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RWBY: Press Start

Level One

Enter New Player: Weiss Schnee

Weiss heard the wind whistling through her ears as she was falling from the sky. How she was falling in the first place is what was going through her mind right now. She and her team were on a regular beowolf hunting mission when all of a sudden a bright flash of light enveloped them all. Next thing Weiss knew, she was falling from the sky. The heiress could figure out that part out later. Right now she needed to focus on landing safety and looked for the other members of her team.

The situation she was in wasn't as different as her first time entering the Emerald Forest. She summoned a glyph below her to stop her fall. That propelled her across the forest beneath her and continued to do so with her glyphs until she was able to land safety on the ground. "A perfect landing. Now it's time to figure out where am I." Weiss scouted the area. It became clear that this was unfamiliar to her. Her next idea was to pull out her scroll and try to contact her team. That was proved useless as she couldn't even get a signal. Weiss sighed in frustration. "I guess I'm on my own then. It's no problem for someone like me of course." Near Weiss was a river. To her, a river meant people and people meant help. Weiss walked along the river to seek out help and figure out where she was.

Now that she had a better view of the forest, it was quite charming to the heiress but that didn't mean there were no dangers. Weiss had to be very careful of her surroundings. Soon enough Weiss saw a bridge just up ahead on the left. "I guess I'll be out of this forest faster than I thought." Once Weiss reached the bridge, she crossed it.

However as soon as she reached the other side, the heiress suddenly heard a roar she never heard of before. "GAR!" Weiss looked up to see something heading toward her. She jumped back before the figure landed. It let out another roar. "GAR!"

The creature was unlike anything Weiss has seen before. It was a large but short and very fat multicolored dragon that had small wings that somehow let the beast hover above the ground. It had a large ax in its right claw and a shield on its left arm. It became clear to Weiss that she was in a completely different place. Different or not, the danger was still the same. The creature launched itself at Weiss to attack. The heiress had a glyph appear under her and used it to get away from the attack quickly. The attack missed and the ax hit the ground instead.

The impact of the attack made Weiss stumble a little. She saw that half of the ax was embedded into the ground. That alone showed Weiss how powerful this creature was. She didn't waste any time pulling out Myrtenaster. The chamber rotated and Weiss hit the ground with large ice spikes coming out and heading toward the creature. The creature saw the attack coming and lifted its ax out of the ground. It raised its ax and smashed the oncoming ice attack into pieces. The action surprised Weiss. "It just smashed my attack like it was nothing." That told her that the creature had intelligence which was bad news to her.

The creature quickly rushed over to where the heiress was. It was a lot faster than it appeared to be. Weiss' next move was a glyph appearing beneath her and sent straight at the creature. The creature was fast but Weiss was faster. She was at the side of the beast and slashed its sides with her weapon. As soon as she passed it, Weiss turned around for another attack on its back. However, the creature quickly turned around and swung its ax in midair. The force behind the attack hit Weiss and sent her back until she hit the tree behind her. The slam forced her to let go of her rapier and slid down to the ground.

The impact made Weiss feel a bit woozy. She looked at the creature that was slowly coming her way. The heiress saw that her attack didn't even scratch the creature. "Gar, gar, gar." And now it was laughing at her. Weiss saw her weapon a little ways behind the creature. She tried to come up with a plan to recover her weapon but nothing came to her mind. If Ruby were here, she would use her sembalance to recover Myrtenaster and they would take down this monster together. Weiss giggled quietly to herself. Ruby. To think she would be the last person Weiss thought of. An image of Ruby smiling appeared inside the heiress' mind. She only thought of one word. "Dolt."

The creature roared as it raised its weapon and swung it down at the heiress. "Not so fast there buster!" Weiss heard a voice and then a sound of weapons clashing against each other. She looked up to see a young girl who looked around Ruby's age and she was holding off the creature's attack with just a simple sword. If that wasn't crazy enough for her, Weiss saw the girl push be creature back. Weiss heard the girl giggle. "They'll be no attacking poor defenseless girls while I'm around. In the name of Planeptune, I'll defeat you."

