You don't have to do this Damon." Her pleading only pushes him closer. "This isn't you. Fight it!"

Damon looks down into the eyes he has found comfort in time and time again, but now only sees a target. There is no emotion in his voice, and the part of him that knows this isn't right has begun to scream internally. "This is who I am. It's in my blood. It's the way it's always been, it's the way it will always be."

The words sound like they are being read from a textbook, and he is only sure he is the one who said them by the way Bonnie looks up at him. "Damon, please." She is whispering, and Damon feels the war his mind has been battling coming to a head, each side, making their final stand, as he hovers the knife over his girlfriend's body.

Before his lover for her is able to stop him, Damon is plunging the knife into Bonnie's body, and watching the light leave her eyes.

He knows he should feel something, but the part of him that cares has retreated so far inside of himself, he is doubtful that it will ever return.

Damon scans the room when he finally pulls his eyes away from Bonnie's lifeless body.

Surrounding him, in a perfectly woven circle, are countless bloodied bodies. At first, there are none that he recognizes, just faceless people covered in wounds he knows he inflicted. He continues to search them though, knowing there is something else for him to see. As his eyes move their way from body to body, the faces take more familiar shapes.

Suddenly he is surrounded by the bodies of the entire Gemini coven, and Damon recognizes the satisfied smile that sneaks to his lips.

He woke with a quick inhale, and Damon's body jolted up quickly from the bed as his chest heaved.

Bonnie stirred next to him, her hand reaching out to rub against his back in the dark. "Damon? Are you alright?"

"Hmm?" Damon couldn't think, couldn't breathe, not with the images of his dream still swirling in his mind. "No-Yeah. It's fine, go back to sleep."

Bonnie mumbled something and then pulled him back down to the bed, wrapping her arms around Damon protectively. He wanted to resist, just for the simple reason that he was murdering her in his sleep only seconds ago, but Damon allowed himself to settle into her body. He took the warmth she sent out, and let it coat him in comfort.

But no matter how soft and soothing Bonnie's embrace was, Damon couldn't go back to sleep. The nightmares behind his eyes were too fresh and he was afraid to close his them, for fear of living it again.


"What is that? The third one this week?" Caroline said softly, trailing her fingers along Stefan's bare chest as they laid in bed.

"That we know of." Stefan answered back.

"What do you think it is?" She asked, propping herself up on her pillow. "The nightmare, I mean."

"I don't know." Stefan turned to face her. "Damon isn't exactly a sharer."

"True." Caroline sighed, working her hand up to pull through Stefan's hair absently as she thought. "Do you think Bonnie knows?"

"She shares his bed, I doubt she's missed them."

"Yeah." Caroline's eyes were on the ceiling, her brow furrowed in concentration.

Stefan jerked his head slightly as he regarded her. "Are you-?" He propped himself up to face his girlfriend more directly. "Are you concerned for Damon?" There was a playful smile on his lips and Caroline resisted the urge to kiss it away.

"No!" She said quickly, her own smile betraying her. "Of course not, don't be silly."

"Oh, you don't fool me, Miss Forbes," Stefan's grin widened. "You care about him. Admit it!"

Caroline scoffed. "What? Me? Care about Damon? Don't make me laugh." She rolled her eyes dramatically and waved Stefan away. "You're insane."

Stefan's hands traveled down to Caroline's waist and squeezed gently, just enough to earn a laugh from the blonde beauty. "You can't hide it anymore Caroline." He tickled her again and Caroline tried to squirm away. "You're worried about my brother." He said it like he thought it was the most adorable thing in the world, and Caroline tried to balk between her giggles.

"You loooove him." Stefan's smile was wide and toothy, and Caroline was just trying to hold her laughter in because she knew Stefan was right, but would never admit it aloud.

"Stefan!" She panted through her laughter. "Stop!"

"Admit it Caroline," Stefan teased. "Admit it, and I'll stop."

