Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are a loathed and feared group of SS – rank criminals for their vigilantism and in secret; carry out dirty work for the Kages. Hinata recalls her past with Naruto as they slip further into the point of no return.


She watched as he slid his shirt over his head, concealing the numerous scars that trailed his torso and back. He was leaving her again. Hinata propped herself up on one elbow as she lay in bed and gazed at Naruto as he put on the last of his black and orange detailed mission gear. He made his way to the door, but his body froze as his hand gripped the doorknob. Please, stay…. His blonde hair was short and unevenly spiky and his face held the notorious whiskered marking that everyone unjustly identified as demonic. As for Hinata, these features were endearing, especially his azure eyes that bore into her soul. His eyes held a dubious and jarring glare that would often make Hinata shudder, but to her surprise she was not afraid. His build was immense, muscular, toned and unusually tall; his presence alone was enough to make anyone tremble.

He crooked his neck to the right and looked fixedly at Hinata in the corner of his eye. His lips curved into a forced smile while his cobalt eyes reached her own.

"Wait for me."

The door was already closed behind him before she had a chance to speak. She jumped out a bed and rushed to open the door. The air was still and his presence had vanished. Damn him. "Byakugan!" She ran outside and scanned the area using her eyes to survey a three-mile radius. He is already out of my range. Hinata knew why he was being annoyingly reserved when it came to his missions. He did not want her to follow him. These missions were high-risk and are set-aside for only him and his troupe. They were known as the Three Yaban. Their individual strength alone could rival any Kage, but when they're together, their strength could rival a nation.

Hinata knew more about the Three Yaban than any fellow ninja. The Shinobi world has a misconceived notion of these three notorious ninjas. They are considered to be diabolical and despicable people that have practiced in satanic rituals, witch craft, and sickening forbidden jutsus. Hinata knew this not to be true and through some investigating learned that the Kage's were giving them these brutal missions while simultaneously entering them as the most wanted SS-rank criminals in the Bingo Book to cover their asses. It was heartless and corrupt, but ultimately she and the Three Yaban knew this was for the prolongation of peace. These missions were often comprised of taking out a high profile and dangerous target or multiple targets. Hinata had mistakenly witnessed them execute an entire deadly army to her dismay. That mistake was one of the reasons why Naruto wont give her an inch when it came to his whereabouts.

The Three Yaban had names, which seemed insignificant to most of the world, but Hinata knew their names and their haunting past. Haruno, Sakura; the fiercest kunoichi there ever was, also legendary for her beauty. Women in particular loathe Sakura for her defined looks, vigorous pink hair and emerald eyes and call her a filthy witch because of them. Her feature's alone isn't how she managed to gain contentious abandoners. Her brute strength is greater than any Kage and that of her teammates. However, it isn't just her strength that she is renowned for. In the middle of her forehead there lays the shape of a blue diamond termed Strength of a Hundred Seal in which she has accumulated so much chakra at a single point. Once Strength of a Hundred Seal is activated, her chakra is released to forge the ultimate, fearsome technique known as Ninja Art Creation Rebirth. Very few shinobi has seen this technique in action, and those who did have come back to label her as an immortal siren. The news about her jutsu that allowed her to be undying was terrifying to everyone, even the Kages. They placed a colossal bounty on her head and chanted, "Enchantress!" and "She-Devil!" as they ran her out of the country at the age of fourteen.

She was ambushed by shinobi's as she was wandering the woodlands and came to a despairing conclusion; she should give up and die. She slowly got down on her knees, permitting them to end her agony. Her face dripped with sweat and her eyes were heavy from sleep deprivation. In the corner of her eye, she saw a black-cloaked figure stealthily make his way to the ninjas surrounding her, but that was all that she saw before she slipped into a deep slumber.

"Wake up."

She felt a calloused hand grab her shoulder, sitting her upright. A cold liquid passed over her lips and made its way down her throat. 'So….thirsty….'. Her eyes steadily opened, the beams of the bright sun agitating her causing her eyes to slam shut again.

"Wake up, we need to move."

She was getting irritated now. She forced her eyes open again just as he was shoving the bowl of water to her lips. "Give me that!" as she took the bowl out of the boy's hands and hastily poured it into her mouth. "Ahh!"

Sakura finally glanced over to look at the boy and immediately blushed. His hair was black and sat just above his the shoulders and his face was well defined. But it was his eyes. 'Red eyes? What the hell?' His eyes were focused on the plains ahead, she was sure his glare alone could set them on fire. His face suddenly turned toward her with a troubled and chilled look.

"We need to move, now! Keep up or I will leave you behind."

She immediately jumped to her feet and gasped. 'She didn't notice all the dead bodies around her.' "D-D-Did you do this?" His lips curled into a cold smirk and his eyes adjusted into pitch-black orbs.

"You're damn annoying, aren't you?"

Uchiha, Sasuke, feared for possessing the most powerful ocular Dojutsu. The Rinnegan in his left eye and the Sharingan in his right. His clan was wiped out during past wars for being blessed and cursed with the Sharingan. Unfortunately, those with powers that can exceed a Kage's strength were to be eliminated at once for fear that they could dominate and lead the country. The Sharingan can allow users to copy almost any jutsu and see with an increased clarity. More advanced techniques include a more sophisticated Genjutsu form called Tsukuyomi and additional frightening techniques known as Susanoo and Amaterasu. Not only was Sasuke doomed to lead a harrowing existence with the Sharingan, he had awakened the Rinnegan, a Dojutsu that was believed to be a myth: an unreachable power. The capability of the Rinnegan was too great and complicated for Hinata to describe or imagine. His eyes unnerved the entire ninja world giving grounds to a substantial bounty on his head and top page in the Bingo book. He has been on the run since his clan's destruction at the age of twelve, up until he came across an annoying pink haired girl and an obnoxious, spiky blond haired punk.

"Hey you!"

Sasuke's head shot up and the loaf of bread he had stolen earlier that day fell to the ground. 'Damn it, I was being careless! I should have been able to notice someone coming!" His hand stretched out shielding Sakura. "Stay back, Sakura."

Sakura had a fatigued but determined look on her face, "Right!"

They had only been together on their journey for three months, but Sasuke had already gained total trust from Sakura and although, he viewed Sakura as a nuisance sometimes, he had complete confidence in her too.

A skinny figure approached them dragging his feet with his hand outstretched like a zombie. He had a painfully stupid look on his face in Sasuke's opinion. 'Did he paint whiskers on his face?'

"Are you going to finish that, dattebayo?" His finger was pointing to loaf of bread sitting beside Sakura. His mouth was open and his lips were dry.

"Ehhhhhh?" Sakura exclaimed. "Get your own!"

The boy's face changed from his dopey demeanor to a stone cold and intense expression. His blue eyes narrowing and reshaping with his pupil turning into a slit. The marks on his face became more defined and his nails were protruding out of his hand into claws.

"Sakura, get back!" Sasuke activated his Sharingan and stood firmly in front of Sakura. 'What the hell is he? A demon?'

"You're all the same." The boy spoke with a sorrowful tone. "Don't worry, I wasn't going to hurt you." He said as he was turning his back to them and started to half jog away.

Curiosity was growing in Sasuke and before he could realize what he was doing, he picked up the loaf that had been dropped and skillfully dashed in front of the boy catching him by surprise.


The boy seemed confused, but extended his arm to take the loaf. "Thanks, dattebayo!"

Sasuke watched as the bread was devoured before asking his next question.

"What is your name?"

The boy looked even more bewildered than he did before. But he pointed a thumb at himself and gave an impudent smile. "Uzumaki, Naruto and don't you forget it!"