May It Be

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Ginny Weasley was staring into space as she sat alone on the Hogwarts front steps. It was a dark gloomy November. Perfect setting it was for a dark and gloomy day. Ginny shuddered as the wind blew through her soft red hair. Life was not fair. It simply was not fair. Ginny felt the tears in her eyes as she remembered what happened earlier that dismal day. A most dismal day.


Ginny felt like she was on top of the world that morning. Her boyfriend was Harry Potter. Yes! The "famous" Harry Potter. The perfect boyfriend. Ginny remembered the day when he first asked her out. She felt wonderful.

Maybe it was because she grew up quite a bit. Ginny was now in her sixth year at Hogwarts. Her hair grew into gorgeous shiny ringlets that flowed done her back. Her eyes were like two glittering sapphires. She also had the body that any girl would kill for. Ginny was definitely the "hottie" of Hogwarts.

Maybe that's why Harry asked her out on their first week of Hogwarts. He came up to her out of nowhere and asked her if she would like to go to Hogsmade for dinner with him. He said he wanted to celebrate being Head Boy with just her. Ginny felt so special. Finally after watching Harry from afar, he asked her out! After that the two were could not be separated.

They were considered the perfect couple at Hogwarts. They had it all: the looks and the popularity. Or at least Ginny thought.

That morning Ginny was heading back to the common room after Potions class. She had so much to tell Harry about. The class was one to remember. Snape was furious at the Gryffindors for making a mess in "his" dungeon. The look on his face was just too funny, and Ginny felt like she had to tell Harry. After all they shared an equal hate for the professor.

Ginny slowly walked into the room, ready to laugh about the day's events. Then as she walked in her heart stopped.

Harry had a beautiful brunette wrapped in his arms. Her curly brown hair fell down her back, and Harry's hands were gently stroking it. He held her close and was kissing her sweetly in the empty common room. The two looked totally nature and happy together.

Ginny felt the tears in her eyes. Harry was cheating on her. With her best friend, nonetheless. Her best friend Hermione Granger.

Ginny screamed an ear-piercing scream that broke the couple's kiss apart. Harry's face was flustered and he stared at Ginny in shock. Hermione went pale, and stuttered, "Ginny!! I-I can explain everything!"

Ginny shook her head, "I don't need any explanations. HARRY! How could you! I don't believe this!"

Ginny gave the two a death stare, and stormed out of the common room. She did not want to hear Harry's sorry excuses! She could not believe he did this to her!


Ginny shuddered as she sat alone on the steps. It was not fair. But then again, life was not fair. That is what her mother had always told her and Ginny knew it was true.

Ginny began to think to herself, ~ Okay, maybe Harry was right by cheating on me. I mean, I am poor, and Hermione is REALLY pretty, and she's smart and- ~

Ginny felt the tears again. Her first boyfriend had cheated on her. Ginny could feel the lump in her throat as she continued thinking that she was not good enough for him. The "Great and Famous Harry Potter"

"Hermione? I thought you were my friend. Harry? I thought you loved me." Ginny muttered.


Draco Malfoy felt himself growing angry as he stared at Blaise Zabini. How dare Blaise go and dump him! Especially for no good reason!

"Why are you doing this, Zabini!" Draco growled.

"You know well enough," Blaise, replied, as she stared at him with her bright blue eyes, "We have drifted apart. I feel way too suffocated in this relationship. I am so sorry. But we need to end this now."

"I won't forgive you!" Draco retorted, "How dare you dump me! I am a MALFOY!"

"I don't care what you are! The fact remains the same! It's over!" Blaise screeched as she turned around to the Girl's Dorms.

Draco stared at her coldly. How dare she do this? Blaise was one of the perfect girls he could date to please his father. She was beautiful no doubt about it, she was pureblood, and in Slytherin. She was everything a Malfoy could want. It was either she or Pansy. Pansy was cute and Draco liked her very much, but only as a friend. After all they knew each other way before Hogwarts, and a romantic relationship would just be weird.

Draco continued to stare at the closed door of the Girl's Dorm. Did she honestly think she could get away with this? Draco was never dumped by a girl before. It was always him who did the dumping. This was a first, and Draco did not like it at all.

"Blaise. You will regret this!" Draco swore, "If it is the last thing I do I will have revenge."


Ginny pursed her red lips. She sat on the front steps long enough. It was time to show Harry and Hermione what she was made of. Fred and George always used to say that Ginny was a "feisty little redhead" and she was one at heart.

Ginny could not let this get her down. She just couldn't. She brushed her tears away and said to herself, "Now Gins, you cannot let this tear you down. You are made of stronger stuff then this!"

Ginny spoke confidently, but she knew getting over Harry was going to be very difficult. She wasn't sure if she could do it. He was the perfect boyfriend. He was very polite, and always gave her those sweet little gifts. But what happened? He cheated. Unbelievable.

Ginny stood up at looked across the Hogwarts lawn. She knew she would have to confront Harry and Hermione sooner or later, but she was not sure how she was going to do it. She certainly did not want to, but she knew that she had too.

Little did Ginny know that a pair of icy gray eyes were staring down at her. Draco Malfoy smirked as he saw Ginny standing there alone, and thinking.


Draco thought to himself slyly, ~ Maybe I can get both Zabini and Potter angry. What's there to lose! I have a naïve little girl to capture. ~

Getting Ginny in his grasp would be the perfect way to tick Blaise off to the fullest. Blaise would want him back in no time, if he decided to date a "poor, puny Gryffindor Weasley"

This would be the perfect sweet revenge on her. Draco knew he could handle it. It would be a simple love-revenge plot. Nothing more.

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