Yo it's Ten Tailed Jackal of Doom here with my fic Perfect Naruko. In this one Naruto does a jutsu that not only saves the country of wave but eradicates himself. Kami having foreseen this event summons him to her chamber and heals his soul and gives his body a boost. This makes him/her a unstoppable weapon of mass destruction, and a godlike being. Naruko will have a MASSIVE HAREM! Most of her lovers will come from Kumo and Oto. Yes people Tayuya, Karin, Kin and Guren are in the harem along with Samui, Karui, and Mabui.

Chapter 1

A blonde haired boy of about 13 could be seen with his eyes closed, his right hand raised and a serene smile on his face, as what looked like a pure white beam destroying everything in it's path slowly made it's way to him.

This boy had tan skin, with three whisker marks on each side of his face.

His blonde hair was wild and spiky, and for some odd reason the boy was dressed in a horrendous orange and blue jumpsuit.

The beam that was heading for him was of his own design.

It was his final jutsu and so far the only useful original jutsu he had come up with.

It was also deadly on both ends.

It was lightning style jutsu based on the principles of the storm and conductive properties.

He was the conductor and the homing beacon for the jutsu while everything else in it's path was collateral damage.

This boy is Uzumaki Naruto, 13 year old genin of the village hidden in the leaves, and human sacrifice to the great and powerful Kyuubi.

He was also one of the two most hated people in the village the other being Mitarashi Anko former apprentice to the traitorous snake sannin Orochimaru.

All his life he had been hated, shunned and on the rare occasion beaten to within an inch of his life.

Don't get me wrong there were people who loved him, and some who simply adored him.

But that was only a handful if even that.

Hell finding people that cared for him was like trying to find a piece of hay in a needle stack the size of Mt. Rushmore.

He had about two months ago finally passed the genin exams after being tricked by a former sensei.

He had been put on a team with Uchiha Sasuke the most arrogant boy anyone would ever find, and Haruno Sakura a weak girl that a toddler could beat her with ease.

The three of them couldn't work together to save konoha as Sasuke was again extremely arrogant believing himself to be miles above others, Sakura was literally nothing more then a pink haired meat shield as she was about as useful as a hangover in church.

She had also at one point been Naruto's crush, until he opened his eyes to reality.

The final member of the group was the sensei Hatake Kakashi who was an elite jonin back in the village, but was a lazy pervert with about as much ambition as a turtle.

They had after capturing the demon cat known as Tora was once again in the mission hall, when with Naruto complaining they received their first C-rank mission.

Sadly like all of the other things in his life it quickly went south.

Now here he was protecting this village with his ultimate jutsu, knowing that it was going to wipe the slate clean.

The beam had wiped out not only Zabuza Momochi, but his apprentice, Gato and his army.

Naruto opening his eyes for the last time smiled spotting Tazuna, Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke all far away from him with wide eyes.

He then eye smiling for the first and last time said "This is goodbye. I'll see you when you get to the other side, I guess."

The beam was then upon him as Sakura screamed out his name, along with Kakashi and Tazuna.

Naruto didn't even scream when the beam hit him, ripping him apart molecule by molecule.

Hell the beam was so powerful it was actually ripping his very soul apart.

Yet a sound of pain did not escape his lips.

He just kept smiling as he was being torn apart.

When the beam finally vanished, the bridge had a huge hole right in the middle of it coming from the edge of the bridge, to where Naruto had been standing.

Not a trace of Naruto was there, not even ashes.

Sakura seeing this fell to her knees and started to sob heavily while mumbling out his name.

Kakashi also fell to his knees and started to punch the ground cursing at the loss of his student.

Tazuna had his eyes closed and was silently paying his respect to Naruto, with tears streaming down his face.

Sasuke on the other hand was fuming at not being able to copy Naruto's jutsu, as he didn't have his sharingan.

In a snow white palace in what looked like a huge bedroom, sitting in the middle of the bed was a woman who simply bent reality to her will.

She had long flowing multi-colored hair, that seemed to be carried by the wind. Her perfect heart shaped face was again perfect. Her almond shaped purple eyes shined with a deep kindness. Her elf like ears twitching in each direction. She had the perfect hourglass figure, as she wasn't too top heavy, nor was bottom heavy. She was dressed in a rainbow colored kimono. Her alabaster skin was perfect. The strange thing about this woman were the multiple orbs floating around her, the large angel wings behind her and the swaying pitch black monkey tail.

This woman is Celestia, otherwise known as Kami, and right now she was reading her favorite book wondering when the day she was waiting for would finally come.

Her eyes suddenly widened feeling the presence of the very person she had been waiting for.

Closing the book she shot up and blurred to her healing center, smiled spotting a pure white soul, with green fringes.

She grabbing the soul placed in the regeneration chamber and turned it on.

Five seconds later the form of Naruto appeared connected to the breathing mask and healing chamber.

She smiled at this and looked at the approximate time it would take for him to fully heal.

She was happy to see that he only needed an hour to heal.

She then realized she had a few minutes to introduce the DNA strains she wanted into him.

She opening a cabinet pulled out her own DNA strain, along with the DNA of her sister Oni, the super saiyan god Goku, and the perfect android super android # 17.

She then thought about it, and decided to instead insert the DNA of perfect android super android # 18.

Once the DNA was inserted she watched as a few changes appeared on Naruto.

First from his backside a thick and powerful monkey tail appeared.

Next his hair got longer and silky, even gaining a few new colors.

She then witnessed his body gained all of the muscle he trained so hard for.

She watched all of the scars and wounds he gained from the beatings the village hidden in the leaves gave him.

