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RWBY: Press Start

Final Level

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A new day dawn over Gamindustri and unknown to all of its people, it was an important one at that for it was the day that team RWBY would finally be sent back home. As of now, the team was in an open grassy field standing on top of a hill. Down below the hill were Neptune, the other CPUs, their sisters, and all of the other characters they've met along the way. A moment like this was almost unbelievable to them as if felt like it was just yesterday the team arrived in this word and met the people living in it. Ruby, who was wearing bandages wrapped around her forehead, could hardly believe the moment had come at last. "So, anyone else feeling a little nervous about this?"

Weiss held the younger girl's hand to calm her down. "Just relax. We'll be home soon enough."

Yang followed suit and held Blake's hand. "Yeah. Home here we come. I just hope we didn't miss anything while we were gone."

Blake chuckled at that. "I hope they'll believe our story as to why we were gone for so long."

Neptune walked a few steps forward before stopping. "On behalf of all of Gamindustri, I Neptune of Planeptune will be pretty sad that all of you are leaving now. May we never forget all the fun times we had together." That was an unusual way for Neptune to start. "With that said, can't go back without a few presents from us."

That was more like it. With that said, several from the group walked up to the team. Plutia was up first as she was holding a bag. "I'll be really sad you're gone. I really like all of you." Ruby didn't forget her little time with Iris Heart. "Here you go. It's something special from me. Don't peek inside until you're back home."

Ruby took the bag and smiled at Plutia. "Thank you."

Plutia walked away and after her was Blanc and her counterpart also holding bags. The first Blanc walked up to Blake. "Here you go. I know you'll like when you see it."

The Faunus girl smiled at the gift and took the bag. "Thank you so much."

Blanc walked away and the other one came up next. "And here's something from me. I know you'll like it."

Again, Blake took the bag. "I'm sure I will. Thank you."

Ultradimension Blanc walked away now and Marvy walked up to the Faunus girl as she presented her bag. "From one ninja to another, here's a present from me."

Blake took the gift and smiled. "Again, thank you."

Marvy smiled and walked back to the group. 5pb was next as she approached Yang. "Here you go. Something special here from me and Cave." She held out a small bag to the blonde.

Yang smiled as she took it. "Thanks. Can't wait to see what it is."

5pb smiled as she left. After her was Tekken who had a small bag of her own and smiled. "Think of this as a present from master to student. I hope you'll like it."

Yang took the bag and really hoped it wasn't weird. "Thanks, master."

Tekken let out a small squeal of delight. "I was called master…" With that, she was the last one to leave. Weiss did feel a tad jealous that everyone received gifts and not her. Then again, she has the limitless dust that Noire created for her and that will be so broken when the heiress goes back. Not only that but she was bringing something else much more important any rare dust. Ruby.

After Tekken returned, Neptune ran up to the group quickly as she could. Once she reached the team, the CPU pulled out a small piece of folded paper from her pocket and presented it to Ruby. "This is really super-duper important so read it until you get back. Understand?"

Ruby didn't really understand that but took the piece of paper anyway. "Will do." She stuck it in her pocket.

After that, Neptune ran back to her group. Once she reached them, the CPU turned around to face team RWBY once more for the last time. "Alright, anyone want to say their last words before we do this?"

Noire stepped up first. "I personally would like to say it's been pretty nice to getting to know all of you."

Uni walked up after her sister. "It was fun while it lasted. It's kinda sad all of you are leaving now."

Blanc was the next one to step up. "It's been cool with all of you hanging around with us. Some more than others." Yang knew she was talking about her.

The twins walked up beside their sister. "It kinda sucks all of you have to go now. I really wanted to play with all of you some more." Ram spoke.

"We'll miss you." Rom added.

Vert was the last one to step up. "I must say I enjoyed our time together despite how short it was. Still, that doesn't we won't forget the times we've had."

After the CPUs and their sisters said their piece, Neptune looked over to the rest of the group. "Anyone else want to say their piece?"

IF looked at the rest of the group as all of them smiled and she smiled back at them. She looked back at the team. "I think I can speak for everyone that we had a pretty great time hanging out with all of you. With that said, take care of yourselves okay?"

Ruby nodded to that. "Right. The same to you."

With final words said, there was only one last thing to do. "Alright MAGES.. Do your thing!"

