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*~ Shades Of Green~*

I am Angel. No, stop laughing, I personally don't find anything funny about my name. I am a mutant; my powers are kind of complicated. My mutation changed my DNA so now I'm half faerie and half elf. Elf as in Kurt elf, but I'm not blue. Also thanks to my mutation I have this other form. I change into a faerie. Actually faeries are not small, that is just one of their forms. In reality faeries are big but can turn small, faeries are everywhere. Everyone has a faerie inside them; it's just that you can't see them. I am a child of Mystique; I am also Rogue's twin, with the exception of the white streak. Unlike her mine is green which kind of makes me more freakish than her. I have a secret though, along with my ability of flight and the control of the Earth and Animals I can create spells changing everything you all know as reality. I have also been trying to think up a type of "spell" to help my twin. We have been working through this for awhile, a couple weeks actually. I've missed my old life. You see I grew up in the forest. I'm not sure where I just know everywhere I turned there was another shade of green. That was where I met my best friend, Bagheera. Bagheera is a panther; he is a beautiful shade of jet black. I don't know how I would have survived there. My powers hadn't manifested yet and there was a chance I could have been "sliced and diced" down there in the jungle, I think I've been spending too much time around Logan. I'm a Goth, like my sister, but I'll where the occasional midriff bearing shirt along with some short-shorts. When I first started out, here at the Institute, I didn't have any clothes so Rogue gave me her clothes while she wore her purple ensemble. I loved her clothes, they were green. I guess I am grateful to have found my family. It was pretty funny when Mystique told me I was her daughter in battle; Logan went up to her and practically screamed at her "How many kids are you having?!" then punched her lights out. It was pretty weird how he yelled that during battle, but I guess what can you do? I am not thought of as a happy person. I am "pissed 24/7" in the words of "Ice-Boy". I beat the crap out of him that day; people say he has a crush on me but Bobby? I just never seem happy; you can see Rogue happy a lot, well maybe not a lot but a lot more than me! People just don't understand that sometimes. I need to be left alone back in the shades of green.

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