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Number 12 Grimmuald Place

Severus sighed as he adjusted the wards so that Tom could enter the house. He was still surprised that Harry had made it to where the wards on not only at Number 12 Grimmuald Place would respond to him but any Black and Potter property would respond to him. He felt people entering the wards and called for Kreacher. "Kreacher, would you please make sure that once everyone is in her in the library that we have snacks and refreshments please."

Kreacher nodded. "I will do so, Potions Master Snape. Can you tell Kreacher how Master Harry is doing?"

Severus sighed again. "As far as I know he is doing alright, Kreacher. If you would like you can pop over to see him later today yourself. All of his injuries have been healed and I have yet to be sent word that he has woke up from the deep sleep that Loki put him in after healing him. Also, Kreacher, I have invited Amelia Bones here so when she arrives please show her into the library."

He waited until Kreacher popped away and then looked at Lucius, Moody, Arthur, Tom, Remus, Hermione, Draco, Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George, Andromeda, Ted, and Tonks. "You may as well sit down because we have a lot to go over before Amelia, Augusta Longbottom, Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood arrive."

Hermione narrowed her eyes when she recognized just who her Potions Professor had invited into Number Twelve Grimmuald Place. "Sir, is there a reason why you invited a young Voldemort into the house?"

Severus smirked slightly. "I think that while we are not at Hogwarts and even when we are as long as we are not in class you may call me Severus, Miss Granger. Yes, Tom is as you said a young Lord Voldemort but what you don't know is that Harry helped him to cleanse himself of all the dark magic that he had done and that had been done to him including making Tom sane again after making his soul whole once more by an old spell he found in one of his family grimoire's. We learned a lot of things that we didn't know and Arthur, Lucius, Moody, Remus, and myself are working towards correcting them as is Tom on the things that he can. Sirius should be with Harry soon because he has been healed completely."

Arthur nodded and looked at his sons. "I am sorry that I didn't put a stop to the way Molly was acting towards you and treating you five. I should have stepped in and didn't but I can and will rectify that now. Charlie, you should know as the second oldest son that you are technically the head of the Prewitt family because it is patriarchal in nature and Bill can't be the head since he is my heir. It is your choice on if you let Molly, Ron, and Ginny keep the Prewitt name or not."

Charlie nodded and then surprised everyone when he pulled his wand out. "I, Charles Arthur Weasley, Head of the Prewitt family, due hereby cast Mary Molly Prewitt, Ronald Billius Prewitt, and Ginevra Molly Prewitt from the Prewitt family due to conduct not befitting a Prewitt, so I say, so mote it be." He put his wand away and looked at everyone. "I refuse to let her try to use the Prewitt name to hide behind. What can I do to help Harry?"

Arthur smiled at his second oldest son. "Right now the only thing we can all do is keep an eye on things. We have no doubt that Dumbledore will be searching for Harry but he won't find him unless Harry wants to be found. Here shortly Harry will be joined where he is at by five people who will be there as bodyguards for him." He took in a deep breath and let it out. "I think that it is only fair that we let you know that Cedric is alive and will be joining Harry where he is. Amos and Elizabeth Diggory have known that Cedric is alive but have kept that news away from everyone until we could get Tom healed."

Tom nodded. "Amos would be here, but he is currently at the Daily Prophet office giving them an interview. Fudge will be done for once the newspaper is delivered to the citizens of Great Britain. From what Harry told us he has big plans and he needs a while to set everything up because he has no doubt that once it is made public knowledge that several people are going to be clamoring for him to stop what he is doing and/or to do things that he shouldn't have to be the one to do. Harry is safe where he is and I have no doubt that those tasked with keeping an eye on him will do just that. He won't get put into dangerous situations to test his abilities because if he does then whomever placed him in that situation will have several pissed off wizards to deal with."

Bill who had been listening smirked. "I know where Harry is and that is only because I oversaw the warding done on the building he owns. There is no way that nobody is going to be able to get in there if they mean him harm whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, which means that the business he is planning on starting up will be safe because nobody is going to be able to steal his ideas before he gets them patented. Griphook with Harry's permission let me read a couple of his ideas and I have to say that they are good and I think that they will be a big help to the Wizarding world once he gets the items made. I will be going back and forth between Gringotts London Branch and the Gringotts Branch nearest Harry so that I can help him with a few things that have been requested."

Lucius nodded. "I wondered if Master Griphook had been able to talk to you yet, but I didn't want to bring it up in case he hadn't. At least you will be able to check on Harry for us weekly since we won't be able to get away that often to check on him in person. I will ask of you, Bill, that you make sure that the boy isn't pushing himself. With the inheritance test coming back the way it did he is going to have a lot of responsibility on his shoulder's but between all of us I think that we can help him what needs to be done. I do believe that the others should be here soon so we can talk about everything else then."

Severus nodded. "I agree with Lucius. Besides that, will give me time to send work to Loki in case he would like to join in the meeting for some reason. He may have thought of something that the rest of us didn't since he isn't as close to the situation as we are all."

He waited until everyone nodded and then sent a patronus message to Loki asking how Harry was and letting him know that they were having a small meeting if he would like to join them. He had a feeling that Loki would join them and knew that if he did that at least someone neutral so to speak would be able to be an unbiased opinion on Harry and what he went through.

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