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CULLEN CASTLE – Night, 9pm. Edward and Emmett returned home. The Cullens were in the grand parlor drinking blood and reading books and magazines and relaxing. Esme smiled. "How did it go?" She hugged her two sons.

"Good mom." said Emmett.

"Sooo!" said Alice with a smile. "Can we see them?"

"Please! We've been waiting all day!" said Rosalie. Felix put an arm around her.

Edward and Emmett smiled, each pulling out a black leather box from their pocket and opened them. Emmett's box had a 30 carat green diamond ring, Edwards box had a 30 carat blue diamond ring. The women gasped. Carlisle smiled. "They're perfect."

"They're stunning." said Esme taking the boxes, one in each hand and holding them up to the light. Rosalie and Alice walked over. "Look how they catch the light!" cheered Alice.

Emmett looked around. "Where is everyone?"

"Everyone is asleep," said Carlisle.

"Why?" asked Edward. "It's only nine o clock."

"They were teaching everyone how to fly in brooms today." said Carlisle.

Emmett's head shot up. "Whaaaaat?!"

"Yeah!" Jasper smiled.

"It was sooo much fun!" said Alice.

"As you can imagine, it took a lot out of them." said Carlisle.

"But…but, I wanted to fly!" whined Emmett. "He promised."

"Oh come on you big baby." Joked Felix. "I'm sure Harry will give you a one on one lesson before we have our next group class."

Emmett sighed, he sat down and sulked. "Damn it!"

"Emmett stop moping." said Rosalie. "What you and Edward went to do is more important."

"I know." said Emmett. "I still hate missing our first flying lesson."

They planned to have a party, saying it's a welcome party for all their friends, and then they'd surprise Harry and Caleb with the proposal at the end of dinner.

OUTDOOR TERRACE, CULLEN CASTLE – The morning Rosalie and Michel walked downstairs and out to the terrace. Everyone was there except for Harry, Hermione, Caleb, Neville, Luna, Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle.

"Bonjour (Good morning)." said Michel.

Rosalie kissed everyone. "Where is everyone today?"

"Early morning calls." said Draco

Fred jumped in. "They had a long day of business."

Rosalie sat down and loaded her plate with raspberry pancakes and blood syrup. "Oh? With what?" Michel served himself some scrambled eggs and bloody sausages.
"With the A.I.M.C.A., J.P.F.M.P.C…" listed Fred.

"The L.C.C. and St. Mungos Hospital." added Draco. "But that they should be back for dinner later tonight."

"Now that we're here, I'm happy we've got you all alone." said Alice.

"Why?" asked Draco, sipping his coffee.

"Esme and I were thinking of hosing a welcome party here at the castle." said Alice.

"A party?" asked Rosalie with a smile.

"Yes." said Alice. "Edward and Emmett like the idea, they talked and they plan to propose at the party."

"Oh that's so romantic." smiled Rosalie.

"They asked mom if she and us could help plan the party." said Alice.

Rosalie smiled. "Of course we will help!"

Michel had a thought. "Do Harry and Caleb know about the party?"

"Yes." said Jasper. "They just know it's a welcome party, that's all. They said they would give us the list of their friends for the invite list."

J.P.F.M.P.C., CROMWELL SUMMER CASTLE, IRELAND – Cromwell Castle is a large 20 acre estate in Ireland with 100 rooms. Harry, Caleb, Edward, Emmett and Carlisle were there in the central offices reviewing the patient files. "So this is your castle?" asked Emmett.

"Yes. Mainly my adoptive parents castle." said Caleb. ", I rarely came here."

The doors opened and in walked Dr. Wendell Fox, though physically looking 40 years old he is 500 year old elf. "Your grace." He bowed in front of Caleb.
"Dr. Fox." said Caleb. "I'd like you to meet my family. My brother Lord Harry Potter his boyfriend Prince Emmett Cullen, his father King Carlisle Cullen and my boyfriend Prince Edward Cullen."