"Very well." MAGES. walked a few steps forward before stopping and pointed her staff at the team. "Activate Artificial Sudden Flash Event!"

A pillar of light suddenly appeared and enveloped the team. It looked similar to the one that sent them to this world in the first place. Weiss only had one concern. "This won't drop us from the sky will it?"

MAGES. smiled at that. "There's a chance you may not." The heiress didn't know if that was good or not.

Neptune laughed as she began to wave her arms at the team. "Come on! Let's send them off with a smile."

Everyone else agreed and waved goodbye as well. "Goodbye everyone!" Nepgear spoke.

Ruby and her team waved back. "See ya."

Weiss was next. "Thank you for everything you've done for us!"

Yang after her. "It was a blast with all of you!"

And finally Blake. "We won't forget you!" She looked more closely at IF and Vert. "And good luck with your relationship."

MAGES. increased her power to power up the event. "May all of you have a safe trip back home. Loochs tneve emag noitamina cisum." They still didn't know what that meant.

The light became brighter and soon enough the team couldn't see the CPUs and their friends. They did hear one last thing from Neptune. "See you in a sequel!"

Weiss barely caught that. "Wait wha-" The light shot up into the sky and vanished along with team RWBY.


A bright flash of light appeared in front of the statue in Beacon. As the light faded, Ruby and her team found themselves standing in front of it. It took them all a few seconds to realize where they were. "Are we home?" Ruby asked. All of them looked around and saw familiar surroundings. It was undeniable to them now and happiness swelled up in all of them. "We're home…we're finally back home!" The girls cheered as they all hugged each other.

Yang suddenly realized something and broke away from the hug. "Wait a minute. Ruby, try transforming into a CPU. Hurry!"

Ruby realized that as well and separated from the hug. "Uh, right. Let's see. Here goes nothing." She closed her eyes tightly and closed her hands tightly. Everyone waited in anticipation hoping that their leader wasn't a CPU no more. After a minute, Ruby opened her eyes and laughed happily. "I can't transform. I can't transform! I'm not a CPU anymore! I'm back to normal!" That was the best news for them to hear and all of them hugged their leader.

While they were celebrating, they failed to notice a few figures approaching them. "What are you girls doing?"

The team stopped their celebration and looked back to see some very familiar faces they haven't seen in a long time. Ruby was overjoyed seeing them. "Jaune!" She used her semblance to rush over team JNPR and crashed into their leader to the ground "I'm so happy to see you again!"

Jaune didn't know how to take that. "What's that supposed to mean? We saw each other yesterday and why do you have bandages around your forehead?"

Pyrrha was questioning Ruby's behavior. "Is something the matter with you Ruby?"

"Pyrrha!" Ruby jumped off of Jaune and hugged Pyrrha. She didn't know how to take this.

"You guys are a sight for sore eyes." The rest of team JNPR saw Weiss and the rest of the girls walking over to them.

Already they saw an obvious change. "Why are you wearing a different school uniform, Yang?" Ren asked.

Nora also noticed what they were carrying. "Where did you get the bags? You guys went shopping or something?"

Yang looked at herself and she was still wearing Marvy's outfit and the team looking at the bags. "It's a long story."

Weiss had something else more concerning. "Never mind that. What day is it? What time?"

An odd question for the heiress to ask. Jaune groaned as he stood up. "Um…it's Friday and it's five."

And that dropped a heavy bomb on all of them. "Are you kidding me!? We've all been gone for five hours!?" Weiss exclaimed.

Blake could hardly believe it as well. "I'd say that's a convenient time difference. It's certainly better than one day there is one year here."

"What's going on here?" And yet another familiar voice appeared.

Ruby and her team looked behind JNPR to see Sun and the Neptune they knew approaching them. Already Sun had questions with what he was seeing. "Uh…what's with the bags and why is Yang wearing a different uniform?"


After unlocking their door, Ruby was greeted with another familiar face and one she was very happy to see. "Zwei!" Her dog barked happily as it ran up to her. Ruby held the dog close to her as he started licking her. "It's so great to see you."

Yang laughed as she petted the dog. "Hey there Zwei."

Weiss did the same. "I suppose we're sorry we took so long to come back." Blake wasn't going anywhere near Zwei.

