This is my first Avengers fanfic, and I'm not an expert on the Marvel franchise, so bear with me on this one. This fic is inspired by Peace of Our Lifetime by GGMK.

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Carol never thought her dad would invite her to a party at the Avengers Tower, but she figured this would be the only chance she could get to meet the Avengers in person…if they allowed it, that is. She did know that her dad, Andrew, worked for Tony Stark as a tech supporter, so maybe she could show him some of her drawings. Carol just finished taking a shower and was currently searching her closet for a suitable evening dress. She soon picked out a short dress with a tiered skirt and carefully slipped it on. She grabbed her hairbrush from the top of her dresser and carefully brushed her messy black hair, taking care to get rid of every single knot. Once she finished, she set down her hairbrush and picked out a necklace before putting it on. After putting on her earrings, she snatched a sketch of Tony Stark jumping on a pogo stick she made earlier today and stashed it into her clipboard case.

"Carol," Andrew called from outside the room, "are you ready to go?"

Startled, Carol snapped her head at the door to the room. She quickly grabbed her stockings and carefully slipped them on and scrambled around the room in search of her dress shoes. She took only a few moments to slip them on before stashing her smart phone, her mp3 player, her clipboard case and her wallet into her handbag.

"Ok," announced Carol, "I'm coming!"

Carol slipped her handbag over her shoulder and scurried for the door, opening it and wandering through the hall until she stopped in front of Andrew at the front door.

"Hold on, Carol," reminded Andrew, "did you feed Snoofles yet?"

Carol felt a chill sent down her spine.

"Not yet," admitted Carol.

Carol set down her handbag and scurried over to the kitchen, where she grabbed the container filled with cat food from the pantry and poured some cat food into the pet dish bowl. Seconds later, a tuxedo cat entered the kitchen and began chowing down on the cat food while Carol put away the container. She returned to the front door and picked up her handbag.

"Great!" smiled Andrew, "let's go."

Carol and Andrew left the apartment and locked the door behind them. They stepped outside the building and wandered through the streets, making a few turns until they could see the Avengers Tower ahead of them.

"Wow," Carol chirped, "I'm so excited!"

"Just remember, Carol," advised Andrew, "don't make any of the Avengers uncomfortable."

"Ok," sighed Carol.

Once they reached the Avengers Tower, Carol and Andrew stepped into the building and took the elevator to the highest floor. They could see a bustle of people awaiting them after they stepped out of the elevator. They wandered through the crowd until they spotted one of Andrew's coworkers, Nelson.

"Hey! Andrew!" called Nelson, "is that your daughter?"

Andrew and Carol stepped towards Nelson in a casual manner, although Carol's gait was more cautious.

"Yeah," nodded Andrew, "Carol, this is my coworker, Nelson."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Nelson," Carol stammered nervously, extending her hand, "I'm Carol."

Nelson let out an amused chuckle.

"Just Nelson will do," replied Nelson.

Nelson took Carol's hand into his and shook it.

"So, would you like anything to eat?" asked Nelson.

"Do they serve chicken tenders?" clamored Carol.

"I'll check the menu," offered Andrew.

"I'd also like some lemonade to go along with it," added Carol.

"I'm itching to get something to eat, too," added Nelson.

Nelson and Andrew walked over to the counter while Carol stood behind. She took this chance to wander around the room, hoping she could find one of the Avengers here. She could see plenty of people interacting with one another, but that didn't catch her interest. She continued to survey the room until she laid her eyes on Steve Rogers, the man she recognized as Captain America. Excited, she scrambled up to him, catching his attention.

"Can I help you?" asked Steve.

"You must be Captain America, right?" replied Carol.

"Yeah," nodded Steve.

"Nice to meet you!" chirped Carol, "I'm Carol Harvey."

Carol extended her hand, allowing Steve to take it into his hand and shake it.

"Is there a way I can meet the other Avengers here?" requested Carol.