Defeat? The creature was obviously larger than her. Not to mention she was holding a simple sword. However, she did seem stronger than she looked if she was able to block the attack and push the creature back. "Gar!" Again it roared but it sounded different. It was like it was trying to prove that it was stronger.

Again the creature charged toward the girl bus she wasn't worried in the slightest. "Critical Edge!" As soon as the creature was close, the girl swung her sword upwards and sent it into the air. She herself jumped into the air as well and was in front of the creature. She slashed its body across. The girl landed back onto the ground while the creature howled in pain and dissipated into countless lights. Weiss couldn't believe what she just saw. A girl younger than her was able to defeat that creature with ease. She saw the girl swing her sword. "Easy peasy lemon extra squeezy." She turned to Weiss. "Uh…hey are you okay?"

Weiss who now collected herself stood up. "I am. Thank you for your assistance." The heiress took another look at her "savior." Indeed she was about the same age as Ruby and in similar height. It was still hard to believe hard to believe that she defeated the creature easily.

"Hey is this your sword stick thingy?" Weiss saw the girl pick up Myrtenaster.

The heiress glared at her. "It's called a rapier and yes it belongs to me." The girl threw Weiss' weapon carelessly and she scrambled to catch her weapon. Weiss caught her rapier and sighed in relief. She looked at the other girl angrily. "What's wrong with you?! You just don't throw other people's property like that!"

The other girl frowned at Weiss. "Well excuse me Miss Snarky. I think you should show me a bit of gratitude since I saved your life and all."

As mad as that made the heiress, she did have a point. Before Weiss could speak, she heard another voice. "Neptune!" They both turned to where the new voice came from. Weiss saw another girl who looked similar to the one who saved her but looked a bit older, had longer hair, and a single clip on accessory that was the same as the ones the other girl wore. She breathed a sigh of relief. "There you are. Why did you run off like that?"

The other girl giggled nervously. "Heh heh sorry about that but I heard the cry of a helpless girl so of course being the awesome person that I am, I rushed over to save her from the evil lizard man." She turned to Weiss. "Which reminds me, you have some pretty big guts trying to take that thing on all by yourself. Good thing you didn't die or your guts would've been splattered all over the place."

The older looking girl gasped. "What the goodness?! You tried to fight a lizardman?!" At least Weiss knew the name of the creature that attacked her but was she surprised that the heiress fought against it although it did sound a bit childish. "Oh, I'm sorry. We never caught your name."

Finally, someone asked an important question. "If you must know, my name is Weiss Schnee." She heard the younger looking girl giggle. "And what is so funny to you?"

She let out another giggle. "Oh, nothing. It's just Weiss to meet you."

The heiress rolled her eyes at the bad pun. Just what she needed, another Yang. "Care to tell me your names and explain to me where I am?"

The older looking girl smiled at her. "Oh, we're sorry. We forgot to introduce ourselves. My name is Nepgear and this is my sister Neptune. As for where you are, you're in the Virtua Forest."

Weiss was surprised to meet someone else with the same name as someone she knew. "Neptune huh. I know someone else who goes by that name."

Neptune laughed. "I bet the Neptune you know isn't as super-duper awesomely awesome like yours truly." She acts like Ruby and makes bad puns like her sister. They would get along each other very well if they ever meet each other.

"If you're lost then maybe we can help you." Nepgear offered.

That sounded like a good idea to Weiss. The more she knows about the world she's in, the better. It would also be better to hold off telling them that she was from a different world. Weiss was pretty sure they wouldn't believe her. "That would be most appreciative. Thank you."

Neptune jumped and cheered. "All right then! Let's move our butts back to Planeptune!"

That statement sounded wonderful to Weiss. However, a thought crossed her mind. "What is Planeptune?"


"Is this the future!?" Weiss was awestruck at what she was seeing. Everything around her was unlike she's ever seen. Even now she was just standing but moving quickly on the path she's on. There were many skyscrapers and advertisements for various video games. This place was on a whole different level than Vale.

"Is this your first time in Planeptune?"

Weiss turned to Nepgear. "I-It is. I never expected to see a place so…expansive."

Neptune grinned. "If you're this stoked then you have to check out the basilicom."

