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Shinji Almighty

            Despite only being the 14th Angel, it is Zeruel who falls last, collapsing into a heap on top of the prone Gaghiel.

            Sachiel lies near the tower, the largest building in Tokyo 3, Bardiel's limbs tied around it in a sailor's knot, Shamshel lying against the building with parts of Ireul stuffed in places unmentionable.

            13 of the 17 Angels lie defeated.  Arael hovers silently in the sky, making no actions as she contemplates the battle.  Neither does Sandalfon battle, for it is young and still knows better than to let purpose guide him.

            And neither Adam nor Lilith would attend this battle even if they were to leave the underground base, for they know it was a folly for the Angels to even fight.

            And as Tabris raises his head, returning to consciousness from atop of the form of Leilel which has somehow been compressed into the size of a Volkswagen Beatle, he looks up…and he sees lighting crackling in the clear night sky, framing the one who beat them so easily.

            Standing in the air above the tower that acts as an ammunition storage building, the air underneath his sneakers shimmering with the power that keeps him aloft, a young man revels in his power.

            For he has accepted the position and the power that has been given to him.

            For it has just saved his ass.

            He is a young man, with barely cropped black hair and blue eyes, still dressed in the white button shirt and black slacks of his school uniform.  He extends his arms out, holding his hands in such a way that he feels that he could grip the entire city…the entire world…with a simple gesture.

            And he smiles, eyes shimmering as the lightning crackles and thunder roars beneath him.  And when he speaks, it is with a voice that would overpower even the roar of his Eva, and shake the foundations of the world, for all can hear him.

            "I am Shinji Almighty," Shinji Ikari thunders, "Let my Will be Done!"

            And the lightning strikes Tabris just for posterity.

            NERV HQ.

            It is a sight none of the command staff nor the primary bridge crew ever thought they'd live to see.

            Commander Gendo Ikari, eyes wide, mouth open in shock, his glasses sliding dangerously close to the edge of his nose.

            The woman next to him, a mid thirties woman with short-cropped brown hair and dressed as a lab tech, reaches over and daintily closes his mouth with two of her fingers, turning to Sub Commander Fuyutsuki with a raised eyebrow.

            "Let me guess," she says, "This wasn't in the scenario?"

            Fuyutsuki nods, letting out a long, nervous breath as he stares ahead at the screen.

            And considers how this all started, almost a month ago…