She then watched as his anatomy changed.

She then sat down and waited for him to finish healing, of course summoning her book which was named "How to raise a teenage girl/boy."

One hour later the healing chamber emptied and the new Naruto could be seen connected to the chamber by white wires, his eyes still closed.

She closing her book again walked over to him and gently disconnected him from the chamber.

She then blurred to room she was in, and gently laid him down.

She then walking over to her dresser pulled out a very nice orange kimono.

She also grabbed a hairbrush, some hair ties, and some earrings.

She walking over to the sleeping Naruto removed his hideous neon orange and blue jumpsuit.

Spotting his or should I say her new figure.

Naruto now had AA-cup breast and both reproductive sets.

She blinked at this and realized that she now had to use both parts of the book she had read sixty million times already.

Shrugging her shoulders she started to dress the sleeping girl.

A few minutes later Naruto was dressed, cleaned and her hair was tied into a single braid.

In her ears were stunning emerald earrings.

Celestia smiling started to finish reading her book.

She would then hear someone gasp about an hour later.

Turning her head she smiled spotting the revived and reborn Naruto staring at her with hard blue eyes.

Celestia smiling closed the book and hugged the very confused Naruto.

Naruto accepting the hug and hugging her back asked "Who are you, where am I, and most importantly shouldn't I be like dead or wiped from existence or something like that?"

Celestia nuzzling Naruto's face said "I am Celestia primordial goddess of life, death and mother of all in creation. You are in my palace in heaven. You were dead for six hours and your soul was ripped to pieces purging the taint of the Kyuubi from you and once again making you pure. Your body was wiped from existence though. I created you a new body from the DNA of some powerful warriors including my sister, the Shinigami, the one you mortals summon. Your soul once pure was stitched back together and brought into your new body."

Naruto hearing this asked "Why?"

She still nuzzling his face said "Because you have been unjustly punished for something an blonde haired baka decided to do. I also have wanted a child for a very long time and you with your pure heart and powerful will you fit the bill perfectly that is if you accept being my child if not, I can send you to heaven were you will be rewarded for your selfless actions and be surrounded by angels."

Naruto enjoying the nuzzling asked "If I accept what happens?"

Celestia smiling said "You'll become the second most powerful being in existence and will be able to walk between the three world freely. Heaven, Earth and Hell would be yours to walk. You'd have unlimited power and potential. Your only limit would be your imagination. You would also have my backing no matter what you did."

Naruto hearing this asked "So if I were to do a hostile take-over of a hidden village you would support me?"

She nodded and said "Yes." Naruto then asked "If I became a serial killer, a slaver and drug kingpin?"

Celestia said "I'd love and support you no matter what."

Naruto then asked "Could I be killed?"

She shaking her head negative said "You cannot be killed or stopped."

Naruto smiled at this and asked "Mom do you have any idea on what village I should take over?"

Celestia giggling said "Kumo or Oto baby."

Naruto hearing this untangled herself from Celestia and asked "Which one has sexier females?"

Celestia giggling said "Kumo, but you're probably going to take over both villages anyway so it doesn't matter."

Naruto hopping down from the bed, asked "What weapons do you suggest?"

Celestia said "Baby your entire body is a weapon. Simply extend your right arm and fire off thousands of missiles."

Naruto hearing this asked "Really?"

Celestia giggling said "Yes really baby. Now is there anyone you wish to take with you for the hostile take over of Kumo?"

Naruto at first was going to say no when she quickly said "Momochi Zabuza and Haku."

Celestia snapping her fingers made both people appear.

Naruto smiling at Haku said "Welcome back Haku-chan."

She turning to Zabuza smirked and said "You work for me now No brows."

Zabuza with a twitching eyebrow got to one knee and asked "What is it that you wish of me Princess Naruto."

Haku also bowing but giggling said "Your wish is my command mistress."

Naruto snapping her fingers changed her kimono into a black shirt exposing her shoulders.

Around her neck a red bandana appears with the symbol for heaven on it.

On her legs punk style jeans appeared, and her feet gained dark red boots.

Her hands also become gloved.

She letting her hair down smiles at it resembles Super 17, not that she knew.

She then walking over to Zabuza touched him and pumped a lot of her pure energy into the man.

This caused Zabuza to get a large power boost and to go through a transformation.

His black hair grew longer.

His muscles bulged out, his chest bulged out with muscle. His eyes turned pure white, and his teeth became very sharp. The final thing to happen was for the symbol on his headband to change into heaven.

Naruto walking over to Haku did the same to the girl.

Haku controlled the power she gained, and the only thing that got larger was her bust. A black clothed headband appeared on her forehead and the symbol for heaven was shining brightly on the metal piece.

Naruto smiling said "Now I present to you Super Zabuza and Semi-perfect Haku."

Zabuza smiling put his sword on his shoulder and said "Where are we going mistress?"

Naruto opening a portal revealed the village hidden in the clouds during the day.

She smiling said "Today we take over Kumo. Zabuza you take the west part of the village and the jinchuriki of the 8 tails. Haku you take the east part of the village and the jinchuriki of the 2 tails. See if you can get her to join us, if not kill her but keep the 2 tails alive. Zabuza just kill the 8 tails and his host."

Haku asked "What about you mistress?"

Naruto smirking said "I'll be taking care of the rest and the Raikage."

Zabuza smirking said "This is going to be fun."

Naruto ushering the two forward into the portal turned to Celestia and said "Watch as I sack this village in your honor mother."

She then jumped into the portal, while Celestia plopped down into a chair with a bucked of popcorn and said "Let's see how you handle your new power baby."

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