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Author's note: One day I was walking along and for no apparent reason decided that there simply weren't enough Angela/Hawk SD3 fics out there! So there's a warning for fans straight away - even though this does seem to be a Angela/Duran fic for the most part, it's not how it's going to end up, so don't review me begging me to make it so, because I'm personally biased against Duran. Thus, Duran-lovers might not like this. Also, please don't flame, it's wastes everyone's time involved and constructive criticism is a better medium for your complaints. Also, this isn't exactly a recount of the events of the game, though it does follow them more-or-less, I'll be chopping and changing lots of bits to suit my own story, just so you know and don't try and point out all these tiny mistakes to me that I already know about and may have even done on purpose. Okay? Oooookay. Now that all the buearacracy is out of the way, I hope you enjoy this fic, I sincerely do.


Another Witchmaker

Chapter 1 - Castle City Jad

By Sinnatious


Storming off the boat, Princess Angela of Altena wasn't really paying attention to much of anything as, even after a good couple-of-days-long boat journey, most of which was spent throwing up overboard, she had plenty of anger to work with and things to dwell over.

How could her mother do this to her? She knew she couldn't use magic, but that wasn't any reason to kill her, was it? ... It was all that jerk, Koren's fault! Ever since the red wizard had reached the upper ranks her mother, the Queen of Altena, had been acting even more distant that normal. Well, she'd show them, she'd go to the Holy Priest at the city of Wendel like those nice, if simple, people suggested and learn to use magic! Then when she got her hands on that filthy Koren..

The violet-haired princess of Altena almost shrieked when her mental tirade wound her up nearly running directly into a beastman at least twice her height. A beastman? What was a beastman doing in Jad of all places?

The beastman in question turned his dominating gaze upon the young girl, and suddenly she felt naked. Metaphorically, of course, it was kind of hard to feel naked when one was used to prancing around in little more than a red thong that could be described as a dress.

"What do you want? Do you want to challenge me?"

"Ah.." the Princess looked around frantically for a way out of her situation. She somehow didn't think her wooden staff would hold up against a beastman's claws. She was always willing to try, though.

"Of course she doesn't, she's just drawn to your manly posturing, am I right?" a third voice smoothly interrupted their 'conversation'.

The beastman looked around in confusement when a young man seemingly appeared out of an alleyway that she could have sworn was empty a moment ago.

Angela, taking this offered opportunity out of the situation, immediately struck one of her classic flirting poses, showing as much cleavage and leg as possible, winking at the offending beastman. "That's riiiiiight! I was wondering if maybe you wanted to join me for a drink, big boy!"

It was an odd thing, to see a beastman blush; in fact, the Princess wasn't even sure it was possible until then. "Uh, I'm on guard duty. Don't cause any trouble, and we won't hurt you." He hurried on his way.

"Hn, fine, your loss," the princess poked her tongue out at his back, then indignantly looked in the other direction, choosing this moment to appraise her 'saviour'. Well, not really saviour, but he was quick thinking and had given her a stylish way out of what could have been an ugly situation. To her surprise, though, he was gone, though how he could have vanished from the street so quickly was puzzling. Maybe she'd just imagined him, though she wasn't usually in the practice of imagining mysterious men coming out of nowhere to help her; at least, not in her conscious waking hours. Shrugging, she continued on through the town, careful now not to run into any more of the patrolling beastman. It was looking as if Jad had been invaded - kind of like how Altena was planning to invade Forcena. It must be a fad throughout various kingdoms at the moment.

She spied a weapons shop and eyed her cane critically. It might have been good quality once, but it was getting old, especially after the abuse she gave it in the Altenan snowfields. It was more of royal sceptre than a weapon, after all. It simply hadn't been designed to thwack rabites mercilessly, and had thus seen better days, not to mention that stupid tassel at the end was kind of annoying.... She didn't have a lot of money, but maybe if she traded some of her jewellery along with this cane.. decision made, she strode purposefully towards the shop.

No sooner had she entered than she was confronted by the sight of the most amazingly hunky man she had seen in her LIFE. As a Princess, various Princes came by occasionally to court her, and there was Victor her friend, and old man Jose her teacher, and Koren, that damn red wizard, but they were all paled in comparison to the sheer majesty of this man. He glowed with importance and self-righteousness; of course, that was helped by the fact that he wore armour and a sword, indicating he was a Knight.. of Forcena.

Minor detail. Forcena would only suspect Altena at this stage, and even if there was more to it, there was no way anyone here would recognise her as the Princess. Question was, what was a Knight of Forcena doing in a city occupied by Beastmen forces? As far as she knew, this was in the Holy City Wendel territory, none of Forcena's business, and the Moonlight Forest Kingdom had never had any quarrel with Forcena before..

