Short Story #1: Kiss Day

Goemon was rather nervous today. I'm sure you're rather surprised to hear "Goemon" and "nervous" in the same sentence. But it was true, the normally stoic samurai was nervous. And frankly he had every reason to be. You see today was a very special day. Or at least it is in Japan, but currently the Lupin gang find themselves in Monaco for a vacation and some quality time with the casino. But no matter the location it didn't change the date of May 23rd, Kiss Day.

You must be wondering just what this "Kiss Day" is about. Well its a special holiday event that happens in Japan and there its actually called Seppun, which translates as "touching the lips". Kiss Day started shortly after the end of World War 2, when people were trying to recover from their tragic losses. In the year 1946 on May 23rd a film was released by film director Yasushi Sasaki called "Hatachi no Seishun". Upon the film's release it took the viewers of Japan by storm. Why is that? Because the couple in the film had kissed, and it was the first kissing scene to ever be made in the Japanese film industry. And since that day the twenty third of May has been marked as Kiss Day in Japan. While the kiss scene in the film back then wasn't much it was none the less sweet and romantic. And today Goemon wanted to enjoy a special date with his lover on this special date. When they started dating last year in July they missed Kiss Day then. But this year Goemon was bound and determined that they don't miss it this time.

So prior to their landing in the sovereign city state Goemon immediately went about preparing for his and Jigen's date. He styled his hair in the braid style Jigen liked, bought a new kimono and arranged for reservations at the most premier jazz club in Monaco. When he finally revealed his surprise to Jigen the gunman couldn't be happier. He immediately got into his best suit and the two went out for a night on the town. The drank, they laughed, cuddled and cooed throughout the evening. And while Lupin and Fujiko would send the occasional teasing texts to their friends nothing could ruin the evening between the two. Not even Pops or other police officers were around to spoil their mood. Everything was just perfect for the couple. But as they say, all good things come to an end.

The club was going to wrap things up with a dance in the ballroom, and as luck would have it a certain special guest singer would be performing at the club singing "Skyfall". Naturally Goemon and Jigen decided to participate in the last club event before returning home to have a "private night cap". But just as they got into the ballroom Jigen bumped into someone. He started to apologize to the person, only to stop when he saw who it was. It was Monica Ivanov, the ballerina that he helped defect from Russia just two years ago. And she was the same ballerina who used him as a courier to smuggle the Tear Drop of Aurora diamond out of the country. Needless to say, the happy mood changed immediately.
Monica and Jigen stared into one another's eyes, totally flabbergasted. They certainly didn't expect to see each other again. Especially after how they parted ways. Goemon was a tad worried, to be honest. Monica was the third woman Jigen had ever fallen in love with, the first being Angelica who later died for a cause she believed in and the second being Linda the dancer from Madrid who turned out to be Von Meyer's accomplice and Jigen killed her for the betrayal she made. And while Monica betrayed Jigen she at least knew when to quit after Lupin had her covered from the other car on the ferris wheel. Despite her betrayal though Jigen gave her the Tear Drop of Aurora as his way of repaying her for saving him twice. After that they never saw each other again. And a year after that, the samurai and gunman began to date. And now here they are, face to face with Jigen's old flame. Monica and Jigen greeted each other, albeit awkwardly, and said a few words. Then Monica asked to speak with the gunman in private. Though reluctant about it Jigen agreed and promised Goemon he would return before their song started. And so the samurai was left standing by the ballroom floor, as the ballerina practically dragged Jigen away to the VIP section. Goemon knew that his lover was faithful to him but couldn't help but worry. He's seen women like Monica break strong bonds before, and the thought of Jigen leaving with her made his heart ache painfully. After what felt like the longest five minutes of his life the samurai saw his lover reemerge from the VIP section. And thankfully there was no Monica. But the worry she brought was still in the air.

"So, what did she want to talk to you about?" Goemon asked.

"Well, she gave me the usual speech. How she was sorry for backstabbing me, that she made a mistake and wanted to make it up to me. Even added a few cries and a sob story about how she lost the Tear Drop to some pretty boy hustler." Jigen explained with a shrug and Goemon felt a tug at his heart. He was afraid that would be what Monica said.

"Oh...And, what did you tell her?" Asked the samurai carefully. At this, Jigen smiled widely and wrapped his arms around his lover's slender waist.

"I told her that bullshit doesn't work on this comrade. She can go cry her crocodile tears elsewhere because I'm spending the evening with the man I love." Jigen stated and sounded rather proud about it.

