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Harry Potter was sick of everything. He was tired of putting his life on the line for people who couldn't and wouldn't try to save their own lives. He was tired of getting lied to. He was tired of being used as a weapon which is why he was finally doing something about it. He looked at the people around the meeting room in Gringotts that he was in and couldn't help but sigh. He was going to miss them all but he also knew that they would come to see him every couple of weeks if they could manage it. He also knew that if need be they would come stay with him if they needed a safe place.

He looked at the six men standing in front of with a raised eyebrow. He still couldn't believe that they were all getting along. "Are you sure that you don't hate me for leaving?"

Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody looked at Harry and sighed. "We won't and don't hate you for leaving, lad. In fact we need to get you away from here before the Daily Prophet goes out because once everyone sees what it has in it Dumbledore will be gunning for you. We have maybe an hour before he gets the paper and before he gets the letter stating that all money and items that he has taken out of your vault is to be gave back unless he wants to face Goblin retribution. It will be the same with Molly, Ronald, and Ginerva. We need for you to be as far away as possible before everything blows up in their faces like it is going to. Lucius, Severus, Remus, Tom, Arthur, and I will make sure that Dumbledore or those who blindly and loyally follow him don't find you. It is because of you that we know that Riddle didn't do anything that happened of his free will. We were able to restore his sanity and everything else. You need to be elsewhere because once everyone finds out what really happened the night that James and Lily were killed. The Goblins have made sure that all blocks are off of you and that you are emancipated so that Dumbledore can't touch you. We know that you will be safe in New York and if you aren't then there are people there who can help protect you. You will be able to train in hand to hand combat and anything else that you want to. With the help of the American Ministry of Magic and Nick Fury we have gotten you tutors so that you can keep up on your magical schooling. The Goblins have warded your penthouse which is a whole building with several floors in it. You will have the run of the place and you don't have to stay inside either. However when you do leave you will have one to three bodyguards with you at all times. We know that you can take care of yourself but it won't hurt to have back up."

Harry nodded. "I understand and I promise not to try to ditch them."

Tom chuckled and ruffled Harry's hair. "You have the journals that link you to Moody, Lucius, Severus, Remus, Arthur, Fred, George, Luna, Neville, Hermione, Bill, Charlie, and me so that you can write to us anytime that you want to. You also have the mirrors if you want to see any of us while we talk. Fury has promised us that he would have Loki there on hand as soon as you land on the Hellcarrier so that he can heal you. I wish that we could have done more for you than what we have but we need the proof of what your so called relatives have done to you. With both Fury and Tony Stark backing you, you will be able to ruin the Dursley's and everything they hold dear."

Remus smirked as he pulled Harry into his arms. "Besides you own the house they live in and Grunnings where Dursley works. So you get to have some fun while ruining everything about them. We did get the Minister of the American Ministry of Magic to wave you telling certain people about Magic. Besides unlike the U.K the Americans live among among the Muggles with no problem what so ever even though their shopping districts are hidden like ours although Muggles that are in the know can see them. Amelia told us to tell you that there is no trace on your wand should you use it. She made sure personally that it was taken off and destroyed. She also went over your trunk and everything in it and took off any and all tracking charms that were on the trunk or on your things. She is on stand by to arrest the Dursley's for what they have done to you."

Harry couldn't help but smirk at that. "Make sure one of you are near by when they get arrested. I want pictures and pensive memories to view of it. I hate that I'm leaving but I know that it isn't for forever. Besides this way I get to see something of the world. Make sure that Hermione, Luna, Neville, Fred, George, and the others know that if they need to get away they can come and stay with me. I don't want them in harms way either."

Lucius nodded as he smiled slightly at Harry. "We will. Tomorrow is a Wizengamont session and you have your proxy set up for all of your seats. I will make sure that you get the pensive memory of Dumbledore's face when he realizes that he was only voting for one of your eighteen seats. Every law that has been passed in the last fifteen years that he voted on for you will be recalled and voted on again since he had no legal right to vote for you since he didn't inform you of any of the bills or laws. Which means here soon the Werewolf laws and other creature laws will be repealed as well as quite a few others. Make sure that you go shopping for proper clothing once you are well enough to do so. If need be I will come over to take you. Now your portkey is set to go off in about two minutes so you need to give us your goodbyes."

Harry sighed but nodded and quickly hugged each man. "I'll write to you guys later on today. I'm meeting the Avengers first before going to my penthouse. Boy does it feel weird saying that."

Severus chuckled as he hugged Harry tightly to him. "Remember your potions and when you need more to contact me. It's not that I don't trust Loki to brew them correctly but I would feel better if I am the one supplying them to you."