"Your highnesses…" gasped Dr. Fox. "Forgive my delay, had I known you were all here…"

"It's alright." said Carlisle.

"Carlisle, Dr. Fox is the former Director of St. Mungos Hospital, he worked there for 90 years." said Caleb. "But he is now on the hospital council and serves as a mentor for young doctors."

"That's impressive." said Carlisle.

"I come to the castle three times a week, and weekends, to check on the patients." said Dr. Fox.

"Carlisle is a doctor himself." said Harry.

Dr. Fox looked surprised. "Really?"

"Yes." said Carlisle. "For over 200 years."

"We'll let you guys to talk." Said Harry. "We'll be back in a while." He and Caleb left the room.

"Dr. Cullen." said Fox. "I'd like to invite you to be my right hand here on the J.P.F.M.P.C."

"I'd love to." said Carlisle. "Though I'll need time to get up to date with everything. It's history, it's locations, it's staff, medical history, medical methods. The patient list, their personal and current medical history and current status…along with everything else."

"Certainly Dr. Cullen." said Dr. Fox. "I will owl everything to your home."

"Thank you." said Carlisle "Once I study and I'm sure I'm prepared I'll let you know and begin work."

"Can we help too father?" asked Edward.

"I don't see why not." said Carlisle. "Doctor?"

"We could use all the help we can get." said Dr. Fox.

"We have a long day today." said Carlisle. "Can you show us at least one area of the castle?"

"Sure." said Dr. Fox. "Come this way."

AQUA THERAPY WING, CARLISLE SUMMER CASTLE, IRELAND – Dr. Fox, Carlisle, Emmett and Edward walk down the main hall of the castle turn a right and halfway down another hallway into a room called AQUA THERAPY WING. It was huge, obviously magically enlarged, with two large Olympic size pool tanks with several therapists and patients.

Edward saw Caleb in one pool with a young mermaid, Emmett spotted Harry in the other pool helping a young centaur boy.

Emmett leaned over the edge of the pool. "Hey Harry."

"Hi Emmett." said Harry. The centaur boy hid behind Harry. Harry turned to the boy. "Shh, It's ok love. This is Emmett, he won't hurt you."

The centaur peeked from behind Harrys arm at Emmett. "Hey kid." He extended his arm.

The centaur looked at Harry. Harry smiled. "It's alright…Go on."

The centaur boy extended his arm and shyly shook the vampires hand. "He…hello."

"Hi." smiled Emmett.

Edward got in the pool, surprising Caleb. "Edward." smiled Caleb. "What are you doing here?"

"I want to help." said Edward.

Caleb looked at the mermaid, she nodded and blushed, she looked at Caleb. "She likes you."

"How do you know?" asked Edward.

"Telepathic communication." said Caleb. "That's how mermaids talk to landwalkers." After looking back at the mermaid, he chuckled. "She thinks you're attractive."

Edward smiled. "Tell her thank you."

Caleb did, the mermaid smiled. "She said she agrees to you helping her out."

"Then I will." said Edward.

"Good." Caleb smiled. "And she's right you know."

"About what?' asked Edward.

"You do look very attractive in a bathing suit." said Caleb.

Edward grinned. "Really?"

"Oh yeah." said Caleb. He leaned over and kissed Edward. The mermaid chuckled. "Now, lets get to work." The mermaid nodded.

L.C.C., LONGBOTTOM MANOR – CORNWALL, ENGLAND – 10 acres 60 rooms. Neville invited Esme, Jasper, Alice, Hermione, Neville and Luna to be part of his team at the L.C.C. Esme agreed since she also had a medical degree as a surgeon. She'd have to study to the cases so she can get to work.

Neville led her up to the third floor and into a private office, it wasn't that large but it had very nice space. "This will be your office Esme."

"It's nice, very and it felt homey." said Esme. "I'll get started on the most severe case files first and the rest I will have to take home to the castle to read and study."

"That's fine." said Neville. "This was my mothers office so I thought it should be you to occupy it, since we all see you as a mom."

