Hello my faithful readers!

I want to take this moment to REASSURE you that this FanFic will CONTINUE and it has not been forgotten!

The past year and four months I had many things happen, from family loss to job related issues and Overwatch... a lot and a lot of Overwatch... And also I keep going back to the chapters and readjusting or adding a few things here and there to make things flow more naturally and not make Clara a Mary-Sue, I despise Mary-Sue. Because as you have read Clara isn't perfect, she has worked hard in her ability to make good food and practiced hard to play volleyball.

I am going back to adjustChapters 16 and 17.

16 to me seemed she accepted her feelings for Murasakibara a little too fast, I kind of want to have her really dive deep in her hear to really bring out why she likes him. Murasakibara at the point knew he had feelings for her and with his personality he won't go after something unless he knew he wanted it badly, but that's me and how I interpret him.

17, you can blame this chapter really for making me taking a hiatus in writing on new chapters. The way that Clara interacted with the Three Bitchy girls on the bitch really SCREAMED at me with Mary-Sue alarms. So I am going back and re-writing that whole scene.

Now, I am sure ya'll are wondering about Chapter 18, YES there is an 18 and I have been writing it and getting it to flow with the rest of the chapters. A lot of Mura/Clara fluff for sure! So please be patient, and it will be released soon.

Once again, I want to take this moment to apologize for my absence and to say I am so thankful to those who have read this story and have continued to read it even after year of it being on Hiatus! Please I hope you continue to read my story and enjoy it like you always have!