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~*Chapter 4*~
Rogue and Angel were sitting in their rooms waiting for their torture to end so they could get on with their lives.

"Now we can't do anuthin', and ya know what sistah!! This is ALL YOAH FAUHLT!!" screamed Rogue

Angel stood up very quickly "WHAT?!?! THIS IS WHO'S FAULT??"

"You heard meh or do Ah have ta say it slowa for you and yahr brain ta allow it ta compute???"

Suddenly there was a knock from the door and window.

"COME IN" Angel and Rogue both shouted

"'Ello Chere. Remy jus' been tinkin dat you should smile more often." As suave as ever Remy jumped in through the window.

"Uh.. hi." Bobby just stood there, arms filled with any kind of candy imagined with a blank stare on his face.

Both girls looked at each other realizing they were both in towels, having just showered. (Not TOGETHER!)

All Remy did was smirk.

~Four yellings, and one smack upside the head later~

"Angel are you sure you should be eating that quickly?"

"Shut up I can eat how I want, when I want, and what I want!" She shouted a face showed that she wasn't happy.

"Uh Angel, cherie, Remy tink that Freezer-boy may be right, 'nd dat you should probably be slowin' down." Remy said while quickly hiding behind Rogue in case she got angry.

"Fahne, I'll stop. I was never hungry anyways, if anybody wants me I'll be walking around the school grounds, and Bobby don't even bother following." She said with a sad smile that quickly turned into a frown, and as she headed for the school's front door a tear slowly slid down her face.

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