Head beginning to ache from the retrieval of so many political lessons, she reverted her attention back to fine specimen of a human being in front of her. She had to talk to him! Yet somehow the normally flirtatious and cunning Princess was at a complete loss for words. There was a first time for everything, and this guy was a whole bucket of firsts without even opening his mouth.

He was ranting at the shopkeeper, but when he heard the door close behind him, turned around. 'Oh My God', she thought, horrified, 'I just fell in love with the back of someone's head!' It was such a typically kiddy thing to do. She was sixteen going on seventeen, she should have been beyond such silly crush-type feelings. 'Should' being the key word in that sentence.

Now looking at his face, it was finely featured, with a strong chin and piercing blue eyes, all framed a shock of flowing, shiny orangish hair. She was so busy staring like a lovesick idiot she almost didn't notice he was speaking. "If you're looking to buy weapons, then this is a waste of time! This guy isn't selling any!"

Looking at the shopkeeper for confirmation, the hapless man just shrugged at her. "The Beastmen confiscated all of the weapons! All they left was some armour!"

Well, even though she had a pretty good right hook punch, she wasn't going to trade in her only weapon for new clothes. She returned her attention to the handsome knight, who was resuming his glaring at the shopkeeper. "Who ever heard of a weapons shop without weapons, huh?"

"Um, excuse me, what's your name?" the Princess ventured, not really caring about the weapons one way or another. She didn't know why he wanted to get more weapons so badly, his sword looked to be in decent enough shape, even if the blade was a little stained. Probably from slaughtering rabites - monsters had become rampant across the countryside lately, and those particular little scoundrels were just about everywhere. Should humanity ever wipe itself out the next civilisation would have been created by rabites for sure.

"Oh, my name? Duran, knight of King Richard, of Forcena," he said, none too proudly. She even thought he stuck out his chest a little as he said. As an afterthought, he asked, "What's yours?"

'Not too bright, but what a hunk!' Angela got to liking this guy more every second. Now how to get him in the sack.. so what if she was a woman of somewhat loose morals? Her own mother had just recently tried to kill her, complete lack of morals ran in the family!

She suddenly remembered that he had asked her a question. "Angela." No need to add anymore information than that, just in case relations between Atlena and Forcena had degraded farther than she anticipated.

"Oh, nice to meet you Angela." He turned to walk out of the door.

"Wait!" she called after him desperately. She'd just met this guy, he couldn't disappear yet! She ran after him, even going so far as to latch on to his arm. Usually most guys either blushed or tried to shake her off, but this Duran did neither. How intriguing.

"What do you want?" he asked in that rich baritone. God, she was so in love it was making HERSELF sick.

"Where are you going?"

"To the Holy City Wendel, of course. I need the High Priest's advice on how to defeat the Scarlet Wizard!"

Angela's face almost paled when she heard the name. "Koren's already been to Forcena?"

His head jerked around to look at her. "You know him?"

What to do, what to do. she found herself suddenly hoping the ghost that had mysteriously saved her earlier would reappear and give her another bright idea on how to get out of this sticky predicament. No such help arrived. Oh well, her own wits would have to suffice. "Um, of course I do! I'm going to Wendel too, so that I can also learn how to beat the crap out of him!" She realised at the last minute that her response wasn't at all that lady-like, but it seemed to please the knight to no end. An enemy's enemy is always one's friend, after all.

"Well, then why don't you come with me? It's safer travelling in pairs. And we can say mean and nasty things about the red wizard on the way."

A dream come true! She'd hardly turned on the heavy fire-power flirting and he'd already offered! Then again, not too many men could miss her beauty. Not modest, but so true.

That thought in mind, she batted her thick eyelashes at him. "That would perfect! It's so dangerous out there for a girl like me all on my own! But with your help, we'll get through no problem!" It sickened her at times to act so helpless, but she wanted to make sure this one was in the bag.

He waved a hand. "Sure, sure. I heard some gossip in the inn from some guy that the best time to get out of the city is at night. I'll meet you by the gates at sunset." Now that she'd let go of his arm, he strode away, looking deep in thought.

So just like that, he was gone, Angela brimming with the sort of adrenaline and joy that people get out of meeting someone completely to die for and then getting the chance to actually spend MORE time with them. After four or five minutes on Cloud Nine, the Princess promptly smacked herself for being such a ditz and made her way towards the pub. She still had an hour or so to kill before sunset, and social venues were naturally the best places to spend free time.

Upon entering the establishment, Princess Angela was confronted by another interesting scene. A fierce-looking blonde wearing an odd sort of armour was brandishing a menacing-looking lance at what appeared to be a harmless. thief?

It certainly was shaping up to being an interesting day.