Holy Light
by Yamato-chan

"Things that have physical shape, aren't all there is to it
If you clear your heart, you can see lots of things
On nights when you feel like crying, wondering
"Why was I born?"
It's still too early
To close your eyes"

Kari sat up in her bed, panting. She had been having a nightmare. She placed her hand
over her chest, feeling the beating of her heart steady itself. She had had a horrible dream.
It was of long ago, at Tk's ninth birthday. They were sitting in the Ferris Wheel, which had
stopped near the top. They gazed up at the sky, happy. All of a sudden, the sky rushed down at
them. It was a thousand evil Digimon! They pushed Kari out of the bucket, but she caught hold
of the side. Tk didn't know this and threw himself at the side to catch her. He knocked the
door open, and fell. Then she woke up.

"Holy light, shine softly in the darkness
And show us tomorrow's path
Holy light, please give me courage, to face the future
There are times when only sad premonitions come true
But I want to travel everywhere, searching for happiness"

She made her way to her small kitchen. She sat at the table, gripping a warm cup of tea.
Sipping it, she thought of her old friends. Sora had recently left to make her own living after
an accident. The last she heard Tai was going to America on a soccer tour. Matt was touring with
his band. Joe went up to see Mimi again. Izzy was writing software for major buisnesses. Tk
hadn't been heard from.

"Words aren't enough
On days when I pass someone
I still believe
That everyone has a warm heart
Holy light, shine softly illuminating the world
Embracing the Earth, as if protecting it"

She heard a knock at the door. She slipped my robe over her pajamas, pondering who it
could be. Kari opened the door, looking out into the night. She shivered, feeling the cold.
"It's not that cold, Hikari." a sweet voice whispered. Kari turned her head, looking into Tk's
blue eyes. She brought her hand to her mouth in surprise. "Takeru! You're okay!" she cried,
cutting off the boy's circulation with a tremendous hug.

"Holy light, please give me a an eternal smile
Holy light, shine softly in the darkness
And show us tomorrow's path
Holy light, please give me courage, to face the future
True courage, eternally"

Kari let her old friend in, giving him some tea and a chair. "I wanted to surprise you,
but your darn driveway is confusing! I've been stumbling around in the dark trying to figure
out which way to go!" exclaimed Tk. Kari laughed. Tk cleared his throat. "But I'll surprise you
yet. Kari, will you marry me?" the blonde asked. Kari gasped at the ring he held. It had a
flower shaped pink stone that resembled her crest. "Hai, Tk, of course I will!" she exclaimed.
Sealing this idea with a kiss, the former Chosen Children turned towards tomorrow.

*Sniff*.I love Tk almost as much as I love Matt. This was the final story, I hoped you liked
them. I'd like your suggestions. I may began another series, Digimon Themes. Let me know! Ja ne!