After hearing those words Goemon wasn't sure what came first. His tears of joy or the kiss he gave to the gunman's lips. Just as they broke apart the song "Skyfall" began to play by the guest singer. At this the two smiled at one another and walked hand in hand to the ballroom floor and danced along with the other couples. Once the dancing was over and they returned home later on, Jigen made sure to show Goemon he only had eyes for him during their "private night cap".

Short Story #2: Risque Revival

Lupin groaned as he slowly started to come around. The smell of ocean water and the dry, powder-like feel on his hands and face told him that he was on a beach. It would seem that the water spout washed him ashore. Thank goodness, as he doubted that crummy boat Jigen found would hold his weight if he were adrift. As his eyes began to adjust to the morning light something caught the master thief's eye. Or rather someone as it looked like a person. Lupin slowly got up to his hands and knees and looked over to where he saw the person and realized that it was two persons. Goemon and Jigen, as a matter of fact, and they looked like they were okay. Actually they looked more than just okay. From the way things looked between Jigen's unmoving state and Goemon wearing nothing but his fundoshi as he laid on the gunman provocatively while their lips touched they seemed to be making the most of the beach. The master thief gave a hum at the sight and got up then proceeded to walk over to the frisky pair.

"You know its a shame. Lots of people would pay big cash for a scene like this and not only is it wasted on me but I don't have my camera." Lupin said. Goemon turned away from Jigen to glare at his leader.

"Don't be foolish, Lupin. This isn't what it looks to be." The samurai stated.

"Oh sure, I understand. This doesn't at all look you and Jigen are performing a raunchy beach mating ritual." Lupin said with a tone of snark and a grin to match. Goemon blushed but still managed an angry look.

"Be quiet, you dolt! Jigen ingested too much water after we were launched off the boat. And so now I'm doing my best to try and revive him." Goemon explained, then turned to his lover with a look of worry. "But I'm growing concerned. I've been doing this about twenty times and he still hasn't woken up yet."

"Is that so?" Lupin asked with a bit of a suspicious tone as Goemon resumed giving Jigen CPR.

No first attempt at CPR is always successful, but after twenty times surely there would be some results. The master thief had a hunch as to why Jigen hasn't "woken up" yet and decided to look him over to confirm it. Lupin's keen eyes looked over Jigen's body carefully. His clothes were soaked which proved Goemon's story. But his skin didn't looked like he was a man who hasn't woken up after twenty CPR treatments. It was too vibrant. And the posture of his body looked stiff. Like he was trying not to wake up. As Lupin looked over him further he finally found the confirmation he needed. The wiggling ears.

Not a lot of people know this save for Lupin, Fujiko and of course Goemon, but Jigen's ears actually wiggle whenever he's really excited or turned on. And since he and Goemon started dating his ears have been wiggling quite a bit. No way could a waterlogged, unconscious man wiggle his ears in pleasure. In that instance Lupin knew that his old buddy and partner was faking it. But since he was putting up such a good front, and getting some action for it, the master thief figured it best not to tell out of respect for Jigen. And maybe if he covers his ass when Goemon finds out he's faking Jigen will teach Lupin how to pull off such a convincing stunt that he could later use on Fujiko.

"Say, Goemon, maybe you should try breathing deeper into his mouth." Lupin suggested.

"Hm. That may actually work. Its certainly worth a try." Goemon said and proceeded to breath deeper into the gunman's mouth.

What happened next was a fast movement, but Lupin saw it. Jigen wriggled his foot a bit in a special mores code language that he and Lupin made. It was him saying "Thanks, pal." Lupin gave a grin and gave his partner a thumbs up. Even though the gunman's eyes were closed the master thief knew he could see it. Then he suddenly got an idea and grinned wider. This was too good an opportunity to pass up, Goemon more or less kissing Jigen and the latter being unable to return the affection. So why not have a little fun and test his resolve?

"Goemon, I think you could probably force some of that water out if you sat on Jigen's torso and start grinding into him." Lupin suggested.

"What?" The samurai asked in shock and turned to look at his friend in confusion. "Are you sure about that, Lupin?"

"Well, its not like you got anything else to lose other than a boyfriend." The master thief said simply. While Goemon didn't appreciate that last remark Lupin had a point.

