TITLE: Looking for Friends
SUMMARY: SG-1 and Jacob have escaped from the NID and left Earth in an old teltac. They are now looking for the Tok'ra.
CHARACTERS: SG-1, Jolinar, Jacob, others
CATEGORY: Drama, action/adventure, AU

A/N: This story continues directly after 'A Different Beginning', and you should probably read that first.

Otherwise, read this; You should know that Sam is host to Jolinar here (after Jack was Jolinar's host for a little while), and they, and the rest of SG-1, as well as Jacob, have fled Earth to avoid Sam/Jolinar and Jack being interrogated/tortured and used as medical guinea pigs by the NID. Oh, and Maybourne (host to the Goa'uld Acan) is their prisoner. Now SG-1 and friends (and Maybourne) are searching for the Tok'ra, hoping to befriend them and contact Earth, bringing an ally.


Except for some mention and discussion of Jolinar's mates, mainly in this chapter, any ship is many chapters off, though, and I may or may not decide to move it to a sequel (depending on how many reviews and pm's I get from people hating the ship. I got a fair amount in the prequel to this, when I mentioned it).

"Set the ship down inside the small forest to the right of the Stargate," Sam told Teal'c, who was currently flying the teltac.

"It looks like several miles from the gate!" Jack complains.

Sam smiles. "Sorry, sir. It's the best place to hide it it, and Jolinar wants it to be available for us to use later. Or for the Tok'ra to use, should they need it."

"Yeah, yeah - there's always some excuse," Jack says, but he is smiling a little. "So, how does Jolinar feel about being home soon?"

Sam dips her head.

"I... am looking forward to it, but, I am also apprehensive," Jolinar admits. "I lost my beloved Rosha, and in addition it is difficult to return with a new host, when there are no witness of the transference."

"Oh, but there are!" Daniel says. "Jack and me. And Jack can testify who she is and be trusted, since she left him!"

"Yeah, that's not going to cut it, is it, Jolinar?" Jack asks.

"No, you are correct, Jack. The problem is that I had a different host between Rosha and Jack, and the Tok'ra will say that I could have lied to Jack."

"That's a load of crap, Jolly, and you know it! You couldn't hide your real personality if you tried!" Jack says.

"Perhaps. In any case, depending on who is home, the interrogation will be longer or shorter, and possible followed by a test of my code of life. My DNA as you call it."

Jack grimaces. "Sounds unpleasant, but I guess I understand."

"We will be landing shortly," Teal'c informs them.

"I shall go and inform Samantha's father," Jolinar says, getting up and leaving for the back of the teltac where Jacob is currently the one guarding Acan, Maybourne's Goa'uld.

They have landed a short time ago, and opened the door from the teltac. Jack, Teal'c, and Jolinar steps out first.

"Clear!" Jack reports.

"Clear." Teal'c says.

"Also clear," Jolinar says.

"Okay, it seems safe. You can come out." Jack tells the others.

Jacob pushes Acan out and follows. Daniel steps out after them.

Teal'c grabs hold of Acan's arm, and he sends Teal'c a furious look. "I have seen in my host's memories that you have betrayed your god, Teal'c! You are shol'vah! You will refrain from touching me!"

Teal'c smirksat the Goa'uld, and just pulls him along.

Jacob stops just outside the teltac. "This is really another planet?" He looks around. "Looks pretty normal..."

"Look up, dad." Sam grins. Jolinar has just given her back control.

"Damn! The sky is pink!" Jacob looks at it with open mouth.

"It's rarely the case that planets look alien. I'm happy this one does a bit, at least - since it's your first alien planet." Sam smiles. "Jolinar reminds us we should hide the teltac under some leaves and branches and continue on to the Stargate."

They carefully hides the teltac under branches and greenery, and when they are certain it will not be found by someone who doesn't know it is there, or spends a lot of time searching through the forest, they start towards the Stargate.

The distance is about four miles, and it is hard to walk through the forest. However, as soon as they are out of it, they find a path made by animals, through the high grass, and the going is much faster.

"There aren't any snakes in the grass on this world, are there, Jolinar?"

Sam gives Jolinar control.

"I have only been here once before, so I cannot give you a definitive answer. I did not see any, nor did I expect to. Most wild animals flee from people. Regardless, I am told snakes will run away if you stomp the ground hard, so maybe do not walk too silently."

"Funny!" Jack grumbles.

"Let me walk ahead, then. As unlikely as I deem an encounter with any local wildlife, I will be able to neutralize the poison should I get bitten."

"Walk ahead, then!" Jack says, letting Jolinar squeeze past. "Or maybe we could just make Acan go first!" He grins.

"Tau'ri scum! Traitors! You will regret this!" Acan hisses.

"Everything okay, Teal'c?" Jack asks.

"I am fine, O'Neill. Acan will not escape." Teal'c answers.

"Good to hear." Jack says.

"How far do we have to go?" Daniel asks.

"About two of your miles, I believe." Jolinar tells him, then gives Sam control again.

"Are you enjoying your first visit to another planet, Dad?" Sam asks.

Jacob walks behind Jack, who follows behind Sam.

"It's still a bit weird, but I'm starting to get used to the sky being pink." He grins. "No, not really. That will take a while! At least most everything else looks normal."

"Are you sure, sir? Take a look at that tree over there!" Jack points, smiling.

"I'll be damned! It has brilliant purple leaves and an orange trunk!" Jaocb exclaims.