"Why would you like to meet them?" paused Steve.

"Because I kinda want to show them my drawing," explained Carol.

"You're an artist?" clarified Steve.

Carol nodded. She pulled out her clipboard case and took out her sketch of Tony Stark riding on a pogo stick. She handed it to Steve, allowing him to examine it. Seconds later, he let out an amused chuckle.

"I never thought I'd see Tony actually doing that," commented Steve.

"I was hoping Mr. Stark would like it," replied Carol.

"You'd have to show it to him first," suggested Steve.

Steve and Carol wandered around the room in search of the other Avengers. They did run into Thor, Bruce, Natasha and Clint, allowing Carol to show them the sketch and allowing them to comment on it and sign their names on it.

"You could do great in art school," said Natasha.

"Thanks!" chirped Carol, "do you know where Mr. Stark is?"

Natasha pointed at Tony, who was having a conversation with Rhodey.

"Are you sure you want to show him that drawing of yours?" asked Steve.

"I was hoping I would get an autograph for it," Carol shrugged.

"We'll see," replied Steve.

Steve and Carol ambled over to Tony and Rhodey, catching their attention.

"Hey, Capsicle," asked Tony, gesturing to Carol, "did you get yourself a girlfriend already?"

Steve and Carol glanced at each other in confusion before returning their gaze at Tony.

"Uhh, no," answered Steve, "this is Carol Harvey, and she is an aspiring artist."

Tony burst into laughter.

"I'm just joking!" teased Tony.

Carol held out her sketch, allowing Tony to pluck it out of her hand and examine it. Once he showed it to Rhodey, they both burst into laughter in a matter of seconds.

"Now where did you get such an idea?" asked Rhodey.

"While I was playing the remastered DuckTales game on the PS3," answered Carol.

"Tony, you've got to try jumping on a pogo stick," suggested Rhodey.

"Why don't you?" remarked Tony.

Tony signed the sketch and handed it back to Carol, allowing her to stash it into her clipboard case.

"Well, it was nice meeting you!" chirped Carol.

"Take care," replied Tony.

Carol skipped away from Steve, Tony and Rhodey and started searching for Andrew and Rhodey. It wasn't long before she could see them at the counter obtaining the food.

"Carol," called Andrew, "we got some chicken tenders for you!"

Excited, Carol scurried to the counter and grabbed a chicken tender before eating. She would frequently take a sip of lemonade to wash down the food.

"Say, Carol," mentioned Nelson, "I saw you wandering around and talking to the Avengers. What was it like meeting them?"

"It was great!" chirped Carol, "they liked the sketch I showed them."

"I'm glad they did," smiled Andrew.

"So did you find a boyfriend yet?" asked Nelson.

"Are you kidding?" groaned Carol, "these guys here are boring!"

"Come on," pestered Nelson, "all it takes is the right man."

"Nelson," scolded Andrew, "leave her alone! You don't need to pick a partner for her. She can find one on her own."

"Wasn't she waiting until marriage?" asked Nelson.

"No," answered Andrew, "she's waiting for a robot."

"That's never going to happen, Andrew," disagreed Nelson, "I was going to let my son ask Carol to court with him if she wanted a relationship."

Carol cringed at hearing Nelson's words. She knew his son at high school, and she hated the way he kept teasing her for her preferences and pestering her with Christian crap, which was a religion that she vowed to never join, especially when Nelson's son would sneak Chick Tracts onto her desk. She gave Nelson a deadly glare.

"I'm not going to date your son, you misogynist son of a bitch!" snapped Carol.

Carol swiped her glass of lemonade and basket of chicken tenders before stomping away from the counter, leaving Andrew and Nelson behind.

"Carol!" called Andrew.

