3 years post war. At Ministry orders Harry travels with his sister Hermione and Fred, the last surviving Weasley along with George, to Forks to escape the outbreak of Deatheaters in hopes getting some peace and quiet but only find werewolves and vampires. Harry finds his soulmate and together with his family uncovers a hidden dark secret that will shake the wizarding/vampire world to their core.

Pairings: Harry/Emmett, Hermione/Paul, Draco/Jacob, Edward OC, Fred W./ JS59 OC, Rosalie/JS59 OC, Esme/Carlisle, Alice/Jasper, Luna/Neville.

I do not own the worlds or characters of Harry Potter and Twilight. They belong to JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. I just own the plot and my OCs that I created for this fanfiction story. I'm also using a OC from JS59, one of my readers, who asked me if I could put one of her characters into my story so I did. I am NOT making any profit from this I'm only doing this for fun, as we all do.

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FORKS WASHINGTON – Late September…The taxi drove into the town of Forks, even during the ride in people stared. The atmosphere wasn't bad, it reminded them of home. It's been three years since the final battle Harry, Fred and Hermione made names for themselves as Aurors in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. But after the recent escape of high level Deatheaters from Azkaban, the country being was once again, they decided to leave the country and let the Ministry handle it. After searching the Black family estates they found it, it the farthest place from Britain which was perfect for them. Forks, Washington in America. Fred and George were the only surviving members of the Weasley family and Hermione was an orphan given that she irrevocably obliviated her parents minds to protect them from Voldemort. Harry used a blood ritual to make them officially Potters, by blood law and magic, so they could all be together. "So what do you think?" asked Fred.

"It seems quiet." said Harry. "I need quiet in my life."

Hermione put her head on his shoulder. "I think we all do." Fred nodded.

FORKS WASHINGTON – CULLEN HOUSE – Alice froze, everyone walked over to her, they knew when she got a vision. "Alice." said Esme.

"We're having new students in school today." said Alice.

"Really?" asked Carlisle. "But it's already late September."

"Who are they?" asked Jasper.

"It's a boy with a girl who look similar and a third red hair boy, who seems older." aid Alice. She tried to look further on but she got nothing.

Edward walked downstairs with his backpack. "I'm gonna go pick up Bella for school." He how all the family nodded but he felt some indifference from several of his siblings. He walked out the door with Carlisle. 'Why can't they just accept Bella?' he thought as he walked into the garage and into the car. He sighed. 'I guess it just takes getting used to.'

Esme turned to her 'children'. "Can't you all be a little more supportive?"

"No." said Rosalie. She leaned into her boyfriend Michel.

"Calmez vous amour." said Michel.

"Sorry." said Rosalie. "I'll go get my purse so we can go." She said storming up the stairs.

"She's not the only one mom." said Michel. "There are some of us who can't ignore the danger of bringing that girl into this house."

Esme turned to Jasper. "Jasper?"

"She's difficult to read, usually her thoughts are either tedious and boring or of Edward. She's very obsessed with him. But…"

"But?" asked Esme.

"It's a feeling…I can't put my finger on it." said Jasper.

"A feeling?" asked Esme. "Of what?"

"Darkness." said Jasper. "A feeling of great darkness, like a cloud around her somehow."

Esme kept looking at him. Alice decided to break the moment. "Come on lets go to school."

FORKS WASHINGTON – FORKS HIGH – Reaching school Harry walked into the reception area, not looking where he was going he bumped into a girl and they both fall on their butts. "I'm sorry." getting up and extending his hand.

The student looked up and smiled. "No it's ok." She took Harrys hand and got up. "I'm Bella Swan."

"I'm Harry Potter."

"The new kid." said Eric. Nice to meet you. "Didn't know you were a Brit. Cool."

Harry smiled awkwardly when Hermione and Fred walked out of the main offices with their schedules. "Bella this is my sister Hermione Potter and one of my brothers Fred Potter."

"Hello." said Hermione shaking her hand.

Fred smiled. "Hi."

The first bell rang. "Ooof…Gotta go! I have a test. I'll see you guys later." smiled Bella as she ran off down the hall.

"Ok…" said Hermione. "Well Harry, you and I have almost the same classes."

"What's our first class?" asked Harry taking his schedule. "…English."

"A bird course really." said Hermione.

"I've got math." said Fred. "Catch you later at lunch." After quick goodbyes they went on opposite directions.

FORKS WASHINGTON – FORKS HIGH – CAFETERIA – The Cullens arrived with Bella. Edward picked up on several thoughts about the new kids since they arrived. "So have you heard much about the new kids?" asked Michel in his French accent.