And so the samurai sat firmly on Jigen's torso grinding into him. The gunman could feel his resolve break with every grind that happened right above his pelvis. He thought that he had the will power to keep from reacting, but when Goemon pressed his lips onto his while grinding there was no will power to be had. Jigen leaped to life and kissed the samurai as he held onto him, one hand grasping black hair and the other holding firmly onto his lover's ass. Soon after that Goemon smacked both Jigen and Lupin across the face. The gunman for faking and the master thief for making him look foolish.

Short Story #3: Au Naturel Jealousy

Jigen and Goemon would forever hate themselves for agreeing to go to that nature camp with Lupin to find the Thinker statue. Yes it held the Black Panther in its palm and they needed to retrieve it, but it was a nudist camp. Who would take a statue to a nudist camp anyway? Well considering that the Thinker is a nude statue that may not be such a far leap. But still this was hardly a place where they wanted to be, especially dear shy Goemon. Its widely known that he does not care for the view of female flesh since has lived in the way of abstinence for so long. And of course his sexual preference added to his lack of desire to see the fairer sex nude. But Lupin didn't have either problem and was more than happy to show off his features. Thankfully Jigen drew the line and told his leader that it was either they wore swimming trunks or they left, Black Panther or no Black Panther. Though Lupin whined a bit he acquiesced and got him and Jigen a pair of yellow swimming trunks. Jigen also reserved the right to wear his beloved hat which was just fine with Lupin, so long as he got to enjoy the view while they looked for the statue.

Goemon, meanwhile, was sitting in their boat on the docks not too far from the changing rooms. He said that someone should stay and keep watch of the boat and also serve as a lookout for Zenigata. While both were good points it was really an excuse for him to be as far away from the grounds of the nature camp as possible. Even with the few males that were attending the camp it did not begin to make Goemon feel confident enough to go out there himself. Nakedness may be a tradition in Japan that brings people closer together, but there was something about this certain camp that made it more like a place of debauchery than a spiritual retreat. At the sound of familiar weasel chuckling Goemon looked up to see Lupin stepping out of the men's changing rooms and drooling over the many forms of revealing female flesh. But he was so busy letting his eyes roam that he did not pay attention to where his feet were moving and ended up taking a tumble. The other camp attendees who passed by chuckled at the master thief's fall. And just then Jigen stepped out and shook his head at his best friend.

"Every person's got an Achilles Heel. And his just happens to be in his pants." Jigen said.

Goemon chuckled at his lover's snarky wit and turned to look back at the sea to keep an eye out for Zenigata. But out the corner of his eye he noticed something. Four young women, no older than thirty, in unique styled designer bikinis talking and giggling among themselves. However it was not the three young women or their fancy swimwear that caught his attention. It was the fact that the lead lady, an attractive looking pinkette wearing a blue periwinkle two-piece bikini, just walked up to Jigen.

"Hey there, handsome. Ya'll must have just arrived here, on account of I woulda noticed a stud like you much earlier." The pinkette said with a Southern Belle accent. But it was what she said with that accent that made Goemon snap his head in the direction of the changing rooms again and look at the scene of the four women giggling over Jigen.

"Well thank you, missy, but I'm not really here for fun." Jigen said politely to the quad, and just then Lupin sprung up to his feet.

"Don't bother with my friend here, ladies. He's just a stick in the sand. I however did come here for fun. So how about we get started by playing a game of strip marko polo?" Lupin asked with a perverted grin. However the ladies seemed unimpressed.

"Eww. Like we would even want to hang with an old man with tacky sideburns and a monkey face." Spoke the blonde woman in the green one-piece bikini. The resulting rejection made Lupin go and huddled over to the side of the changing rooms to sulk.

"Anyway, we were going over to play some volleyball and wanted a judge. You seem like you could make the right calls, so we want you to be our judge." Said a raven haired woman in the purple two-piece bikini that appeared behind Jigen.

"Sorry ladies, but I really can't..." However Jigen was cut off by another woman, this one brunette with a yellow one-piece bikini, appeared to his left and wrapped her arms around Jigen's own arm.

"Aw come on, we'd love to have you around!" The brunette exclaimed and snuggled up to Jigen.

"Totally. Especially since we loved rugged men." Said the blonde who wrapped her arms around the gunman's right limb.

"But if ya'll need more incentive then I'd be happy give it to ya, handsome." The pinkette said and puckered her lips to Jigen.

