February 14, 2014


Felicity grimaced as she stood up from her desk chair in the basement of Verdant. Her heels were pinching her feet, and all she wanted was to go revel in the loneliness of Valentine's Day with a pint of Coffee Toffee Crunch and a six pack of craft beer. Normally, she was a wine girl, but Valentine's Day was a special occasion that called for beer and drunken obliviousness.

"Hey, Felicity, you look nice," said Sara as she walked into the lair, stripping her cat suit off of her body to expose her black sweat-soaked tank top and red spandex shorts. "Got a hot date?"

Felicity snorted and rolled her eyes, smoothing her skirt. "Sure, Ben and Jerry are picking me up when I get home, and they're going to accompany me as I down a six pack of Horny Devil." Sara looked at her, eyebrow raised. "It's a Belgian beer. An ex introduced me to it, and I've loved it ever since. I drink it on Valentine's Day as a big 'fuck you' to all of the guys that romanced me with wine in the past."

"Sounds like a good plan," laughed Sara, grabbing a change of clothes and heading to the shower. She closed the door just as Oliver and Dig made their way down the stairs.

"I gotta get home to Lyla; you guys gonna close up shop down here?" he asked, moving to the desk where his monitor sat to strip and clean his gun.

"Yeah, I got it," said Sara, coming out of the bathroom after what had to have been the quickest shower in the history of ever. She winked at Felicity and said, "After all, Felicity's got a hot date tonight, so let's not keep her here longer than she has to be."

Felicity grinned as she grabbed her peacoat from the back of her chair and slipped it on. She felt Oliver's eyes on her as she turned to grab her purse and phone. She saw him shucking his t-shirt, somehow already wearing a pair of sweats. "Hot date?" he asked as he went to hang up his suit.

"Yeah, and she's gonna be late if she doesn't go now," interjected Sara, just as Felicity was about to speak. Felicity just rolled her eyes and headed up the stairs.

"Bye, guys, have a good Valentine's Day!" she called over her shoulder, car keys in hand. She climbed into her car, tossed her purse into the passenger seat, and turned her music up. "Talking Body" by Tove Lo was on the radio, and she began to belt out the chorus. "Now if we're talkin' body," she sang, turning to pull out of her spot and begin the drive home. "You've got a perfect one so put it on me. If you love me right, we fuck for life, on and on and on…"


Felicity pulled into her spot outside of her apartment building, locked the car, and went inside. Once through her door, she locked it and began to strip as she made her way to her bedroom. First to go were her heels, next her coat, then she unzipped her pencil skirt. It fell to the floor as she stepped out of it and began working at the buttons on her blouse. The blue top hit the floor right outside her bedroom, where she pulled an old baseball jersey from her closet and pulled it on. She buttoned it halfway and slid on a pair of knee high white socks covered with tiny red and pink hearts. That was the only real concession to Valentine's Day that she allowed herself. Walking into the bathroom, she washed her makeup off and slid on the plain pair of glasses she kept at home, which she didn't mind getting bent up if she passed out on the couch. The large black frames weren't her favorite, but, after she had broken her fourth pair of glasses passing out on the couch after too much wine. Wrangling her hair into a messy bun, Felicity went to the kitchen to grab the ice cream and beer before she curled up on the couch with a big stack of Marvel movies. She popped open her first beer, taking a swig of the liquid in the reddish brown glass bottle. She grimaced as the first swallow burned its way down her throat. Digging her spoon into the ice cream, she flipped on the first movie and settled in.


Oliver was sitting in the kitchen with an Oreo milkshake in front of him. Raisia smiled at him as she finished pulling the last batch of cookies out of the oven. "I could have finished those up for you, Raisia," he remarked as he hollowed his cheeks around the straw to take a pull of the milkshake. He felt like he was four years old again, and he relished it.

"No, don't worry about it. I wanted to," she replied. "Besides, how else am I going to get cookies to my husband for Valentine's Day?" She grinned, taking some of the cooled cookies and wrapping them up on a plate. "Now, take some to your lovely Felicity tomorrow, Oliver," she said, smiling at him cheekily.

"Happy Valenitne's Day, Raisia," laughed Oliver, pecking the housemaid and cook on the cheek. "Drive safe, alright?" The woman waved as she bustled out of the kitchen, leaving Oliver to his own devices. The vigilante just smiled, taking another pull of the milkshake in front of him. His phone began to ring in that moment, and he pulled it from his pocket, squinting at the caller ID. It read "Drunk Dial Chick", and he swiped right to answer it. "Hello?"

"Oliv'r?" slurred a familiar voice. "Hey, what're you doing? Cause I'm outta wine. An' beer."

"Felicity?" he asked, bewildered.

"Noooo, it's Paris Hilton," she giggled into the phone.

Oliver just sat there, thinking, as Felicity babbled on and on about how she was totally Paris Hilton and not his assistant. He waited for her to pause before he finally interjected. "You – you're the girl I've been drunk dialing all of these years?"

"Well, duhhh. You are dense," she slurred. "Now, get your ton'd ass over 'ere, an' bring me more alcohol." Oliver just grinned as he stood up and walked over to the bar area. He grabbed a bottle of vodka and jammed his feet into his shoes.

"I can be there in five minutes with vodka," he offered.

"Sounds good t'me," she replied. "I'll introduce you t'my favr'te shows, an' maybe then y'can be caught up on culture." Oliver laughed as he grabbed his keys and headed to the car.

"Oh really? Sounds like a plan."

A/N- Hey loves! So, here's the end of this fic I hope you guys enjoyed it. I know the end was a bit lackluster, but I didn't want to make it too mushy and shit. I'm not a big fan of the mushy stuff lately. Thank you to all of those who read/reviewed this fic. I don't know if I would have finished it without your support. I love you all, and I hope you'll come back for my next fics. All my love - Rose