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Blood dripped from my fingers and down my wrist as I pounded into the girl in my arms, harsh breaths and moans escaping me. There was something about the blended scent of blood and sex in the air that drove me wild and set me off, made me feel as close to alive as I could get.

My fingers clenched the girl's hips as I drove into harder, not at all caring if she got hers. I had only one concern, and that was getting mine, getting out and ending the poor girl's existence. That last drip of blood right after orgasm was even better than the orgasm itself; it was as pure as ecstasy could be. It didn't matter that I was selfishly taking her in some dark alley in Port Angeles

I roared as I came, my fangs elongating once more as I descended from my high, my nostrils flaring at a new scent that was cutting through the fog of sex. My eyes searched for the source of it, coming up empty until my eyes scanned to the right. A girl with long brown hair and brown eyes stared back at me. Her eyes were wide as she bit down on her bottom lip, her cheeks pink, a thin sheen of sweat littered her forehead as her breaths came quick and fast.

She was aroused.

I dropped the human girl, not at all caring that I didn't drink from her again. Instead, I completely ignored the scent of her blood in the air as I stepped forward, pulling up my pants and zipping them as I walked toward the girl whose eyes were glued to me. I inhaled as deep as I could; the heady, floral scent engulfed my senses with each new step towards her that I took.

"Did you enjoy the show?" I asked her. Her eyes flicked up to mine as her heartbeat picked up, not at all offering an answer.

I licked my lips, savoring the last of the blood that lined them, as I looked the silent girl over. She was short, had a heart-shaped face and the most alluring body. My hands twitched at my side as I noticed her chest; her tits were the perfect size. I almost wanted to spin her around, just so I could get a look at her ass, maybe grab a handful and bend her over, and then pound into her like she deserved to be fucked.

"Your arousal gives you away," I told her as I stepped even closer, my body close enough that she leaned back into the wall behind her.

I ran my nose up the length of her neck, stopping at her pulse point to inhale even deeper as I detected a slight pause in her pulse. I placed an open-mouthed kiss there. "You know what I think?" I asked, leaning back again to face her. "I think you want my cock just as much as that girl back there did." I looked back at said girl, who was still lying on the ground, slowly breathing, sleep obviously having claimed her.

The girl's eyes grew wider, heart rate picked up even faster. I was honestly becoming concerned that she'd pass out on me before I could have her. Because god, I wanted her blood, her sex, anything that I could greedily take. I really needed her. The other part of me desperately wanted to consume her. It wanted her blood, her sex. I was fighting a losing battle as I continued to stand in front of this small, shy girl as my fangs fought to come out. I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts as I looked at this petite girl.

"I want you. And I intend to take everything I can," I told her, pressing my body against hers, feeling every outline.

"Oh God," she whispered, her breath fanning the flames deep inside me.

"I highly doubt God can help you." I kissed the other side of her neck, running my tongue along it until she shivered. "What do you say about taking a walk with me? I promise to me a good boy." I pulled back, winking as I licked my lips, her eyes zoning in on my tongue.

She nodded and then looked down at her feet, suddenly shy again. I couldn't have that; I needed her with me on this. Afterward, she wouldn't have to worry about me anymore, she'd be gone, just like the rest.

I took her hand and began to lead her out of he alley, when two girls started calling for Bella, who I assumed was the quiet girl next to me. I turned to her. "You know them?"

"Um, yeah. I was hanging out with them. The short one is my roommate, Alice." I nodded, still holding her hand as her friends came closer. My nose turned up in disgust at the smell of cheap perfume that took over the lovely scent of Bella.

Her roommate, Alice, eyed me up and down before turning to Bella. "You ready?" she asked before sending a glare my way. My hand automatically squeezed Bella's, and while I hoped it was not too hard, her wince gave her away.

"No, you guys go on ahead. I'm safe with him."

I smiled at her friends, careful not to show my teeth. "She'll be home soon. Promise."

If only they knew...

Alice eyed me again and glared. "She better be. I'll be calling her phone in thirty minutes. If she doesn't answer, I will find you." I wanted to laugh in the girl's face at her threat, which wasn't even a threat. There was nothing she could do to me, so instead, I just nodded my head and tugged Bella to the left, walking towards an apartment I kept just off the main part of town.

The silence as we walked was getting to me, but my hunger was affecting me more. I could feel the venom coating the back of my throat with each step we took. It grew thicker the more I inhaled her scent.

We reached my apartment and I led her in, taking off her coat and hanging it next to my door. I grabbed her hand again, pulling her into me as I leaned down and possessively claimed her mouth, carefully nipping at her bottom lip as I deepened the kiss a bit more. Her breathy moan spurred me on, the devil in me wanting a taste.

I began to guide her back towards the bed I rarely used. Once the back of her legs hit the edge of my bed, I pushed her back, my hand finding purchase on her hip as I gave a gentle squeeze, letting my fingers wander up under her shirt, slipping under her bra. Her breath halted as she broke from the kiss. I then tweaked her nipple, causing it to pebble and become harder.

My lips captured hers again, my tongue slipping in, tasting her. I pressed down onto her, my cock growing harder as she writhed underneath me.

"Clothes...off... now," Bella panted.

Who was I to argue with that? I sat up, tearing off my shirt, going for hers when her phone went off.

"Ignore it." My hands found the button of her pants, just as she grabbed her phone.

"I really shouldn't. It's Alice. Will only cause trouble if I do."

The devil's rage simmered in me as she answered. I let her push me off of her as she sat up, buttoning her pants back up. I watched her lips move with every word she said into the phone, my brain automatically thinking of my hardness slipping between them and the feel of her tongue...I shook my head when I heard her say bye, trying to bring myself out of my short lived fantasy.

"You'll probably want nothing to do with me now, since I let us get interrupted." She eyed me, her shyness coming back. "Do you have a piece of paper?"

I pointed to the drawer next to my bed as I nodded. She opened it, digging around.

"Ow!" I smelled the blood immediately.

Bella brought up her finger. A paper cut... I couldn't help myself. I grabbed her hand, my lips wrapping around her finger. I licked and sucked, my eyes closing at her taste.

Bella moaned, pulling her finger back. " I should get going." She grabbed the paper, finding a pen. "Here's my number," she said, handing it off to me. "I'll probably never see or hear from you again, but..." She shrugged her shoulders, and then walked over to her coat and put it on.

The second she was out of my door, the monster in me roared.

She was my new obsession. I'd let her go...for now.