"Never!" She shot back, this time taking Stefan's hand and throwing it to the bed, climbing on top of him to gain the upper hand. "I'll never surrender Mr. Salvatore." She whispered down to him, kissing his lips softly.

"Hmm." Stefan purred under her lips. He thought about turning the tables, and pushing her onto her back, but the way Caroline was beginning to roll her hips above him threw that idea out the window, and Stefan allowed Caroline to take him apart.


Bonnie shut Lily's bedroom door carefully, not wanting to wake the still sleeping vampires across the hall.

"I have everything ready for us." Lily said, already seated on the floor with several items in front of her.

Bonnie's eyes traveled down to the silver chalice at Lily's knees, the metal engravings catching her eye just as easily as the first time she had seen them. The chalice was a Gemini coven heirloom. It was once assumed lost, but Lily's ability to find absolutely anything she desired, helped her locate it. She found it buried with a past Gemini coven leader, even though burying sacred coven objects with deceased members was forbidden.

Lily suspected the chalice's power, or more accurately, the power the chalice allowed the witch to access, scared the coven enough to hide it. Knowing what it was capable of, Lily had made it one of the first things she located once the battle with the Harbingers was finished.

Inside the chalice was a variety of herbs, and laying across the top was a dagger with ornate carvings in the handle. There was a single blue stone that Lily thought might be a sapphire, right at the base of the blade. A small bowl with symbols drawn into it sat next to the chalice as well. Lily had also already arranged the stones and candles they used during the spell, and Bonnie found her place on the other side of the chalice quickly.

"We need to do this fast." Bonnie whispered. "Damon didn't sleep well last night, so I should be back in bed before he wakes up."

Lily did her best to keep her face even, despite the sudden rush of anxiety at her son's name. "More nightmares?"

"Yeah, he kept saying my name." Bonnie shook her head and looked down to the chalice. "I think he was crying at one point too."

Lily's heartbeat picked up.

I thought I would have more time.

The pull of his father's blood is too strong-

"Lily?" Bonnie asked, her eyes watching the older woman carefully.

"Yes." Lily straightened out her expression quickly. "I am ready."

The witches joined hands and began reciting the spell they each had memorized after using it multiple times over the last week. They each took turns filling the chalice with blood from their fingers, and began chanting again.

The blood from the chalice began to drain, seemingly into thin air, but then the small bowl began to fill with their offering. As the spell finished, both women watched the blood that had taken residence in the small bowl, melt into the symbols carved along the interior of the small bowl.

Bonnie sighed. "How much longer do you think this will take?"

"At least a full lunar cycle." Lily answered back, gathering up their supplies from the spell.

"What about Kai? What will he-"

"I suspect Kai will have figured out something is wrong by now." Lily cut her off, her attention falling back to Damon and thoughts of Kai only irritated her. "We should expect him here shortly."

"What?!" Bonnie's face contorted in alarm. "Lily-

"All is well Bonnie." Lily managed a small smile. "Kai is unaware of this spell's existence. It is far too old for him to have heard of it, and he will not suspect us."

"But what about the twins?" Bonnie asked, her voice urgent. "Don't you think he will know they have something to do with this?"

"Perhaps." Lily shrugged slightly and lifted herself from the floor. "I wouldn't worry about that though, Kai's emotions should keep the children safe enough."

Bonnie looked unconvinced as she stood up. "We can't just hope for the best here Lily."

Lily stared back at the young witch for a moment before nodding slightly. "No, I supposed not. I will ward the twin's home, protect them from magic."

"Won't that affect our spell too?" Bonnie asked.

"No, I will make it so only harmful magic is blocked." Lily said absently as she cleaned up the rest of the spell's ingredients, and placed them in the chest at the foot of her bed. "Don't worry, Bonnie, I wouldn't let anything happen to the twins. One of them is the true leader of the Gemini coven, their lives are precious."

Bonnie let out a loud breath and nodded. "Alright." She turned back towards the door. " I should get back, Damon-"

"Yes, you should go." Lily interrupted, her thoughts already on the struggles her eldest son was to face.

