I do not own Law and Order: SVU, any of the characters, nor the AU idea.

I have been binge watching the 13th, 14th, and 15th seasons of SVU on Netflix. The moment Barba opened his mouth, I was in love. So, now I am on a fanfic reading frenzy. I haven't read fanfic for years nor have I written it. This is my shot at it once again.

Right now the fic will be a one shot until I figure out a definitive plot. (Ideas from the readers is most definitely encouraged!)

This AU is based on a soulmate post on tumblr.

Soulmate AUs are not a new concept but I haven't seen one for Barson. So here goes nothing!

This fic begins during the episode: Twenty-Five Acts

Barba was reluctant to roll out of bed after his alarm went off. He knew that today was The Day. The particular day when he was supposed to meet his soulmate. He had always scoffed at the idea. While many people thought that the whole notion of meeting your soulmate was romantic, Barba did not. He always told himself that his career was his soulmate, not some person who could get up and leave when they wanted. Not that he had particularly bad abandonment issues, he simply just did not trust many people. After all, romance was for the fragile hearted, un-driven folks. None of those attributes were in any way Rafael Barba.

Despite the fact that the black digital numbers of the countdown on the underside of his left wrist was now at 6 hours, he finally made his way out of bed and into the bathroom. He got ready for work, business as usual. "What's the worst that can happen? It's just a dumb soulmate." He thought grabbing his suitcase and going out the door to work.

/ / /

Thankfully, business attire usually always had many layers of long sleeves no matter the weather. New York was in mid-summer, which wasn't comfortable by any means but the long sleeves protected him from looking down constantly at his wrist. Out of sight, out of mind.

/ / /

On his way to court he had recalled that Captain Harris, temporary cap of Manhattan SVU, was coming in today with two detectives from the squad to meet him. As he thought of the case a voice in the back of his mind whispered: Whoever he brings with him today will probably be your soulmate. He knew the names of the detectives: Benson and Rollins. However, he did not catch their genders. So for all he knew this soulmate could be a man. Which, he was fine with. He wasn't one to define himself. Sex he didn't have a problem with. Just this notion that soulmates are supposed to be the one you end up with annoyed him to no end. "I don't have time for this." Barba grumbled as he entered the court house.

/ / /

Before Barba entered into the court room, he caught a glimpse of the countdown: one hour, sixteen minutes, and five seconds. He rolled his eyes. "At least this court session isn't going to go on for long."

/ / /

"C'mon Barba, the vic was drunk and memory spotty. Aggravated assault." The defense attorney pleads as he's filing things into his briefcase.

"Your client – the jury takes one look at and they will convict him of kidnapping the Linburgh babies. So how about he takes ten and spares us all the humiliation." Barba retorts, with a gentle pat on the attorney's arm. Ten seconds.

Defeated, the other man hangs head and mumbles, "I'll call you tomorrow."

Despite having the wit to hand his opponent's ass to him, he had butterflies in his gut as he moved toward Captain Harris and Co.

"Take your daughter to work day?" He joked.

As Harris introduced the two detectives, Barba held out his hand to Benson. The second they joined hands, Barba felt a jolt. My oh my was she beautiful but it was much more than that. This woman was his soulmate. He didn't need to look at his 00:00:00, he just knew.

"Fuck." Barba thought to himself, quickly turning his attention toward Rollins.

Man, after writing this I really want to continue this. I don't have anything solid yet but I'm hoping something will come to me. Please let me know what you think or give me some pointers, anything is helpful! Also, if you are a Barson writer/shipper please direct toward your fanfic so I can read and review! Until next time ~