After everyone entered the room which felt so nostalgic to team RWBY and Yang changing out into her original outfit, all of them explained what happened to them to their friends. They found a little hard to believe. "So…let me get this straight. All of you were sent to a different world by some weird flash of light, met actual goddesses, Ruby became one, and now you're all back from it." Neptune summarized.

Ruby nodded. "Yep. That's pretty much the whole story in a nutshell." The young leader can actually tolerate Neptune's presence now since she and Weiss are now together. The same could be said with Yang concerning Sun.

Even though it was a little hard to swallow, Pyrrha was happy about something. "Well, I'm just glad all of you seem like you've resolved your problems. It was beginning to worry me."

Yang smiled at that. "It's all right now. You can say we're better than ever before."

That was good to hear. Sun sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. "Still, you girls going to a different world? I wonder what that must've been like."

Ruby was about to answer until she remembered something. "Oh, that's right." She dug into her pocket and pulled out the piece paper Neptune gave her before they left. JNPR, Sun, and Neptune wondered what was so important about it. "I'm wondering what this says." She unfolded the paper and there was something written on it. The young leader read it and looked confused. "Check your scroll-amabob?" Ruby took out her scroll and gasped in surprise.

Everyone wondered what got her so surprised. "What's up Ruby?" Yang asked. Ruby didn't reply as she pressed the play button on a video that mysteriously appeared. Everyone in the room looked at her to see what it was.

Insert Hyperdimension Neptunia V Opening as ending song

"Hello? Is this thingy on?"

"Uh, Neptune, I don't think you're supposed to do that."

The video cleared up and team RWBY couldn't believe what they were seeing. The same for JNPR, Sun, and Neptune which he thought it was weird hearing his own name. What it showed was Neptune, Nepgear, Histoire, and Compa standing front. Neptune smiled as she flashed a victory sign. "Surprise! Bet you thought you saw the last of us huh? If you're watching this, I bet all of you made it safe and sound back to your world. We're making this video to say our true goodbyes."

Weiss already had questions about this. "When did she do this?"

"And at this point, I'm guessing Weiss is asking how I pulled this off."

Yang laughed at that. "She got you there."

"That's not important. First off, I would like to say it was super awesome getting to know all of you while you stayed in Gamindustri. I had a blast with all of you and Ruby; I hope you become the most awesome huntress in all the land far and wide. Just don't lose an eye or have something horrible happen to your spine."

Ruby didn't quite understand that. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, and if you see the Neptune all of you know, tell him he'll never be as cool and awesome as I am. There can only be one Neptune at the top and that's me since I'm the main character. He's what, a side character?"

Neptune didn't know how to take that. "What does she mean by side character?"

Whatever it was, Sun laughed. "Dude, I think you just dissed by a girl from another world."

"In any case, that's my piece. Nepgear, you take it from here."

"Right." Nepgear cleared her throat. "It's great that all of you are back in your own world. I hope everything will work out with all of you now. Weiss, good luck with your relationship with Ruby."

And Neptune caught that. "Wait, what?!"

Nepgear sighed. "That's all I have to say. What about you Histoire?"

Everyone saw Histoire were surprised by her. "Aww. She's so tiny and cute." Pyrrha spoke.

Histoire smiled at the camera. "I don't have much to say but I am rather glad all of you enjoyed your time in our world despite the hardships you've come across. I hope all of you will be well off in the future."

"My turn! My turn!" Everyone turned to Compa and she smiled.

Already three of the males had the exact same thought. "She's cute."

"Ru-Ru, make sure you eat well if you want to grow up. Wei-Wei, don't bully Ru-Ru too much. Yang-Yang, don't overwork too much. And Blay-Blay, you be a good little kitty and stay out of trouble." And there was Compa's name for Blake. Nora snickered at the names she heard.

All of them couldn't believe they did this behind their backs but it was heartwarming. "Oh and Weiss, you may want to check your scroll thingy too. There's something you need to check out."

"What!?" She took out her scroll and saw there was a video posted.

"This is Planeptune's CPUs over and out." The video ended there.

Now everyone looked over Weiss as she pressed the play button. What it showed as we Noire and Uni together. Jaune seemed to like them a lot. "Oh wow. They're so cute."

