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There was a reason Tony was a mess.

A perfectly coherent, plausible, sensible reason. OK maybe not so much sensible.

He could only describe his life to be a living Jenga game, one wrong move and everything collapses with the added feature of having the media to witness and report everything fall down. Hell he knew as much as any sane person how cautious he should be. Peggy had constantly reminded him about that throughout his childhood.

So maybe he should have listened to her, then perhaps at least quarter of the problems he conjures up wouldn't be as complicated. Then again, life would be rather boring without complications to solve. That's what Tony thrived in doing, solving things.

He was supposed to be good at that wasn't he? Suppose to have his father's intelligence so he could continue the ongoing success of the family business. Supposed to be the clever one. Working out impossible equations, building incredible things, and functioning machines of all kinds were just walks in the park for Tony by now.

There was... this one thing though, he never really could solve. And he hated that fact.

This one thing slapped him full on in the face before he could even consider retaliating.

This one thing that he just couldn't stop thinking about.

This one name that lurked in his mind all day, every day.

Stiles Stilinksi..


"Pregnant?!" That one single word that flew out his mouth echoed around the already silent room that was his lounge, bouncing off the pristine white walls and back to him, leaving him almost winded from the impact they left. Not even Jarvis said anything.

At that moment, Tony was lost. Tony was very lost!

"As in you have a small human growing inside of you pregnant?" he continued, staring with a wide-eyed, dumbfounded expression at a smaller woman stood in front of him. Surprisingly she was still upheld a confident stance despite the bombshell she'd just dropped on him, wearing some black trousers, a white tank top and a formal blazer. Her shoulder length straight brown hair wisped around her chiselled features perfectly, the sun managing to hit it from where it seeped through the windows allowing it to shine and light up her face. However no matter how stunning she looked at that moment her honey brown eyes were glaring daggers through Tony.

"Yes Mr Stark, pregnant, do i really need to repeat myself? I thought I made it perfectly clear the first time I explained the situation." She replied without missing a beat, acting angrier than she actually was, he could see that deep down she was actually terrified about this, from the way she continuously nibbled at her lower lip nervously.

The 'situation' was one he had probably caused himself.

In fact the situation had been caused only three months ago when he walked into a bar and accidentally wound up drunk (again) then found himself waking up in a home that was most definitely not his. He was also in a bed that didn't belong to him, with his arm draped around a petite woman's waist.

Said petite woman had woken up about ten seconds later and rained living hell down on Tony who unfortunately was having trouble remembering exactly what happened the previous night and trying to force his rattled brain to function at such an ungodly hour of 9am. Apparently she didn't remember anything either which only freaked her out even more, especially when there had been a billionaire led butt NAKED besides her. In all honesty Tony had a pretty clear idea on what had happened the previous night, but hadn't pulled together the guts to attempt to console the woman screaming at him. He figured it didn't take a genius such as himself to work it out and she was probably capable of rationalising her thoughts and reaching the conclusion that they'd had sex.

So he'd ran, made his very manly getaway out the window wearing just his trousers since he hadn't had the time to find his top and shoes… which she probably burnt maniacally in a bonfire anyway later on. Then he called Happy and got a cheeseburger on the way home trying to forget what had just happened, completely sure he wouldn't encounter the woman again.

Now he has been proven completely wrong at least five times during his whole life, Happy calling him three months later stating a certain brunette was at the door refusing to leave until she spoke with him was one of these times.

So, that is exactly how he ended up in this whole pregnancy ordeal that may or may not be making him internally have an existential crisis right now. Truthfully, it's remarkable something like this hasn't happened sooner considering his erratic sex life, but thankfully he had somebody in his contacts whose name probably begins with a J specialising with taking care of people claiming they were pregnant with Tony's child. This person didn't just work for him, they helped out numerous celebrities who'd gotten themselves into similar situations... so it wasn't just him.

"I have considered my options and thought it right to let you know that I'm having a child, because of you." She continued, beginning to fish around in her back for a moment then retrieved a thin piece of paper folded in three.

"Because of me? Look lady I'm sure this is just some misunderstanding-" he started but didn't manage to get anything else in, this woman was unfairly good at overpowering him in conversations which was… almost embarrassing taking into account who the hell he was.

"Misunderstanding? I'm sorry I haven't woken up to find anymore arrogant men sharing my bed. You're the first." She snapped, unfolding the paper and handing it to him. "I contacted some people who work for you and spoke to… Janet I think it was? Then I had a DNA test ran, see for yourself."

That he did, and there in big bold letters.


His stomach dropped then did about a million flips in a single second as he processed the information. Was it possible? Eventually he found his voice again "well, what do you want? Money? I can give you that just name your price" he started panicking, was she going to use this against him? Claim he raped her or something worse unless he paid her a decent amount? That was the type of public image he didn't need-

"I don't want your money Mr Stark, I have enough. I simply came her to see your reaction"

"My reaction?"

"Yes, I'm leaving tonight and thought I should tell you. After all, you are the father Tony." The words were full of venom and felt like cold water being thrown in his face. He was father? "Of course you're not going to have any interaction with the child at all. I can tell it's something you would rather not interfere with, so I'm not going to add that weight onto your shoulders."

"I uh-"

"I'm leaving for Beacon Hills and don't expect to ever see you again."

Tony gathered himself quickly "now hold on just a minute, this is my baby as well. What if I do want to be part of its life? You can't just run off like this and just state that I won't ever be able to see my own kid!"

"I can. And I will. I know you, you live a dangerous life and I cannot afford for that to affect the safety of my baby. On top of that I don't want it to be brought up surrounded by the fame that circulates around you, I want it to live a semi normal life in a semi normal place! Go to school, make friends, all of that. I'm sorry...but our baby- my baby can't do that here the baby would just be the constant eye of the media, and you have to many enemies. I've already done enough by informing you about it. Which I wasn't originally going to do." She told him sharply.

"But.." Tony was not sure what to say. A baby? His baby? Did he want to be part of its life? She had a good point but still, this was his baby.

"Look, you don't even remember my name, do you? How can I rely on you when you can't even remember something so simple?" She stated clutching he purse tighter.

"I was drunk, you were drunk… what do you want me to say? Your name just didn't seem that important at the time…" he rambled out whilst scratching at his head trying to work out what to do and then being hit by the realisation that he was still wearing his pyjamas. Greeeeat.

She let out a long huff. "This is exactly why you're not capable. I'm sorry Mr Stark I truly am." At that she turned and walked away muttering a brief farewell. "Oh" she paused and turned around "and by the way, my names Claudia" then she left, slamming the door shut and marching off to her car.

Tony had waited until he heard her car engine roar up and the tires screech out from the driveway, until he properly let what just happened sink in.


oh he was definitely going to need more than one drink.


ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND there we go. Chapter 9.

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Tony is a dad.

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