Sora no yami

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As she ran with the ice and snow crunching under her boots like glass Elizabeth Totsyami pinned herself against the wall with her G43 and her 45 pistol slid her hand to the pistol flicking the safety off and trying to control her shivering as her uniform was soaking wet. Clenching her jaw she pulled the knife out and the pistol safety thumbed off she saw them turn the corner and she laughed and said

"you all msut be a group of stupid sons of bitches if Ive ever seen one" and they all started to move in with evil in there eyes and she fired one round shutting them up and they slowly backed away as their leader fell dead with his blood turning the white snow a vibrant shade of crimson and the others turned and left and she muttered

"that's what I thought" and she walked away knowing she had stuck up for not only herself but all the kids who were bullied on the train ride out tot eh area. And she started to run toward the edge of town before as she yelled it

"I become a fucking ice block that everyone has to chip free" and she saw a group of soldiers or at least she thought they were soldiers but after the day she had of people trying to grope her or other activities they thought they could get away with.

Looking at them with all the nerves she could muster she walked over to the black haired girl who looked to be in charge and cleared her throat before saying

"Im looking for the 1121 platoon and am wondering if you could help me find them" and a brown haired girl turned and said

"we are the members and my name is Kanata and this is my senpai Rio and we are about to head back so if you want a ride back" and before she could say anything she started to violently shake so she was sat down and tossed a warm bottle to her and she had to have help opening the bottle and she started to chug on the bottle which was starting to help her get her warm and she was loaded into the Jeep and was wrapped up and Rio pulled her jacket off and draped it over the freezing girl and they all hoped they would make it home in time to keep the girl form dying.

As she pulled into the area she looked and saw a Gatling gun she still wasn't sure if they were military she tried the only tactic she had left which was bargaining and as she shivered she said

"If you let me go I won't tell anyone that you killed the soldiers and took their uniforms" and Rio said

"we will let you live and we didn't kill anyone" as Liz was delirious form the cold so they willed themselves to get to the base quickly.

Looking at the girl whose skin was turning a light shade of blue Kanata smiled when she saw the lights of their barracks shining and she pulled in as she was driving and Rio hopped out and saw Felicia standing there and she yelled As she

"I need a blanket and any warm clothes we have because the girl freezing cold and if we don't get her warm in time we may have to bury our newest recruit" and when she heard that Felicia ran into the Kitchen and grabbed a bowl of soup before grabbing new clothes and said quickly

"we have everything set up now get her inside and then we will get her warmed up" and Elizabeth was carried in a stretcher carry into the building and she felt her clothes being removed and she yelled

"no don't I have to find my unit I will kill you if you don't stop that I swear it" and she was calmed down hearing Kanata telling her soothingly

"we are getting you in dry clothing and then let you sleep before you eat supper" and they saw that all struggling stopped so they were able to get her in dry clothes and set on a bed with a fire roaring while they all made a hot soup and more hot cider which they knew kept Elizabeth alive for the journey to the base. As they tasted the soup they knew it was well seasoned they decided it was time to wake Liz up and they helped her walk in and they heard her say

"Thank you for the food and thank you all for the help you gave me you don't know how much that means to me" and they all started to introduce themselves as Kureha yelled

"you suck and you got in the way and you cost us everything" and she ran off as Felicia and noel where stunned as they may have to explain the moonshining operation. Smiling Liz looked and said

"I assume you are Noel and I know about the moonshining because my unit tried to make similar ventures to pay ourselves because the military forgot about us" and she held up a patch saying 1191 and she said

"We had some discipline but we tried to keep money in by selling old weapons and booze on the side and it paid the bills and it wasn't like we were getting rich by any stretch of the imagination" and Kanata smiled and said

"Glad we aren't the only unit who has resorted to less than legal tactics to make our pay roll" as they had just recently brought her in on the smuggling operation and they all saw that the new girl had a rough life and had gotten in the military to escape virtual poverty. As she set her stuff down she asked

"What do I do tomorrow?" as she fell asleep