Noire flipped one of her pigtails. "If you're seeing this, I'm guessing you've finished Neptune's video. First off, I have something to say to Weiss. I hope you'll enjoy using the limitless dust I've created for you and the special endless ammo for the rest of your team. I have a feeling that'll be very broken for when you return back to your world. I'm sure it'll help you out in the future."

Ren raised an eyebrow to that. "Limitless dust and endless ammo?"

"With that said, Uni?"

Uni nodded. "Right. Hey, Ruby! Let me just tell you after seeing your weapon, I decided to construct some of my own. It'll be a challenge but that's the fun in it. All of your weapons are very unique and the ones I make will be just as good."

Ruby smiled at that. "I wish you luck then Uni."

Noire crossed her arms under her breasts. "Now that we've said what we wanted to say, time for Blake to check her scroll. This has been Lastation's CPUs speaking." The video ended.

Blake took out her scroll and indeed there was another video. Everyone looked over to her as she pressed play. The video opened up to Blanc and the twins. "Yang! Yang! Yang!"

Both of them smiled. "We just want to say you're one of the most awesome people ever and that's saying a lot coming from me." Ram boasted.

"You were really nice." Rom added.

"It really does suck you have to go back but we just want to say thanks for playing with us. Ruby's lucky to have a sister like you but Blanc is still the best around."

"It was very nice knowing you."

Yang laughed at that. "Aw. Thanks you two."

"All right, that's enough you two." The twins looked back at Blanc and ran back to her standing with each of them standing next to their sister. She cleared her throat. "I don't have much to say so I'll make it quick. Thanks for visiting and I'm sure at this point you've received my present for you, Blake." The Faunus girl remembered it and opened the bag. What was in it was a book with the title The Great Adventure of the Great Mysterious Knight. Blanc smiled. "I know you'll like it since you like to read as well. What I've given you is my next work that hasn't been released yet and signed by me." Blake opened the book and indeed there was Blanc's signature. "I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I did write it myself. It'll probably be a very rare book since there's none like it in your world"

Even if that was true, Blake really doubted she'll enjoy it but loved the present nonetheless. "Thanks for the book."

"Now that's all been said, time for the blonde idiot of your group to look at her scroll."

Yang groaned. "Come on. Really?"

"That's all from Lowee's CPUs."

Rom and Ram waved. "Later!"

"Goodbye!" The video ended.

Yang took out her scroll to see a video on it. Everyone now looked over to as she pressed play. Vert and IF were the ones being shown this time. Nora whistled when she saw the goddess. "Wow. Check out the cans on her." Pyrrha didn't know why but she felt insecure all of a sudden.

Vert smiled at the camera. "Well, hello there. I'm sure Blanc told you to watch this. Let me start off by saying it's been joyful with all of you around. Especially you Ruby. You're just so adorable that I wish I could take you away from Yang so you could be my little sister."

Yang's anger flared up. "Like hell, she will be!"

Vert giggled. "And of course I assume Yang would be angry at that. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed our time together and all of you will not be forgotten. I'll be sure to add your names in the special thanks once the game I'm creating based on all of you is completed." She looked over to IF. "Iffy, do you wish to say something too?"

IF smiled at that. "Yeah you can say that. Hey, Blake. Don't take any crap from anyone else about whom you are and if they keep bugging you about, just kick their ass so they'll learn." Blake laughed at that. "Oh, and good luck with Yang. I'm sure you two will do fine."

Now Sun was confused by that. "What does she mean by that?"

"Oh yeah. Two more things. One is that I sent some photos to your scrolls. Don't ask how. Second, Ruby, you may want to check your scroll."

Both girls waved goodbye. "This is has been Leanbox's CPU and Iffy speaking." The video ended.

As soon as it ended, Ruby checked her scroll again to find another video that showed up. "How did that happen?" She pressed play.

As the video started, they already heard a voice. "Hi there Neptuna's friends!" Everyone saw Peashy and the Ultradimension CPUs. Jaune and the others thought they were seeing the same people they saw before in different clothing.

"Now now Peashy. Come back over here."

Peashy looked back at Plutia and smiled. "Okay!" She ran back to the other CPU.

Plutia smiled at the camera. "Hi there Rosy, Weissy, Blakey, Yangy. How are you? All of you must be pretty happy back home. If you haven't opened my gift already, you should probably do that now. I made something really special for all of you."

