A/N: A challengefic from badboy blader, which I really should have done sooner, 'specially since he (she?) asked me twice. In the end, though, I really enjoyed writing it, which kinda surprised me, especially considering that I'd never even considered the pairing beforehand.

Mariah's POV.

"Blue, Like Your Eyes"

This should've been impossible.

I mean . . . I'm cute, aren't I? Lots of guys have told me that. Even Rei has told me that. Only, if he thinks I'm cute, why doesn't he want me?

Kai isn't cute. But . . . he's honestly handsome, like an adult would be. I never thought too much about it, though, 'cause I was always looking at Rei.

I guess Rei, however, was looking at him instead.

He's got really pretty eyes, you know. Blue ones. I always liked blue eyes.

No . . . Rei's eyes are yellow. How could I forget that?

Who do I even know with blue eyes?

What does it matter- right now, my mood is the only blue thing around here. Blue like . . . whoever's eyes.

"Hey," you greet me out of nowhere, appearing from the shadows and sitting beside me. "Heard you caught 'em together."

"Yeah," I say softly. Your smile is sympathetic.

"Kai's pretty pissed," you remark, and I cringe. Of course he's mad at me. Hell, he probably HATES me. I was always tagging after Rei, and probably totally in his way. "He promised Rei he'd let him break it to you gently," you add. "So he's really furious with himself for not locking the door."

I blink at you in surprise. I thought he'd be angry with ME if anyone. It never occurred to me that he might feel like he'd been the one in the wrong.

"Rei is worried about you," you continue. "He didn't want ya to find out like that."

"Oh," I say softly.

"He cares about ya, even if he doesn't like you in 'that' way," you explain. "He was practically in tears when I left."

"How'd you know where I'd be?" I ask you quietly, pretending not to be affected by the mention of Rei's unhappiness.

You look thoughtful. "I dunno. Just a feeling, I guess." You smile, your eyes turning up in half-moons. "I'm pretty good at that."

"I guess you are," I admit, thinking back to what little I know of you. You're a bit naïve and kind of a dork sometimes, but you always did seem to be decent at reading people. "So . . . now what?" I ask.

"Maybe you wanna get off the ledge?" you suggest kindly.

"I suppose that I could," I acquiesce, and take your offered hand. "Thank you for coming, Max."

"You're welcome, Mariah," you say with a smile, and kiss my cheek. I smile back.

Your eyes are blue.

* ende *

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