Carol ignored Andrew's voice. Why did he have to make friends with a Christian fanatic? At least he didn't convert but respected Nelson's beliefs. Carol wandered around the room in search for a place to sit and she eventually sat near the Avengers as they relaxed on the couches. While eating, Carol pulled out her smart phone and accessed her Twitter app. She began typing down her latest status update:

{I am not interested in ordinary guys. If any of you are actual robots, then please come and see me.}

Carol posted her status update and stashed her smart phone into her handbag. She glanced at Tony Stark while he enjoyed his conversation with the other Avengers. Maybe she could ask him to create a robot boyfriend for her before she left the Avengers Tower, because she was certain that this would be the only time she could see the Avengers up close. She started listening in on the conversation, waiting for a chance to join in.

"It's a trick," said Clint.

"No, no, it's much more than that," replied Thor.

"Ah, 'whosoever be he worthy shall have the power!'" mocked Clint, "whatever, man! It's a trick!"

"Please," Thor offered, "be my guest."

"Clint," assured Tony, "you've had a tough week. We won't hold it against you if you can't get it up."

"You know I've seen this before, right?" reminded Clint, "I still don't know how you do it!"

"Smell the silent judgment?" Tony taunted.

"Please, Stark," suggested Thor, gesturing to the Mjolnir, "by all means."

Tony stood from the couch and approached the Mjolnir on the table.

"It's simple physics," remarked Tony, "so if I lift it, do I get to rule Asgard?"

"Yes, of course," Thor nodded.

"I will be fair," declared Tony, "but firm."

Tony wrapped his hands around the handle and attempted to lift the Mjolnir, but it wouldn't budge. He tried again, but it still wouldn't move an inch.

"I'll be right back," said Tony.

Tony let go of the Mjolnir and left the room for a bit. Minutes later, he returned with the gauntlet of his mech suit equipped and tried to lift the Mjolnir again, hoping the added strength would help. Yet, it still didn't work. Tony called Rhodey to help him, the African-American man equipping gauntlets from his own mech suit as he teamed up with Tony.

"Are you even pulling?" asked Rhodey.

"Are you on my team?" replied Tony.

"Just represent," suggested Rhodey, "pull!"

Rhodey and Tony pulled at the Mjolnir just as Carol finished her chicken tenders. They attempted to pull at the hammer a few times before giving up. While Tony and Rhodey sat down, Bruce walked up to the table and grunted while he pulled at the Mjolnir with his hands. He was tempted to turn into the Hulk, but brushed it off.

"Let's go, Steve," beckoned Tony, "no pressure."

Bruce sat down while Steve stood from the couch and approached the Mjolnir.

"C'mon, Cap," insisted Tony.

Steve grabbed the handle of the Mjolnir and pulled on it. It may have budged an inch, but he still couldn't lift it off the table. After a few more tries, Steve gave up and plopped onto the couch.

"Widow?" paused Bruce.

"Oh, no," Natasha declined, "it's not a question I need answered."

"The handle's imprinted, right?" clarified Tony, "like a security code. Whosoever is carrying Thor's fingerprints is, I think, the literal translation."

"Yes," nodded Thor, "it is a very interesting theory."

Thor stood from the couch and approached the table.

"I have a simpler one," continued Thor.

Thor picked up the Mjolnir with ease, much to the other Avengers' disappointment.

"You're all not worthy," concluded Thor.

The other Avengers groaned in disappointment until everyone in the room suddenly heard a high pitched noise, startling them. Once the noise dissipated, the Avengers heard clacking of metal on the floor as their turned their eyes on a Legionnaire robot, which lacked armor and it appeared mangled as it entered the room.

"How could you be worthy?" demanded the robot, "you're all killers."

Tony pulled out his smart phone.

"Jarvis?" he whispered.

Unfortunately, Jarvis didn't respond. Meanwhile, Carol noticed the mangled robot, so she crept closer to it in curiosity, hoping she could say hello to it.

"I'm sorry," said the robot, "I was asleep, or I was…a dream."

"Reboot," Tony spoke into his smart phone, "Legionnaire 06's got a buggy suit."

"There was this terrible noise," continued the robot, "and I was…tangled in…strings."