Arthur grinned. "And make sure that you write to me about all the muggle things you see and do, Harry. I don't blame you for what will be happening to Molly, Ronald, and Ginerva. All three of them have it coming and the others agree with me. I just wish that I would have known about it sooner and maybe I could have stopped it. If you need me you make sure to tell me and I'll be there."

Harry smiled and hugged Arthur before he stepped back and took the cup from Tom. "I'll stay in contact with you all. Have fun making Dumbledore look bad. He deserves everything that is going to happen and then some. Thank you all for everything." By the time he had finished talking he felt the familiar pull in his stomach. He let out a breath when he managed to land on both of his feet. He looked around where he landed and nodded when he saw Nick Fury and some other people. "Good morning to you, all. Well I guess it should be good afternoon since there is a six hour difference between here and London."

Nick chuckled surprising everyone around him. "Good afternoon, Lord Potter-Peverell-Black-Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff-Gryffindor-Slytherin. I am happy to see that you made it alright. The people with me are Agent Phil Coulson, Agent Hill, Tony "Iron Man" Stark, Bruce "Hulk" Banner, Steve "Captain American" Rogers, Agent Clint Barton, Agent Natasha Romanov, Thor Odinson, and Loki Odinson. Welcome to America."

Harry groaned and waved at everyone. "Please just call me Harry. I'm not one for titles and besides if I have to go by my title it is a mouth full. It is a pleasure to meet you all. Director Fury, have you filled them in on everything?"

Nick shook his head. "The only ones who have been filled in on everything is Agent Coulson and Loki. I figured that it would be best to tell those two everything before you got here."

Harry nodded and then chuckled once he really looked at the others and saw that their eyes were wide and their mouths were all dropped open in shock. "For those of you who are not in the know you may want to sit down because my story is a long one. I will be more than happy to tell you everything and to answer any questions but first I need Loki to look me over and heal me. Lucius, Tom, Severus, Moody, Arthur, and Remus did what they could but they couldn't do much because they need an "outsider" to do the examination and document the proof so that nobody can say that it is fabricated. Right now I'm barely staying standing and the pain reliving potion that Severus gave me is no longer working as effective as it was. My entire body feels like it is on fire and I'm biting my tongue to keep from screaming in pain."

Loki nodded and surprised everyone when he stepped forward and lifted Harry up into his arms. He led the way towards the medical wing with everyone else following behind him as he said "You shouldn't be standing period, young Harry. After all from what information Lucius, Tom, and Moody passed on to Fury you have six broken ribs, your right leg is broken in four places, you have a fracture in your left foot, and that isn't to mention your other injuries. When I lay you on a hospital bed I want you stay put while I give you a thorough check up. Severus has sent ahead any and all potions that he thinks I will need to help you heal in the short term and long term."

Harry sighed. "I know. He made sure that I understood that I was to listen to you when it comes to my health. He isn't happy at all when it comes to my health. As you can see I'm very short for my age and I weigh way less than I should."

Loki swore as he gently laid Harry down on one of the hospital beds in the medical wing. "I'm going to do a full body scan of you to see just what exactly is going on with your body, young Sorcerer. The scan will also give me a list of your previous injuries and how they were healed or if they were even healed. Now at least I know why Severus, Tom, Lucius, Alastor, Arthur, and Remus made sure to include nutrient potions in the crate that they sent along this morning. Nick, I am going to need someone to take pictures as I look Harry over. Go ahead and strip down to your boxers, Harry. Don't worry about feeling self conscious of any of us seeing you this way. I promise you that none of us will ever hold it against you and if anyone dares to even tease you over it I will deal with them personally."

Nick nodded and motioned at Bruce. "Banner, if you would take pictures of all of Harry's injuries and bruises as Loki uncovers them. You all are going to see a lot while Loki checks over Harry so please hold your questions until he is completely finished. Just know that it will be dealt with and dealt with harshly."

All the Avengers nodded and then gasped when they saw just how thin Harry was underneath his clothes. Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Thor, Steve, and Phil all had to bite their tongues to keep from saying something when they saw all the bruises, welts, and other injuries on the young boy in front of them. Bruce stepped forward with the camera in his hands that Hill handed them and started taking pictures of every single bruise, welt, burn mark, and injury that he could see while he listened to Loki talk Harry through what he was doing and finding on the young boy.

