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Disclaimer: I don't own this song, digimon, a car, my own house, a pony,8676456 pair of shoes, a red button…….*Audience falls asleep 1/2 way through disclaimer* ~_~' here…On with the fic!

Mimi sighed looking into the fire that night. Matt had left the group a week ago, and in doing so had broken her heart. She wanted to go after him and made up some story about not wanting to fight. But Joe, being the reliable one that he was, refused to let her go alone. Now she was stuck wandering around the digiworld, instead of looking for her crush. 'Please God' she thought ' Let him come back soon. I hope he's safe'

Somewhere, out there,

Beneath the pale moon light.

Someone's thinking of me and

loving me…tonight…

Across the lake a soulful melody pierced through the lonely silence. The blonde playing his instrument stopped for a moment, and stared at the full moon. It waxed high in the heavens, illuminating the dismal forest behind him. "It's beautiful," he said softly to himself. "But not as beautiful as Mimi." Oh,God how he missed her. And she doesn't even know how much he cares for her. 'I wish she were here to hear this' he thought, as he crooned out a melody, just for her.

Somewhere, out there,

Someone is saying a prayer.

That soon we'll be together,

In that big somewhere, out there.

And even though I know

how very far apart we are…

Mimi sighed again and craned her head to look at the stars. As she did this, a large shooting star flew past, waving it's tail in a graceful arc. "Please" she wished "Let Matt know I love him."

Matt stopped playing as a sudden star flashed through the sky, weaving it's way through the heavens. "I hope she knows how much I care about her" He wished to himself.

Helps to think we might be wishing,

On the same bright star.

And even as the night wind,

Sings its lonesome lullaby..

The chestnut-haired girl closed her eyes as the wind blew across the water. 'It's almost as if Matt were here' she thought as a loving song met her ears.

It helps to think were sleeping

underneath the same big sky.

Somewhere out there

If love can see us through.

Soon, we'll be together

Somewhere out there..

out where dreams…

come true…

"Wait a minute" she said, shaking her head. "That IS Matt! He must be on the other side of the lake!" This thought in mind, she hurriedly ran through the forest, until she reached his camp. "Matt!" she said excitedly, as she ran to meet him. "Mimi?!" He said as he wrapped his arms around her" How did you find me?" "I heard your music." He just smirked and gave her a kiss.

"I love you" He said when they came up for air. "I love you too Matt." She said snuggling close to him. "But you have to go" he said, pushing her away gently. " Why, Matt?" she asked, eyes filling up with tears. "Because there is still work to be done. You need to continue gathering allies, and I still need to find myself. You have to go back." "But after? After you find yourself, and I've gathered allies, and we can finally go home, can we be together?" "Yes," he said walking back to his campsite. "After"

Somewhere out there…

Out where dreams…