And that's where Ruby paused the video so she could reach over to the bag Plutia gave her. The young leader opened it only to squeal. "No way!" Everyone wondered what made her so happy. Knowing her, it was probably snacks like cookies. They were wrong. "Check this out, guys!" She held up a small doll of herself. "Isn't so cute?"

Yang laughed and reached in for the bag. What she pulled out made her laugh some more. "That's so cool." She was holding a doll version of herself. The blonde took out the remains and showed them to the rest of the team. "Weiss, Blake, take a look."

Weiss took a doll version of herself and examined it closely. "The amount of detail is staggering. She did a really good job on this."

Blake couldn't help but smile. "She even got the bow for mine."

Pyrrha loved the reactions to their doll counterparts. "She must've been very nice to make those for you."

"Sort of." All of them replied together.

"She's nice and all but don't ever get that chick mad or you'll regret it. Really regret it." Yang warned. Blake shuddered in fear.

After setting the dolls on Blake's bed, Ruby played the video again. "I know all of you will like them. It was so much fun for me making them for you." The team was really thankful for Plutia's gift. "I think I've said what I wanted." She looked over to her new girlfriend. "Do you have anything to say Noire?"

"Yes as a matter of fact." She cleared her throat. "Hey there. How does it feel being back in your world? I'm sure since all of you are back now, Ruby shouldn't be a CPU anymore. So how does it feel being a human again?"

Ruby smiled at the question. "Never been better."

"In any case, just don't do any more stupid stuff like you did back with the Sealed Disaster. That's all I have to say. Anyone else?"

Blanc was the next to go. "We may not have known each other that long but I am glad to have met you. As a parting gift from me if you haven't already looked inside." Ruby paused the video again and checked what was inside the bag Blanc gave to Blake.

Once she looked, again she was surprised. "Awesome!" She pulled out something and showed it to everyone. "It's the yukata I wore for that festival."

The other three girls instantly reached into the bag and pulled out their respective yukata that they've worn before. "Nice one Blanc. This is a great present."

"It's a rather thoughtful gift." Weiss remembered the moment she shared with Ruby while wearing it.

Blake had thought the same with Yang. "I'm having a hard time deciding whether I should wear this to bed instead."

After setting the yukata down on the bed again, Ruby pressed play. "It's the yukata all of you worn during the festival. I know how much you liked them so I decided to give them to you. I'm sure you'll like them." Indeed they did. "That's all from me."

Vert smiled as it was her turn now. "As for me, I do regret we really haven't spent much time together but I do know all of you are such wonderful people. It's too bad I couldn't make Ruby into my little sister."

"She's my little sister damn it!" Yang was becoming very tired of that now."

"But I guess it wasn't meant to be. Oh well. At least you're happy back in your world. That's what matters the most."

Plutia giggled. "Alright. That's all everyone wanted to say. You're almost done. Just one more to go Rosy." Everyone waved at the camera. "Take care now." The video ended.

Ruby didn't know what Plutia meant by that until she checked to see yet another video. "Where are these coming from?" Rather than question it some more, the young leader just pressed play.

As soon as the video started, all of them saw the side characters in a group. "Hi/hey there/nyu."

MAGES. decided to take the lead. "I assume all of you have made it without any injury. Either that or some random person who happened to pick this after something unfortunate happened the group of girls lying before you."

Weiss wasn't amused. "Gee, thanks."

"But I will decide on the latter. Everyone you had met up to this point has some parting words for you. Some more than others." She looked over to her sister. "5pb, would you like to start off?"

5pb nodded. "Sure thing." She smiled at the camera. "Hi, there! I'm really glad you've made it back to your world. I hope you managed to open my gift for you." Yang was reminded of that and reached over to the bag the idol gave her while Ruby paused the video.

The blonde laughed at what was the gift. "Hey cool!" She brought out several CD cases.

Ruby pressed play. "It's my music that I hope you'll listen to. I even gave you my next album that won't be released for the next three months. I'm sure all of you will like them." 5pb turned to her bodyguard. "Do you have anything to say Cave?"

Cave smiled at the question. "Of course and this is for Yang." Yang was pretty interested in what Cave had to say to her. "Despite our rocky start together, I am sure you will be successful in your endeavors as long as you don't forget what's important to you."