"Who sent you?" demanded Thor.

The robot played back an audio recording.

{I see a suit of armor around the world…}

"Ultron!" gasped Bruce.

"In the flesh," remarked Ultron, "but I'm ready. I'm on a mission."

"What mission?" paused Natasha.

"Peace in our time," answered Ultron.

Suddenly, two more Legionnaire robots burst from the wall and charged in to attack. Carol had to duck in order to protect herself while the Avengers fought the robots. Thor swung his Mjolnir at one while Maria pulled out her gun and fired it at the other. Natasha and Bruce tumbled into an awkward position while Tony leapt onto a Legionnaire robot in an attempt to cut its wires loose. Steve grabbed his shield and swung it at the other robot. Carol managed to crawl closer to Ultron, not realizing that this caught his attention until he reached down and grabbed her wrist, pulling her to feet, much to her shock.

"Hey!" exclaimed Carol, "what do you think you're doing?!"

"I did not invite you to our little chat," growled Ultron.

Once the Avengers took out the two Legionnaire robots, they stared at Ultron in disbelief as the robot held Carol's wrist in a tight grip and studied her face. Thor aimed his Mjolnir at Ultron.

"Let her go!" shouted Thor.

"I'm sorry," replied Ultron, "I know you mean well, but you just didn't think it through."

Ultron let go of Carol's wrist.

"You want to protect the world," continued Ultron, "but you don't want it to change. How is humanity saved if it's not allowed to…evolve?"

Carol gasped in surprise upon understanding what Ultron was talking about. Maybe she could teach him something?

"Ok, I get it," groaned Carol, "this planet is not perfect. Humanity is not perfect. In fact, many of the humans here are pricks!"

Ultron turned his head at Carol.

"Are you one of them?" interrogated Ultron.

"I'm trying not to be one," admitted Carol.

"How do you propose on bringing peace?" asked Ultron.

"Maybe…we could try improving humanity," suggested Carol, "and even save the environment while we're at it, and maybe we could put a stop to the corruption in the greediest corporations. What do you think?"

"This…sounds like a good deal," commented Ultron, "maybe you should…"

Before Ultron could continue, Thor suddenly threw the hammer at Ultron, smashing him into pieces on the wall, much to Carol's disgust.

"Hey!" thundered Carol, "you didn't need to do that!"

"Ultron could be manipulating you," warned Thor.

"Are you kidding?" protested Carol, "I highly doubt he could do that. Besides, I was this close to getting a robot boyfriend!"

"Wait, what?" paused Clint.

"I have strings, but now I'm free…" Ultron sang hoarsely before he went offline.

Tony carefully approached Carol while she glared at Thor.

"Carol," asked Tony, "did you just say you wanted a robot for your boyfriend?"

"Well, yeah," stammered Carol.

Tony placed his hand on Carol's shoulder, catching her attention.

"How about after we deal with Ultron," suggested Tony, "we could talk about creating a robot boyfriend for you. Is that ok?"

Carol didn't say anything, but she lightly nodded. Tony stepped away from Carol and rejoined the other Avengers. She happened to notice that the other partiers escaped the room during the attack, so she began wandering around the room in search of Andrew, until…

"Carol!" Andrew called from near the elevator.

Upon cue, Carol sprinted over to the elevator.

"Carol, are you ok?" Andrew sighed in relief, "I saw these rogue robots attacking the party."

"I'm fine, dad," assured Carol, "don't worry."

Carol gave Andrew a soft smile to hide the sadness of losing the chance to befriend Ultron. Would the Avengers ever repair him and reboot him?

"Nelson just left," suggested Andrew, "so, shall we go home?"

"Yeah, I guess," nodded Carol.

Andrew and Carol stepped into the elevator and the elevator descended to the first floor. They both stepped out of the elevator and exited the Avengers Tower. While they walked down the street, Carol wondered if Tony would ever fulfill his promise.

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