Sam smiles. "It's certainly strange - but remember what I said before, most planets resemble Earth. Jolinar tells me to say that this is her experience as well."

~Samantha, there is something I have not told you, and now when we are soon on my base, I belive it would be a good idea for you to know.~

~What, Jolinar?~ Sam asks, suddenly worried. ~Now is not the time to tell you that the others hate you for something unspecified...~

Jolinar sends her amused feelings. ~I believe there are maybe a few who would rather I did not return, due to our rather severe difference in opinion on how the Tok'ra should go about their fight against the Goa'uld. Not everyone is as direct in their approach as I am.~

~I'm sure. For one thing, the Tok'ra still exist!~

Jolinar mentally rolls her eyes. ~There is that, I suppose. However, that was not what I was going to tell you.~ She hesitates for so long Sam almost prods her. ~You have not made a definite decision on whether or not to remain my host. If you had, I would have already told you this, but now I must at any rate. Do you remember our discussion about Tok'ra and having mates?~

~Yes? You told me it usually involved four people, beings... and you asked me if I had a special someone. Wait, Jolinar... are you going to say that you have mates?~

~Yes. I do.~

~Don't you think that is something you should have told me, a long time ago? Long before I started, well started making the decision to maybe remain your host?~

~You are not in a relationship.~ Jolinar points out. ~Though I am aware I should probably have mentioned this earlier.~

~Oh, yeah! I mean, I'm not saying it's necessarily a problem, but that should be something for me to decide! I don't even know anything about this mate, mates of yours! What does he like? Is he intelligent? Attractive? What is his opinion on, well on a great many things! What will he think of me? Not to mention, will I like him? Is it even a he?~

~Obviously, much of this I cannot answer without some bias. I love him. Yes, he is a he, though that was by no means certain, as the Tok'ra have much more... diverse relationships than your people seem to. I have had both male and female lovers, often at the same time. Polygamous relationships, not just 2 hosts and 2 symbiotes, is quite common.~

~I... see.~ Sam is silent for some time. ~I don't have your experience.~

~I sense your concern, but there is no reason to be alarmed. I have been in an - I believe you call it 'exclusive'? - relationship with Lantash for 100 of your years.~

~Whoa! 100 years! That's, that's really something. Impressive! I guess you really must love him. Is that the host or the symbiote?~

~The symbiote, and yes, I love him very much. The name of his current host is Martouf, and I love him deeply as well. He has been Lantash's host for 20 years.~

~Now I feel like I would be a complete outsider! I am sure they would hate me, particularly since I would remind them their mate, uh, Rosha is dead.~

~No, they would not hate you, Samantha. Not at all. I think they would love you, quite quickly - and you certainly would, if I did not block my feelings of them from you. Host and symbiote love as one, when they are fully blended.~

~In that case I think I'd prefer to wait and make my own opinion of him, them first! Also, I realize your description of them would be biased, but you must be able to tell me something?~ Sam looks up and spots the Stargate. ~We're almost at the gate!~

~They are very sweet and kind, and very intelligent. Martouf is a gentle and charming, while Lantash is a lot more fiery - to the point where Martouf is usually in control so he can censor what Lantash would otherwise say. They would get in too many confrontations otherwise. As it is, they often work as a diplomat.~

Okay, that's some difference in personality right there! How do they get along?~

~While they have some differences, they also have many similarities, and they compliment each other well. They are closer than any other host-symbiote pair I have ever met.~

~Okay. We're at the gate, so I guess I get to meet them soon - unless they are on a mission. How do they look?~ Sam asks. ~And keep the pictures PG - I don't need the distraction right now.~

Jolinar shows her a couple images ~Like this.~

~Wow... okay, they are handsome. Very much so!~ Sam admits, briefly stopping up as she punches in the symbols Jolinar tells her to.

~We are going to a stopover world first. Someone might have seen us land the teltac.~

~Paranoid much?~ Sam looks to the others. "Not the Tok'ra base yet - stopover world. In case someone saw us land."

She steps through, the others following.

When the wormhole has shut down, Sam gives Jolinar control.

"We will go to the Tok'ra base now. We will quickly be surrounded by guards, but do not be alarmed, and let me talk to them first. One more thing. Teal'c, please put the blindfold on Acan."

"Done." Teal'c says a moment later.

Jolinar dials the address and steps through.

"Pretty deserted, isn't it?" Jacob asks.

"I'd say it's an outright desert!" Jack adds.

"Should there not be someone to meet us?" Teal'c asks.

"There has been an attack. Quite recently," Jolinar says, spotting signs of bombardment.

"I am certain the Goa'uld System Lords have wiped out the traitorous scourge!" Acan grins.

"Jolinar?" Jack asks.

She looks drawn, but composed. "The Tok'ra will have fled. Give me some time to see if anything - or anyone - was left behind."

"Of course." Jack says.

"And keep Acan away from me!"

"There is no one left here. I can sense the left-over naquadah signature that is almost certainly from our tunnel complex, now dismantled. The Tok'ra have all fled." She sighs. "Whereto I do not now."

~We'll find them, Jolinar!~ Sam tells her.

"Any idea where to look?" Jack asks.

Jolinar hesitates, then shakes her head. "No, but there are options. Options I would prefer not to take. Let us start out by going to a market place that is often frequented by the Tok'ra. Maybe I can find one of our contacts and learn some more."

"Good idea." Jack pats her shoulder. "We're with you, Jolinar. We'll find your people."