Yang smiled at the advice. "I won't."

"Ruby!" Nisa interrupted and was in front of the camera. "Though our time was brief, I will never forget our first meeting! Never stop, never surrender and break the legs of evil!"

Nora laughed at that. "Hey, I like this girl already." Ren could only groan. The last thing he needed was another Nora. In fact, that's the last thing everyone needed.

"My turn!" Nisa was pushed aside and Red was in front of the camera. "I'm really sad that four of my wifeys are gone now. I wish I could've gone with you and then I could have wifeys from a different world!"

Jaune didn't know what to make of that. "Wifeys?"

Weiss sighed. "Don't ask."

"I'm up next!" Red moved away and the camera focused on Marvy.

Needless to say, her outfit sparked different reactions with most of the guys not looking away from her chest while Ren remained indifferent. Nora was pretty amazed. "Wow. Now that's what I call a rack."

Pyrrha just swallowed. "She's…big." Again, insecurity hit her again."

Marvy smiled at the camera. "Let me say congratulations on going back to your world. As a gift from me, I hope you'll like what I've given you Blake." The Faunus girl reached over to the bag Marvy gave her and pulled out several scrolls. "From one ninja to the next, I've given you some scrolls. Make sure to practice every day and avoid any mishaps like before." Yang knew what meant. "And one more piece of advice. No matter what happens, always keep smiling even if things look bad. That's something my former comrades have to me."

Blake smiled at the advice. "Sure thing, Marvy."

"Can I go next?" Marvy moved away so the camera could focus on Tekken. "H-Hello there. If Yang's watching this, I just want to say this. I really did like the time we've spent together even if it was short. I hope you already opened my present for you." Yang reached over to the bag Tekken gave her and pulled out what seemed to be red fingerless gloves. "I know it's not much but the gloves I gave you will increase your strength by a lot. I'm sure in no time; you'll have punches just as strong as mine."

That was something Yang was looking forward to. "Thanks a lot, Tekken."

"Guess it's our turn now." The camera shifted over to CC2, Broccoli, and the two Falcoms. CC2 chuckled nervously as she rubbed the back of her head. "Well, we just recently met it was nice meeting all of you. Plus, that fight with Neptune was pretty cool Ruby. You did your best."

"It was quite the spectacle nyu." Broccoli added.

"I would've loved to hear what adventures all of you had back in your world. I wonder what they were like." The older Falcom spoke.

"As do I. Such a shame we had to part ways so soon." The younger Falcom added.

MAGES. moved to the center so the camera could focus on her. "I believe that is all everyone wanted to say to all of you. Your journey is almost at an end. You have one more video to see. Goodbye, team RWBY. Loochs tneve emag noitamina cisum." The video ended.

After that, Ruby saw the last video and played it. Once it played, Neptune showed up again. "Hey there! If you're watching this, congratulations! You've watched everyone's videos. We're almost to the end. So, in style…all of us would like to say to team RWBY…"

The camera zoomed out to show everyone. Neptune ran back to the ground and turned around with everyone smiling. "We all thank you for coming to Gamindustri/nyu." Everyone spoke at once and the video ended.

Ruby sighed as they were finally through all of that. "Man. They sure know how to say goodbye."

Weiss chuckled at that. "I'll say. I do think I will miss them."

Yang agreed. "No doubt. We've met some pretty wild characters huh?"

Blake nodded. "Indeed. They were quite something else."

Sun groaned and the team looked back to their friends. "Man. All of you weren't kidding then."

Neptune chuckled weakly. "No kidding. That's a lot of people but what did those two girls meant by wishing all of you luck?" That was something they would tell them later.

Pyrrha smiled at her friend. "It's kinda too bad we can't meet them. I would've loved to know them a little more."

Nora felt the same. Especially to one certain character. "Me too. I really want to know more about the girl saying something about breaking evil's legs."

"So, what about that photo that one girl said?" Ren asked.

Jaune was reminded of that as well. "Hey, yeah. What photos did you all take?"

Ruby checked the gallery in her scroll. "Let's see…here it is." She smiled at a number of photos Ruby saw. There was one in particular. "Here's one I like the most." She showed the picture to everyone and they saw the photo. It was a group photo of everyone and in the photo was Ruby in HDD as Crimson Heart smiling.

The End

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