That was all Goemon could stand, and with a great leap he launched from the boat and thrust his Almighty between Jigen and the pink seductress. That was enough to scare the four girls off and they ran away screaming. Lupin followed after them offering protection while Goemon stayed behind to give his lover a possessive kiss, one that Jigen happily accepted.

Short Story #4: Sugar Gunman

This would come as a surprise to many, but Jigen Daisuke actually has fancy taste. Not as expensive as Fujiko's or Lupin's but still reasonably high priced. He attributed that to his many years of working for the elite of the criminal world when he used to be a gun for hire. Jigen has lived along side the ritziest of men and women, casino high-rollers included. And with the massive funds he has saved over from his years as a hired gun Jigen could very well live like a wealthy man himself if he was so inclined. But he never found much attraction for the elite lifestyle and only ever spent a few thousand a year on fine tailored suits. However, Jigen has been putting his money in a more fulfilling investment these past six months. An investment with legs for miles and dark hair like glossy raven wings. The name of this investment was Goemon Ishikawa.

Jigen first met the samurai back on that crazy owl head island during that debacle involving Fujiko Mine. Of course Jigen didn't see the raven hair because the hallucinogen in the air just made him see an owl head. But he did see the long, ivory legs attached to the blade wielder he was fighting with at the time. And when Lupin brought all three of them, plus himself, together to form a team Jigen finally saw Goemon's raven hair and got a look at his ivory legs again. It took several sparring sessions to prove himself worthy but the gunman finally wore the samurai down. They started out slow in their relationship, like going out for coffee or watching the sun set in the park, before they reached the stage in which they were comfortable enough to hold hands in public a few times and even go out to the movies. At this point Jigen began to invest in Goemon more. And such an investment meant treating the samurai to all the things he knew his gorgeous lover deserved.

Goemon soon found himself showered with one present after another. From cologne to designer clothes, and all from the top brands that Jigen treats himself too. The people from Fendi, Prada and Givenchy were all too happy to get an even bigger commission from their favorite costumer. And when they learned that the newest delivers were for a special person in his life the sales ladies of each store would giggle and gossip among themselves. Lupin and Fujiko were both a tad envious at the couple, Lupin because his best friend had more green than he did and Fujiko because Goemon was spoiled so sweetly, but were never the less happy for the pair.

However the samurai himself was not feeling so happy. Of course he loved Jigen and appreciated the affection he was shown. But all of the gifts were quickly becoming overwhelming. Even as a child he has never gotten so many presents in his life. And it was starting to make him wonder if he was taking advantage of Jigen. While the gunman said that Goemon deserved every present it made the samurai just what he did to deserve such obviously expensive gifts. The last thing he wanted was to take something for nothing. So to put his mind at ease Goemon decided to talk to Jigen at the park.

"You what?" Jigen asked in surprise at the question his lover just spoke.

"I...I want to know why it is you spoil me so. You have said that I deserve everything but the fact is I do not know what I did to deserve it." Goemon explained in a rare meek tone.

"You mean you don't know why?" Jigen asked in even greater surprise.

"No. Look Jigen I do not intend to sound ungrateful towards your affection. That is the last thing I ever wish to do. But I simply cannot go on accepting presents, even from a loved one, without knowing what I did to earn them. I fear that I may end up taking advantage of your kindness and thus become a kept man and..."

But Goemon's worried ranting was ended when Jigen took him into his arms, settling his lover in his lap, and kissed him with the greatest of passion. The movement surprised the samurai and it took a moment for him to realize what was happening before he leaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Jigen's neck. The couple kept their lip-lock for a while before Jigen finally separated from the soft lips to look into black pearl eyes.

"First of all, Goemon, you're not taking advantage of me at all. And you do plenty to deserve each and every gift. You make me feel like I can be loved and that I'm worthy of a second chance in life, even after all of the awful things I've done in my life. And if you need another reason, its simply 'cause I love you baby." Jigen said with a tender smile and an affectionate shine in his eyes.

"Jigen...You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that. Deep down I always knew that your reasons were out of love and not expecting something in return. I was just so overwhelmed by it all." Goemon said and pressed his forehead to the gunman's.

"Its alright, Goemon. I can understand. And hey, if all the gifts really do overwhelm ya then we'll do something simple instead. How does a five dollar picture show, some takeaway and a cozy living room sound?" Jigen asked.

"It sounds wonderful." Goemon replied and kissed his lover on the cheek.

One thing you will come to learn about love is that the truly priceless gifts do not have a brand name attached.