Loki took in a deep breath and let it out several times before he finally said "Alright, Harry, I am going to first do an in depth diagnostic scan on your complete body from head to toe. While it will not hurt you it very well may tickle you just a little. I need you to hold as still as you can while I do this test so that any and all injuries past and present are recorded. I'm going to begin now." He waved his hand over Harry's body head to toe and then stepped slightly back as his magic started recording injuries right away. He frowned when he saw the list get bigger and bigger. He swore when fifteen minutes had passed and the scan was still cataloging injuries and health issues. He exchanged dark looks with everyone as he saw realization fly into their eyes at what kind of life the young man has had up til that point. By the time the thirty minute mark hit he started to pace all the while making plans in his head on what he would do to whoever had hurt Harry like he had been. He had no doubt that none of the others were going to let this go either.

Finally when fifty minutes had passed he let out a sigh as the scan finally completed. He looked at Harry and smiled softly when he saw that the young man had fallen asleep. He was actually happy about that because that meant that he could go over the scan results first and come up with a plan before talking to Harry about what he was going to be doing to get him all better. His eyes flashed and grew cold as he read all of the past injuries and the current injuries that Harry sported. He swore long and hard before he looked at Nick, Phil, Tony, Steve, Bruce, Clint, Thor, and Natasha. "I'm honestly not even sure how young Harry is still alive. The injuries start from the time he was about fifteen months old and that is when the killing curse rebound from him onto the person who cast it. Then after that the injuries he started to sustain started back up when he was barely two years old. Hell I can tell from the scan that he wasn't out of diapers until he was almost three years old. At the age of five he had second and third degree burns, a severe concussion, a broken right leg, and four ribs on his right side were broken. At the age of eight he had a fractured skull, concussion, both legs broken, third degree burns on his right side, and his right jaw was broken. At the age of ten he had a broken back, fractured neck, right collar bone was fractured, all ten fingers were broken, as was both of his hands, his right arm was broken up to his elbow, and once again he had a fractured skull. At the age of eleven he started Hogwarts and was given an obedience potion and later on that year suffered from the pain curse and damaged some of the nerves in his body as well as magical exhaustion. In his second year at Hogwarts he suffered from a bite from a basilisk which could and should have killed him but a phoenix intervened and healed him. That year he was also given an obedience potion as well as a loyalty potion. His third year he suffered from dementors which are creatures that live on bad memories. Fourth year was the Tri Wizard Tournament which he was forced to compete in where he suffered from lots of things as well as ending up with a sliced arm, nerve damage, a concussion, and broken ribs. Fifth year he suffered from a blood quil and has a sentence wrote on his hand, and has injuries from what looks to be from some kind of a battle. And now we are at what would be his sixth year if he should go back which I have no doubt he won't be doing. As you can tell from just looking at him he severely stunted in growth and severely underweight. His current injuries include a fractured foot, broken leg, broken arm, six broken ribs, a fractured knee, a fractured jaw, and some swelling in his lower back. I'll be able to heal everything but for the next two weeks I want him to take it easy. He doesn't need to be up and moving around on his own, he needs to eat little meals, and drink plenty of fluids. Where will he be living exactly, Fury?"

Nick sighed and ran a hand down his face. "He'll be living alone. I'm sure you all have noticed the building that is forty floors high and mostly made of glass that is on 42nd street. That whole building belongs to Mr. Potter. Their is a penthouse apartment on the very top floor and that is where he will be living. The first ten floors will be his business once he feels up to setting it up. He will be working in several different areas so each floor will be a different section of one business. I'm not even exactly sure what kind of business he will be starting but I do know that he has all the permits and everything that he needs in order to start it. From what my contacts have told me the reason nobody knows exactly what type of business it is, is because Mr. Potter wants to make sure that nobody tries to steal his secrets or ideas. I do know that he will have bodyguards that will be showing up tomorrow but I won't know who they are until right before they come. This way nobody can impersonate his bodyguards like some people have tried to do in the past. If he is going to be on bed rest we are going to need to come up with an idea and present it to him so that he doesn't fight us on it. From what I have learned from Severus, Harry here can be very stubborn when he wants to be and if he thinks that he is putting anyone out he'll refuse any offer of help. Loki, how long will it take you to heal him completely of his injuries? Bruce, have you gotten all the pictures that you need of his injuries?"

Bruce nodded grimly. "I got all the pictures that we should need and then some. I do hope that we will be making whoever hurt Mr. Potter pay and pay dearly."

Nick nodded but before he could say anything Loki cut in and said "I can heal all of his injuries completely and it will only take me about an hour. I'm going to go ahead and put a sleeping charm on young Harry so that he doesn't wake up while I am working on him. Once I have him healed I do believe that we can move him to Stark Tower and when he wakes up he will be presented with the fact that we want him to stay with us for a while. I think we can all agree that he doesn't need to be living on his own right now."