"Basilicom?" Weiss saw what Neptune meant. They arrived at what the heiress believes the largest tower she had ever seen. They all went off the moving platform but Weiss was still mesmerized at the sheer size of the building. Weiss has finally seen the impossible. She saw a building much grander than her own home.

"You trying to be a statue? Come on!" Neptune called out.

The comment snapped Weiss out of her trance. "Be patient! I'm coming!"

All three entered the building and Weiss was still in awe. The inside of the building was just as impressive as the outside. They all entered an elevator. Once they reached a floor, the doors opened. The heiress was now into what it seemed to be a living room. She was able to see a good view of the city from this room. "Honey we're home!" Neptune called in a singing voice.

Weiss heard footsteps and saw another girl approached them. "Welcome home Nep-Nep. You too Ge-Ge and you-" She just stared at the heiress. "Uh…who are you?"

Before Weiss had the chance to speak, Nepgear interfered. "Her name is Weiss. Neptune found her while she fought against a lizard man."

The new girl let out a shriek. "Ah! You fought a lizard man?!" She quickly approached Weiss. "Are you injured anywhere? Is there any place where I can treat you?"

Two things came into the heiress' mind. One: She was too close to Weiss and two: she never thought she would meet a girl with the same breast size as Yang. "I can assure you that I am fine. Now can you please leave? You're in my personal space."

The girl laughed nervously and did what she was told. "I'm sorry. My name is Compa by the way. It's nice to meet you Wei-Wei."

Weiss instantly took a disliking to the nickname. "Please do not call me that again." Compa whined. The heiress turned to Neptune and Nepgear. "Now can you please explain how you will help me?"

"I see you brought someone new Neptune, Nepgear." Weiss turned around to the new voice she heard and couldn't believe what she saw. It was a small girl with little wings sitting on an open book that was floating.

"Oh hey, Histy!"

"Hello, Histoire."

Histoire continued to look at Weiss. "It is not often we have visitors. I am Histoire, the oracle of the basilicom. Who might you be?"

"I'm uh…Weiss Schnee." This was the surrealist thing Weiss has ever seen.

"I see." Histoire turned to Neptune and Nepgear. "Where did you two find her?"

Neptune smiled brightly. "I saved her from the clutches of an evil monster!"

Histoire smiled. "That is quite the admirable Neptune. Then I assume your job went well?" Neptune didn't reply. "That earned a glare from the smaller girl. "You did complete it did you?"

Neptune giggled nervously. "Well, I managed to finish the first half of it?"

The oracle turned to the other girl. "Nepgear…"

Nepgear closed her eyes and lowered her head while she pressed her fingers together. "Well um…Neptune ran off in the middle and I had to finish up."

That cleared things up a bit for Weiss. Neptune ditched a mission and left her sister to clean the rest of the mess up. No doubt she was the most irresponsible girl the heiress has met. Histoire thought the same thing. "May I remind you Neptune as a goddess of Planeptune, you must finish what you started. You do not let Nepgear finish your mission."

Compa glared at her. "Bad Nep-Nep."

Neptune groaned. "Aw boo. Even though I saved a totally cute girl, I'm still being scolded by Histy."

Weiss stood completely still as to what she heard. It wasn't from the comment Neptune made about her being cute. It was what Histoire said about Neptune being a goddess. "Can you run that by me again? I could've sworn you said goddess."

Everyone turned to her. "Oh, they didn't tell you? Neptune is the CPU or goddess of Planeptune and her younger sister Nepgear is the CPU candidate." Histoire explained.

Weiss turned to the two girls. "G-Goddesses?"

Neptune just looked at the heiress like it was no big deal. "Uh duh. Did you think we're your run of the mill girls or something?"

Weiss tried to speak but no words came out. In the next second, she dropped onto the floor. "What the goodness!? She fainted!"

"Wow. I guess her brain overloaded and couldn't handle that major info dump." Neptune stated.

Compa kneeled down to Weiss. "Quick, someone get a doctor! Oh wait, I'm a nurse."

During all the commotion, Neptune closed her eyes. "Well, I guess there's only one thing to say at a time like this." She opened her eyes. "TKO!"