Short Story #5: Composites

Jigen Daisuke and Goemon Ishikawa were one of a kind. Two men that were both in a class all their own. Jigen was a legend among the underworld, being adaptable for any kind of criminal role. He could be a bodyguard, he could be a mercenary, he could be a spy and he could even be a saboteur. Goemon was a legend in his own right among martial artists, and many considered him the top of the class. Along with being a skilled swordsman he was also a master archer, boa staff wielder and of course an expert hand to hand combatant. With all of these skills bundled into two men it surprised no one that not a single person could come close to imitating either Goemon or Jigen. However while no person could imitate them characters of a more fictional origin could very well pull it off...

"Hey, Jigen, Goemon! You guys are on TV!" Lupin called from the living room. The samurai and gunman, who were sitting out on the back porch, turned at the sound of the voice.

"If its another of those corny most wanted shows then we're not interested." Jigen called back.

"Indeed. We do not care for the publicity of streaming media." Goemon stated.

"But its not a most wanted program! Its a carton!" Lupin called out.

That statement made the pair look up at each other. A cartoon? Of them? Surely Lupin must be joking. But even if he was they were still very curious about it. And so the couple stood up from the patio chairs they were sitting on and went into the living room. Lupin was lounging on the couch and had the TV paused at the end of a commercial. The master thief was obviously waiting for his friends to come in before he played the show.

"So? What's this cartoon that is supposed to have me and Goemon in it?" Jigen said.

"Well it doesn't have you guys in it per say, at least not you Jigen. Your character is more or less a special guest star. And your character is actually the star of the whole show, Goemon." Lupin explained.

"Really? Well now my curiosity is truly piqued. Please go on and show us this program, Lupin." Goemon said with a tone full of interest.

Lupin then pressed the play button and then started to fast forward to a certain part. He pressed play and the samurai and gunman kept an eye on the TV. They watched as what looked to be a ninja cloaked in black looking over a map in his hands. He let out a breath and he then noticed red security beams, which surprised him, and breathed again as if to confirm they were there. Then the scene changed to another character and he looked exactly like Jigen, except with a few adjustments to his appearance.

"What the hell!? They changed my suit to white and made me a red head!?" Jigen asked in shock as he got a good look at his television variant.

"I do not dress in the style of a ninja. I am a samurai." Goemon stated with a miffed look.

"Hold your horses, boys. It only gets better." Lupin said with a grin and skipped ahead of the show and pressed play.

The cartoon played out with the ninja finding a large, mystical looking diamond in a chamber, trying to grab it and then meeting the red head. The two shared an exchange and the ninja introduced himself as Samurai Jack while the red head gave a flirty grin and introduced himself as Wesson White, or available to which Samurai Jack rolled his eyes. The exchange went on after Wesson secured the diamond with the use a fancy looking gadget which pleased Samurai Jack, however the pleasure was gone when Wesson asked for a kiss in exchanged. The two went back and forth with Samurai Jack saying "No" and Wesson saying "Please" until the alarm went off and activated the Ancient Egyptian themed guard robots. The two then went back to back and Samurai Jack sliced through the robots with his sword while Wesson dodged their attacks with great flexibility and utilized a machine gun suitcase. The fight went on for a while before the pair were able to escape and ran from the robots already chasing them and trying to avoid new ones activating from all the excitement. Wesson then pointed out a place he and Samurai Jack could hide, a janitor's closet, and the pair ducked in and the red head turned on a light on his suitcase. The robots then passed by and after checking to make sure Wesson told Samurai Jack that the cost was clear. And, he added with a seductive tone, since they're in a cozy place they should make the most of it. To that Samurai Jack actually smiled and said that they should and told Wesson to come closer. The red head grinned and leaned over with puckered lips just as Samurai Jack raised his hand and then the scene skipped to the janitor's door followed by the sound of a slap. Samurai Jack then ran out with the diamond and Wesson followed out soon after, proclaiming he loves a good chase with a hot passion play, and chased after the warrior to catch up with him.

While Jigen and Goemon were beyond mortified and arranging a defamation of character lawsuit, Lupin was cracking up.