"Just that they're from Britain and very smart and though they're quite reserved they are nice." said Edward.

"It's their first day." said Alice.

"I'll say." said Bella. "I remember my first day, it was horrible. Everyone staring at you cause you're new….Now they stare for different reasons." She smiled at Edward. Rosalie rolled her eyes. Jasper turned his head, he got so much pride from Bella it was sickening, she saw Edward like a trophy more than a boyfriend.

Immediately they all, except for Bella, caught the smell. 'What is that smell?' thought Jasper. The doors of the cafeteria opened and in walked two of the new students.

'It's them.' said Alice. 'They're the smell.'

Edward sniffed. 'clean air, roses and…lightning?' He looked at his siblings who shook their heads confused. 'who smells like lightning?'

'They're not human.' said Rosalie. Her voice on alert.

'How do you know?' asked Alice.

'No mere human smells like that.' said Rosalie. 'The smell is too potent, pure and of raw nature.'

"The girls name is Hermione and the boys name is Fred" said Bella. The Cullens looked at her. "I met them in the hall when we got in today."

Looking at the girl, Hermione, she was about five eight, statuesque, with ivory cream skin, long layered raven hair and piercing green eyes. The boy, Fred, was about six feet tall with a slender figure with some muscle definition, though not much. He had ivory cream skin with light freckles, turquoise eyes and long layered shoulder length red hair.

"I thought there were three?" asked Bella. "Where's the other one?"

They sat back and listened.

Hermione and Fred headed for the table with Eric and Angela. The boy Mike Newton pulled out the chair for Hermione. "Your seat my lady."

Hermione smiled. "Thanks…"

As the table got to talking about mindless subject, she started looking around the room her magic went crazy, she turned to Fred who had the same look in his eyes. He felt it too.

Over on the Cullens table, they were feeling some strange vibes, which was magic though they didn't know yet, and were looking right at the new kid table. Bella was chatting with Edward though he was also paying close attention to what was happening and what was being said.

Hermione and Fred's eyes stopped at a certain table. "Who are they?" asked Hermione.

"The Cullens." said Angela.

"They're Dr. and Mrs. Cullens foster kids." said Jessica. Who Hermione disliked already given her vulgarity and general impulse to flirt most of the boys in school. "They moved down here from Alaska like a few years ago."

"They kind of keep to themselves." said Eric.

"Yeah cause they're all together." said Jessica. "Like together together." She took a sip of juice. "The blonde girl, that's Rosalie and the black haired one is Michel. They're kind of thing. I'm not sure that's legal."

"Jess they're not actually related." said Angela.

"Then the little dark hair girl is Alice." said Jessica. "She's really weird and she's with Jasper the blonde one who looks like he's in pain."

"Then there's Edward the copper gold hair guy, he's with Isabella Swan." said Mike.

"We met her in the reception this morning." said Fred. "She seems nice."

"Dr. Cullen's like this foster dad/matchmaker." said Jessica.

Angela grinned. "Maybe he'll adopt me."

Hermione focued on the last Cullen, who was basically a lean bodybuilder. "Who's he?"

"That's Emmett Cullen." said Jessica. "He's totally gorgeous, obviously, but apparently nobody here's good enough for him." she joked. "Like I care." She laughed nervously. "Seriously like, don't waste your time."

Hermione scoffed. "I wasn't planning on it." She picked up her books and left the table with Fred, crossed the Cullen table and went outside to breath. The Cullens turned their ears to the outside tables.

"Hermione calm down." said Fred.

"That girl is insufferable." said Hermione. "Not only have I seen her batting her eyelashes to some young teachers but I've also seen her flirt and flaunt her assets to every good looking guy. Then she has the audacity to think I would follow in her footsteps and jump at the so called Emmett Cullen just because he's single. Please, I have morals and common decency!"

"I know that Herm, just ignore her, come on." said Fred. "Breath…" Hermione does so. "Have you seen Harry around?"

"No." said Hermione. "He actually went to the library to check out some books."

"So he's skipping lunch?" asked Fred.

"No." said Hermione. "I think had a sandwich and a chocolate milk from home in his backpack."

The school bell rang.

"Come on. The day is almost over." Said Fred patting Hermione on the back and leading her back into the building.

FORKS WASHINGTON – FORKS HIGH – BIOLOGY– Emmett sat in at his bio table, the scent of the new kids were strong. 'Why didn't I go hunting last week!' he thought to himself. 'I can't risk hurting them.' Closing his book his nose caught the most amazing smell he ever came across in his almost 100 years. It smelled of clean air, roses and lightning but this one also had warm cinnamon and luscious chocolate layer that melted his pallet. Looking up he gasped, the boy which he knew was called Harry walked in looking for a pass.