Esme's heart fluttered at Neville's kind words. "Thank you Neville." Hermione and Luna walked in.

"Can we help you Esme?" asked Hermione. "I'm great analyzing, documenting, cataloging and summarizing and studying. Luna is fluent in magical creatures which can help."

"I'd love to have you girls with me." said Esme.

"Well, I'll leave you girls to it." said Neville. "I have a meeting with some psychiatrists on the second floor." He gave them all a hug and walked out as the three women got to work.

CULLEN CASTLE – Esme arrived earlier than the rest, she met Seth and Sunny. "Hi Esme." greeted Sunny.

"Hello Sunny." said Esme. "Hi Seth. Where is everyone?"

"They're in the library." said Seth. "Hermione, Neville, Luna, Alice and Jasper arrived about 20 minutes ago."

"Ok. Good." said Esme. "Could you come with me? I need to talk to you all."

"Sure." said Seth. He took Sunnys hand and followed Esme up.

LIBRARY, CULLEN CASTLE – Esme walked into the library with Sunny and Seth. It was a huge ballroom size room, with high 30 foot tall ceilings with wall to wall bookshelves, the walls were red with gentle glowing candlelight sconces. Everyone was there: Hermione, Paul, Fred, Brent, Rosalie, Michel, Draco, Jacob, Alice, Jasper and Luna. "Hi!" she greeted.

"Hi Mrs. Cullen!" greeted everyone.

Esme laughed. "This isn't school." Everyone laughed. "What are you all doing?"

"We were looking through the creature books, reading up on what creatures are on the property." said Luna.

"And they also wanted to learn what other creatures are in our world." Said Hermione. "That will take some time since there are so many."

"I still can't believe there are dragons out there." said Paul.

"Can we see one?" asked Jacob.

Fred smiled. "I don't see why not. I have Charlie's contacts at the dragon reserve, I'll owl and see when we can get a tour."

"Yes!" cheered the wolves and vampires.

"Can I talk to you all for a moment?" asked Esme.

"Sure." said Hermione. "Like you said, this isn't school." They all sat down around a long finely polished table. Esme took her notebook from her desk with a bottle of ink a quill and sat down.

"I need you help." said Esme. "All of your help."

"For what?" asked Alice.

"I talked about this already with Rosalie, Michel, Alice, Fred and Draco." said Esme. "I want to throw a party here at the castle."

Hermione and Luna smiled with excitement. "A party?!" they cheered with excitement.

"Yes." smiled Esme. "A formal Welcome Home Thanksgiving Party. But also Emmett and Edward plan to propose to Harry and Caleb on that night. We were thinking of " All the girls screamed and the boys cheered with claps. "So I need all your help to make this happen."
The entire room yelled. "Yes!"

Hermione waved her wand conjuring small notebooks, ink and quills for everyone. "Tells Esme!" Everyone prepped their quills with ink and were ready to get their assignments.

"Ok…" said Esme checking her notes. "We need music, entertainment, food, invitations which require a list people."

Fred jumped in. "Me and the guys can handle the music and entertainment." Draco, Brent, the wolves along with Jasper, Rosalie, Michel and Jasper nodded.

"I think Hermione, Draco, Fred, Neville and I can take care of the guest list." said Luna. "We can also handle the invitation designs, get several of them so we can pick which one we like together."

"I can handle the food." said Hermione. She turned to Esme. "Since I know you like to cook, I'd like to work on that with you."

"That's wonderful." said Esme. She turned to Alice. "Alice want you and Rosalie to style the event."

Alice was jumping in her seat. "I loooove it!"

Rosalie smiled from ear to ear. "It will be fabulous!"

"We can meet everyday in the afternoon at three o clock since Harry and Caleb will be working, Neville Emmett and Edward will be going with them to keep them away from the house." said Esme.

"Perfect." said Hermione. "We have to be careful, Harry could be somewhat oblivious to things like this, but Caleb is not so tell Edward to keep his eyes open."

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