Bonnie looked over her shoulder for a second, a questioning look in her eye, but she let it go and left the room as quietly as she entered.

Lily wanted to return to her bed, hoping to get another few hours of sleep before beginning her day for good, but she sat down at her desk instead. It had become a habit to write in a journal, just as she had done in the prison world. It helped her collect her thoughts and express things she couldn't yet speak aloud. She wrote whenever she couldn't sleep, which was fairly often lately, the plot against Kai and Damon's impending decision weighing heavy on her mind.

It is only a matter of time before my silence will prove dangerous.

His father's blood would have laid claim to his soul on his twenty fifth birthday, but his death and turn to vampirism had kept him twenty four indefinitely. Now that he is human I had hoped my blood, witch's blood, would save him from this. His human birthday quickly approaches, though, and I am no closer to finding a solution, or any evidence that this has happened before.

Of course, the reason I married Giuseppe was for the blood that ran in his veins. It held so much promise in creating the world, I had once wanted to create. The blood of a witch hunter, what a gift I thought I had. His love for me clouded his judgment enough to not see the glimmer of magic in myself that I could not suppress, so hiding my own heritage was never a problem. I was not only eager to help him create a new line of witch hunters, I was positively gleeful at the thought.

But now, I only wish the best for my children, and myself. I have not only accepted my witch heritage, but I have embraced it as well. I must find a way to release Damon of this, there is no telling what will happen to him now.

With both Gemini and witch hunter blood in his body, there is no telling what will become of him.


Elena stepped out of the taxi hesitantly.

Kai had been behaving strangely for days, the least of which involved him waking her up in the middle of the night to tell her they needed to go home. He had claimed to worry for his niece and nephew's well being, and that he had a bad feeling, but Elena knew something else was going on.

There were subtle changes at first. A smile that no longer reached his eyes or a snicker that sounded less playful before. But then other things began to happen, like he no longer conjured up some of her favorite treats or offered her his blood. At first Elena thought maybe Kai was losing interest in her, but he still kissed her often and held her hand when he didn't need to. He seemed distant though, and oddly preoccupied for someone so carefree just days before.

The fountain incident had been the tipping point, her confusion and mildly hurt feelings turned quickly to fear when she saw the utterly disinterested look in Kai's eyes while that child flailed in the water. It was only for an instant, and she heard him running behind her after she sped over to save the child, but it was enough for Elena to know something was seriously wrong.

She pulled herself from her worries of Kai though, as she looked up at the familiar house in front of her. Elena felt like she was both coming back home and entering the lions den at the same time. So many memories are associated with the Salvatore brother's house, and Elena felt a chill go down her spine as she approached it.

She led Kai to the front door, his hand sliding into hers casually as they walked towards it. Her body tensed when their feet reached the doormat.

Do I knock or just walk in?

I lived here once, it feels weird to knock...but this is also where my ex and my best friend live together. Actually... its where both of my exes and my best friends live together.

I should knock.

"Going to make up your mind some time today?" Kai teased, his thumb stroking absently over the top of her hand in encouragement, but his eyes harder than she would have liked.

"Hush." She shot back, lifting her hand up and placing three swifts knocks against the wooden door.

"Ah, went with the knock." Kai's grin wasn't unkind, but it did nothing to soothe her nerves. "You're no fun."

"Shut up Kai." Elena rolled her eyes. She could hear footsteps coming towards the door and by their weight and style, she knew they belonged to her most recent ex. She took a deep breath and prepared herself for possible awkwardness, and definite snark.

The door swung open and Damon Salvatore appeared in it's opening, his eyes going wide for a split second before returning to their naturally narrow state.

The ex-vampire deferred the greeting to the couple standing before him, and Elena swallowed hard before opening her mouth to speak.

Before she could get the words out though, Kai's voice was slipping like silk through her ears.

"Honey, we're home."