Harry was taller around five eleven, his hair was longer like he had in his fourth year during the Triwizard Tournament, pale ivory skin, elegant dark eyebrows.

Emmett could tell the boy worked out given the lean but impressively muscular build outlined by his clothes. Emmett he bit his lip as he outlined the boys pecs under the white sweater, not to mention the frontal bulge and delicious bubble butt outlined by the denim jeans.

Harry gave the slip to the teacher. "Welcome to the class." said Mr. Molina. He signed the slip. "Here's your stuff ok." Handing him a worksheet. "And I got a seat for your right here, so come over." Harry nodded. "Just follow along till you catch up." Harry nodded and sat down as the teacher went back to the front of the class. Looking at the big buy sitting nex to him he felt intimidated.

Emmett was covering his nose and mouth, trying not to jump the boy and suck him dry right there. 'Must not kill, must not kill, must not kill!' he kept repeating himself.

"Today we're gonna be observing the behavior of planaria." said Mr. Molina to the class.

Harry sat down next to Emmett who extended one of the samples of planaria towards him, holding in a breath. 'Is it my hair?' he thought checking his hair to see if it smelled bad to Emmett.

'How can someone smell so amazing?! Just one bite!' Emmett thought as he turned to Harry. He was struck at Harrys eyes, they were bright electrical green eyes, like living glowing emeralds jewels. 'So delicious and beautiful…'

'What's with this guy?' thought Harry. 'How can he hate me when I just got here?'

20 minutes in Harry was freaking out, Emmett hadn't stopped staring with hungry eyes at him. Then Emmett grabbed his books a just a moment before the bell rang and he stormed out.

After History, French and P.E. Harry checked his watch. "The end of the day finally."

Mr. Byron, his history teacher walked by. "Harry remember to turn in your pass. It's only just for today."

"Thank you Mr. Byron." Said Harry. He made his way to the office. Opening the doors he heard him.

"There must be something open. Physics? Biochem?" asked Emmett.

The secretary shook her heard. "No, every class is full." She turend to Harry. "Just a minute dear." Harry saw Emmett stiffen. "You'll just have to stay in biology."

Emmett saw Harry standing there. "Fine. Just…I'll just have to endure it." He argued to himself as he stormed passed Harry and out the door.

Harry was furious. He turned in his passes and stormed out himself.

FORKS WASHINGTON – FORKS HIGH – PARKINGLOT – The Cullens and Bella made their way to their car when the three new students walked out of the school and hit them with their scent. As Bella checked her books the vampires chimed in on their conversation.

"So Hermione…" said Fred. "What do you think was that in the cafeteria?"

"I don't know but whatever it was, it was strong…" said Hermione. "…and it has to do with those Cullens."

"You don't' think they're human do you." Said Harry.

"No." said Hermione. "Considering their pale marble complexion, their beauty and their odd liquid gold eyes…"

The Cullens looked at each other. 'How do they know?!" was the question they were all thinking.

"Could they be Veelas?" asked Fred. "They have similar characteristics…?"

"They could be…" said Hermione. "Though Veelas are generally not aggressive."

"Generally…" muttered harry.

Fred stopped. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"What happened Harry?" asked Hermione.

"I don't know it's just a feeling…" said Harry. "I got to biology and the big one, Emmett, he looked violently ill and he was staring at me in a way…"

"What way?" asked Fred.

"Like…Like he wanted to eat me." said Harry.

"Hmm?" grinned Fred. "Interesting…"

Harry hit him on the arm. "Not like that!" he grinned. "It was like menacing, like he was holding back from ripping my throat out. And…his eyes were not gold they were black as night."

They both turned to Hermione, waiting for her to talk, while the Cullens looked at Emmett who looked terribly guilty.

"Hermione?" asked Harry.

"I…I don't know." said Hermione. "We don't know what creatures they are and from what you tell us Harry, they could be a threat."

Harry shuttered slightly. "Great…" he said sarcastically as Fred put an arm around him.

"I want to research more on what they could possibly be." Said Hermione. "Maybe this weekend we can go to the local library and tourist shops to see if we can find any books on local mythology and folklore. That is to determine if they coincide with any native creatures."

They all shook their heads and rushed towards their cars. Emmett growled at the thought of Harry being afraid of him. Harry was seemed like a nice guy, someone he could be friends with, and the last thing he wanted was to have the boy be afraid of him.

Rosalie and Michel got in Rosalie's red BMW and turned to Emmett. "Go feed." She ordered. "Now." Before turning on the car and racing off.

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