Short Story #6: In The Jungle

During their time on Earth, one of the things that the Crystal Thieves have come to admire is nature. It was so different like they nature they've seen on Homeworld or other planets. There was something particularly fresh and alive with Earth nature. It felt as if it had a soul like the humans that inhabit this planet. And with that nature came the animals that live in it. Of the many species that inhabit the Earth two certain Gems actually took a que from one popular, charming and adaptable animal. The two certain Gems were Labradorite and Emerald, while the animal was none other than the cat. Emerald has always been partial to felines during his stay here, making them his favorite animal, and Labradorite loved how stealthy they are. It was no wonder why they would go about their way to feed any stray cats they saw in whatever cities the group wandered to. But as for what que the Gems take from cats...Well, that's a story that happened two months ago.

The Crystal Thieves were taking a vacation in Madagascar and enjoying the scenery and the sight of the several thousand uniquely endemic species. Everything was going perfectly until Goshenite's empathy detected a disturbance. There were people besides them here on the island. People who were not enjoying a peaceful afternoon like they were. It was at least a dozen men having ruthless and greedy personality, his empathy sensed, and they were all poachers out to get a rare species of lemur here known as the Golden Bamboo Lemur. This angered the Crystal Thieves and at first Moonstone elected that they all go and stop them.

"No guys. You two stay behind and call the coast guard. We'll handle this." Labradorite said.

"Not that we don't think you can handle it, but wouldn't it be taken care of a lot quicker if we all took them on?" Moonstone asked.

"Yes. Going in there by yourselves seems a tad rash." Goshenite said.

"Relax, angel. We won't be going there alone. At least...not apart." Emerald said cryptically.

But even with as cryptic as it sounded Goshenite and Moonstone knew what the gunman Gem meant. He meant that he and Labradorite would go in there, but they would use Fusion to take on the poachers. It has been a long time since the two had fused together. The last time they ever did was during the rebellion on Homeworld. So this would be a treat.

"Would you mind if we come in to watch the show?" Moonstone asked with an eager smile.

"Not at all, Mooncakes. In fact we'd be honored." Labradorite said with his usual monkey grin.

"Yeah. Ain't no sense in fusing into our old buddy if we can't have your biggest fans in the audience." Emerald said and directed a loving gaze to Goshenite who blushed a pretty shade of silver.

And so the group of four walked through the dense forests of Madagascar until they reached a bamboo clearing where they knew the Golden Bamboo Lemurs live, and by extension where the poachers would be. They sat in wait to watch out for any shady looking humans and sure enough a group of four came along with large hunting riffles in hand. One human, a burly looking fellow, was smoking a thick cigar with an awful smell to it and laughing along with his fellow hunters. At the sound of a soft but clear little monkey-like chirp the four looked up and saw a Golden Bamboo Lemur with a little baby on her back. The burly lead poacher grinned at the sight of the little family and tossed his cigar carelessly on the ground of the bamboo clearing. He then aimed his hunting riffle at the pair and got ready to shoot. But Emerald was quicker, materializing his Magnum and shooting the hunting riffle out of the burly fellow's hands and the shot startled the little family of rare lemurs away. The man shouted in pain and that was when the green Gem and the black rainbow Gem decided to make themselves known. They stepped out into the bamboo clearing and the hunters turned their attention to what looked like a pair of normal men. Labradorite said that the group should leave now while they can and forget about harming any of the lemurs. But the hunters however were vulgar and belligerent in their refusal and aimed at the two Gems. With a sigh feigning regret Labradorite turned to Emerald and said that they should make their point clearer. Emerald grinned at his black rainbow fellow and nodded in agreement. Then the two turned to each other and bowed, dispelling their human forms and revealing their true shades of color. The poachers could only watch in confusion and surprise as the two Gems began to dance, Labradorite doing a swing and Emerald doing his Broadway tap. They moved together in perfect sync before coming together when they each performed a high kick and their legs collided. Suddenly their bodies turned into masses of green and black, color speckled light which temporarily blinded the poachers and forced them to close their eyes.

The lead poacher peeked an eye open to see the two masses of light swirl and mesh together...and an unreal four armed cat creature at least three times his own height soon appeared. And then that creature gave a mighty lion's roar and pounced.

It would be an hour later that the coast guard arrived at Madagascar and found a dozen hunters tied up and unconscious at their camp base. And one hunter had a leaf covered cigar in his mouth with a Lupin the 3rd calling card taped to his forehead.

Here is the latest chapter of my West-East shorts! I hope that you all enjoy them. Unfortunately this and the Johnlock story I recently posted don't make up all of what I wanted to contribute for NaNoWriMo, but even with only two posts I hope that my dear readers and friends like what I have shared with you.