Soro no yami ch. 7

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Staying pinned down against the walls as the heavy MG slammed into the walls David quickly slid to the crow's nest and kept the rifle on his shoulder and his eye glued to the scope and saw the truck with the heavy weapon and knowing that he had gotten out of the line of fire he zoomed in and yelled down

"Well the heavy weapon is owned by us so just hold out and try and not to get killed okay?" and he saw that the group that had just tried to capture them get shot down and he had a misgiving he kept to himself and David called to his spotter Richard

"Man I have the biggest what the fuck are we doing moment right now" and both boys put their eyes to the guns and Kanata looked up to the nest and muttered

"Hope to god that me and senpai can make it to a safe zone without being to scarred up don't you think?" and Liz grabbed Kanata's hand and held onto her .45 pistol and sang out

"There is a man in the sky that I've done right but he ain't done right by me never had to ask forgiveness for the things I've done but you just wait and see" and both of them smiled then started to head to the castle planning on avoiding the major line of fire and David sat on the sniper scope and said nervously as he was seeing something he never expected

"We have a trooper being beaten and she is in bad shape so I'm going to take the shot and drop the closest threat" and Felicia said

"Do what you need to do and we will deal with it later because if we don't save him we are no better than them and if we die it won't matter what we have done up until then because they will paint us either as heroes or villains no matter what" and David nodded and sent one round dropping the closest sending the rest running and Richard yelled

"Run you fucking bastards run!" and each word was punctuated by the sound of Dave's sniper rifle and he said calmly

"Stage clear new high score" and David looked at the rest of the group who all stood there and said with a little kid style smirk plastered on his face

"whaaaaaat don't tell me you guys weren't thinking it too" and they all looked at him and shook their heads and Liz ran out with the stretcher and the rest of the group all had rifles on the wall, well all but Kanata who had ran out to help her girlfriend bring in the wounded and as they both rolled her onto the stretcher Liz kept her trusty .45 right by her side because as she put it

"We may not be savages but that doesn't mean we are sheep" and she kept the gun hidden from view but had it aimed to snap off the shots needed to remove his ability to fight back and that meant the gun was aimed for chest or a quick swivel could put a round through her head all without her knowledge. As Kanata watched Liz with a mix of shock and awe that her girlfriend was preparing to kill and doing it all without disturbing the patient and as they carried her into the castle Liz spoke with a tone that didn't leave room for argument

"We rescued you and if you so much as twitch in a way that I feel puts my comrades in jeopardy I will have no qualms about putting you down like the dog you are so keep that in mind" then she holstered her pistol and walked away letting the others joke

"Her bedside manner sucks but she is one hell of a trooper so don't let that get you down not everyone is a skilled nurse but lucky for you well all have medical training so you should be fine" and they carried the stretcher and the unconscious girl further into the castle Liz and Dave stood on the wall and she muttered

"They have stopped shooting at us when we rescued that girl so at any minute the other shoe will drop and we will be screwed and all of us will be dead by dawn so I hope to god this isn't the last day of my life" then she started crying and seeing that she was being looked at tried to stop the crying saying

"look at me crying like a kid at the thought of my own death you must think I'm pathetic" and she was stunned when Richard, who had climbed up onto the wall with a meal for his partner and brother, said quietly "I know you aren't crying because you are afraid of your own death you are afraid of seeing Kanata die right before your eyes and that it would crush you because she is the only person who ever really loved you besides us" and Kanata who had seen the three standing on the tower and following the owl climbed up and heard what Richard had to say and made her presence known saying

"I could tell that you weren't loved much, I could see it in your eyes and the fact you were nervous as hell after you found out I wasn't a mobster well at least not officially" and she laughed as Liz looked down and Kanata quickly said

"If we did ever have a moment where we were overwhelmed I would die by your side or your hand if necessary and Rio who considers us like younger siblings has told me that she would kill the two of us herself if she had to and that would be only if something didn't go right and we were about to be taken prisoner" and Liz stood there and hugged her girlfriend and as the watched the sun slowly set they saw a white flag and Liz ;looked with fear in her eyes and said

"Hide the patient and noel because if it's what I think because I have seen this before they will be the prize for them and we are second fiddle" and watched as Kanata quickly slid into the castle and spread the news as the group on the wall hid their weapons knowing fully good and well they may be needed in the coming days.