Anakin Solo was a long way from home. He was starring through the cockpit of his ship at the deep hyperspace but his mind belonged elsewhere. His mind was in Coruscant with his father. They had hurt each other deeply, even past all those months after Chewie's death. His father had never really forgiven him, he now knew. Neither had he forgiven himself. He had parted with angry words and, worse than that, he had let his fear and rage take control of him. He had used those feelings to make him feel more powerful. He had accessed the power of the Dark Side.

"Anakin, come back here!" he could still hear Han Solo's voice echo down the hall of his parent's house as he departed it. He was so full of anger and yet, so ashamed. He let all the anger take control of him and done what he wanted the most at that moment: pushed his father against the wall. He could still hear his father's body knocking against the far wall of the room with a thud and then collapsing on the floor. He didn't even look back. He felt his mother's surprise and then shock at finding his father there, probably unconscious. He could hear her voice through the Force, still calling for him, with a deep sorrow, until now. She must be suffering a lot.

Anakin felt divided between his anger against his father, for being so stubborn and still blame him for Chewbacca's death and his own guilty for letting it happen. Couldn't Han believe him when he said he thought he had done the right thing?

He felt drained. He was tired of all this. For months and months he had been feeling torn like this, pushed in different directions. A Jedi. That's was what he was supposed to be. That was what his uncle wanted him to be. He was powerful. He should be the best. A Jedi feels no passion. A Jedi doesn't crave for adventure. And where does his feelings belong in all this? He wasn't supposed to have feelings? Would he ever be able to hate someone? To be angry? His father was not being fair to him, why did he have to accept that and not complain about it? He recalled his uncle's words to him, many times over the years: 'Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the Dark Side of the Force'.

The truth is he was tired of being expected to do things. He was tired of living under this name. This forsaken name. It's as if everybody expected him to clean his grandfather's name. He almost hated his mother for naming him Anakin. Damn her! He pretended to understand her reasons but she didn't understand what it was like to live with that name every day, every minute of his life.

Anyway, after bursting out of his parent's house, he had taken the ship and flown away. He didn't know where he was going but he had to leave. He shut his mind off and let his hands work the controls of the ship till he entered hyperspace. Therefore , he had no idea where he was. When he was finally aware of his surroundings and began to assess everything in the cockpit of the ship, he came across a book. Books were rarities in the Galaxy, what would it be doing there?

He found himself now with the book in his hands and started assessing it. He soon found out it was a journal. And a very personal one. He was surprised to discover after reading a few lines that it had his mother's handwriting. From the dates in the first pages of it, he realised she must have been less than 20 years old when she started it. He was really curious about it but how did it come to be inside his ship? Could his mother have put it there? He didn't believe so. It was not her style. She was always direct and open about things. Perhaps it was the Force trying to show him something.