Me and Zac broke up because I his ggrandpa duded. i was really sand and I cried for all day and all night then all day again then Zac texted me at two in the morning and Augusta Evening Dreamsummer got very happy because she loves her boyfriend and wanted to get back together avec him (that's french for witth, as Augusta is half french and half japanese but she speaks fluent english and she has long bright black hair and green eyes like Harry Potter but Agusta thinks Draco is hotter but hot as hot as Draco and harrys children because Augusta really likes yaoi but Zac doesn't know that she likes Yaoi but that doesn't matter because she and I broke up a few hours ago)

Suddenly Zac texted her out of the green (because agusta has green eyes and so does zac0 and the text said.

OMFG i miss u sososo much im sorry will u b girlfriend again love u boobo

and then Augusta started crying again and she got tears all over her phone so the screen went all blurry so she had to wipe them away with the sleeve of her picachu onesie (even though she doesn't like picachu but it was a present from her parents before they died so she still wears it for the respect) and then she texted back

yes i love you so much also please will you marry me?

*gasp8 Augusta didn't mean to say that! She wanted to prepose for so long but it wasn't Friday the 13th for another four years, when girls could prepose to the guys! The little tick box on the corner of her phone said that Azc had already seen it and now he was replying and suddenly Augusta couldn't breathe! D:

then She passed out.

she's really really really like feisty, so please bruh don't get on her bad side so you don't get hurt,,

"RAWR" she said again, pouncing like a panther onto her boyfriend. Bruh

"Oh yeah you're so fetch lool meen girlls" he said glomping her and snuggling her like a big cuddley teddy bear but a human. Her boyfriend's name is Zac Swarez, and he's really really hot, h e's the sort of hotness that you'd see him on the street and be like "OH WOW HE'S HOT."

we then did the sex

Zac and Augusta (her parents named her after a character from a John green book, but her parents died in a car crash when she was 6 and a half moths old in the same car crash that Zac's parents died in; now they're both trumatized) were making out keenly

against a tree in the woods. Suddenly, an old men walked out of the woods and he started yelling at them. zac and Augusta started screaming cause all their clothes were in the tree and the old man was unhappy and had a frown on his face which was unhappy.

oh my gosh we're like naked!" said Zac, climbing the tree to get the clothes out of the tree.

"No let me join in!" said the old man. he had a small chameleon on his shoulder that nodded his head.

"No fuck off!" said Augusta, as she dropkicked him in the penis and the balls.

"You probabbly have crabs and i don't want crabs" said Augusta. Zac nodded his head as he put the clothes on Augusta, his girlfriend agusta

"Oh no I got rekt again" said the old men as he pulled a shotgun out of his chameleon and killed himself.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" said Zac "Why didn't yous top him?" Asked Zac to me.

"I didn't know he was your grandpa" said Augusta

zBut.. he was my GRANDPA!" said zac. said.

"U wot m8? Wanna fight?!" Augusta Evening Dreamsummer yelled at her boyfriend.