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Unexpected Visitor



Snow was falling softly as the setting sun cast its soft glow upon the mansion. Anybody passing by wouldn't think a group of mutants lived there, celebrating normal human holidays. But after recent events, the young mutants had faced hardships that hadn't been enforced since the 1600s.

They had earned this time for peace and happiness.

The cold wind was blowing harshly as a cloaked figure watched from across the street. Smiling, he walked along the edge of the institute grounds, looking around cautiously. He leapt over the fence and crouched down in the darkness. The figure stood and walked to the back of the building, peering inside from a distance. His red eyes glowed with mischief as he saw the mutants having fun.

* * *

Scott and Jean were sitting by the fire, talking softly and laughing together as Bobby, Kurt, and Ray were caught-up in singing off-key Christmas songs. Kitty and Amara were laughing as they watched Jamie, Sam, and Roberto trying to look innocent by the tree as they tried desperately to find out what gifts they got. The Professor and Hank were playing chess, content to watch the others having fun. Ororo was sitting next to Logan, watching in amusement as he would turn his attention to the impatient boys by the tree and raise his eyebrow at them whenever they neared the gifts underneath.

Sitting in a chair by the door, Rogue watched everybody and sighed. If this was what she had to look forward to every year, she thought she could live without it. Sure, Kurt and Bobby had tried to get her to sing with them, but she said she would rather flirt with Pietro. Kitty and Amara had even tried to gossip with her, but she could care less about other people's misfortunes. In her heart, Rogue knew she would always have it worse than them. Who could ever love somebody who couldn't touch them in return?

The light from the candles flickered as a breeze moved past the Menorah Kitty had set-up. Logan turned his attention to the door just as Rogue slipped out. Frowning, he tried to stand up as a hand stopped him. Confused, he meet Ororo with a gaze. "What?"

Ororo tried not to laugh as she smiled at him. "Have you not looked up?" Raising his eyes to the ceiling, Logan just about blanched.

Swinging from the chandelier by his tail, Kurt held a bundle of mistletoe over the unsuspecting adults. Noticing how quiet the room had gotten, Logan looked around and noticed everybody either smiling or giggling. When he glanced back at the door, Xavier spoke.

"Come now, Logan." He smiled at the glare he received. "It's tradition, and we need to teach the children the importance of it."

Sighing, Logan turned back to Ororo and saw her smiling. "It is for the children."

Growling, Logan looked at Kurt. "Danger Room session in the morning, Elf."

Kurt grinned, revealing his canines. "All for a good cause, nien?"

Ororo leaned in as Logan met her eyes again. He could hear her heartbeat increase as they moved closer together. He even felt his own heart racing.

Their lips were barely touching when Logan growled, unsheathing his adamantium claws.

"I knew you should have given her a breath mint," Bobby muttered to Kurt as he teleported away from Logan, more in fear for his own life then anything else.

"Logan, what's wrong," Xavier asked calmly.

"We've got a visitor outside. With Rogue."

* * *

Rogue hugged herself in the cold night air as she sat on the edge of the bench. The music that could be heard from inside depressed her even more. Letting one tear slide slowly down her cheek, she rested her head on her hands.

"Cherie?" A shadow emerged from in front of her.

Jumping out of surprise more than fright, she stood up and positioned herself for a fight. "What are you doing here? Magneto send ya'll to attack us or something," Rogue sneered.

Gambit shook his head. "Non, chere. Remy was bored. Came ta see if da Badger wan' ta play." He grinned as he saw her relax. He motioned to the mansion. "Why a belle femme like you out in da snow 'lone?" Remy gave her a wide grin. "Does chere wan' make snow angels wit' Remy?"

Rogue gave him a small smile. "No. Ah jus' wanna be alone."

Gambit gave her a skeptical look and moved closer. Lifting a gloved hand to her face, he traced his finger along the same path as her tear. "Remy don' tink so, chere."

Pushing him away, she put her hands on her hips. "What's it to you, Swamp Rat?"

"Remy smirked. "Now dat's somethin' funny comin' from a River Rat."

Rogue rose an eyebrow at him. "Looks like someone did his homework."

Remy shrugged. "Magneto, he like ta be t'orough."

She felt anger flash through her suddenly. "Why are you really here?"

Gambit looked Rogue in the eye as he responded. "Ta see you, chere."

Rogue dropped her hands to her side. "Meh?"

He gave her a small smile. "Oui, chere. You."

Walking up to her, she didn't push him away as he put one arm around her waist, his other hand holding hers. Their eyes never broke contact as she cautiously lifted her other hand to rest on his shoulder. Remy smirked as they moved slowly, dancing to the song Somewhere In My Memory. Recognizing the music, Rogue chuckled softly.

"What's wrong, chere?"

"Nothing...Remy." She rested her head on his chest. "This just feels right to meh."

Gambit felt his breath catch when she spoke his name. "Oui, chere." Reluctantly pulling away from her he smiled. "As much as Remy wan' da night ta last, he don' tink your frien's would like it." Glancing behind her shoulder, she saw the assembled X-men starring at them in surprise, but was a little alarmed to note that Logan's extended claws seemed to ache for blood.

And she had a feeling it was Cajun blood.

Turning Rogue toward him again, Remy bent down and softly kissed her on the top of her head. In surprise, she lifted her eyes to meet his, only to be faced with the demon red eyes twinkling in merriment. He winked at her as he bent down to kiss her hand.

"Until next time, cherie, " With that he walked into the woods behind the mansion, his glowing red eyes keeping her in his line of sight, as well as Wolverine, the entire time.

Regaining their composure, the students watched in anticipation as Logan stepped forward. "Stripes," he growled.

Rogue turned away from the woods and looked at everybody. "What?"

"Well, who's up for presents?" Hank spoke up before he could say anything else.

Sensing Logan's anger, the Professor spoke up quickly. "Yes, I believe that would be a good idea." Looking at the assembled students, he continued. "You all have to get up early tomorrow so you can make it home for the holiday week." Turning in Logan's direction, Xavier spoke with his telepathy. She seems happier so let's try not to ruin it. He didn't come here for any other reason then to see her. We can talk about this in the morning.

The last part was directed at Rogue, who turned to look back at the woods before going in. Ah guess some wishes can come true.

* * *

Later that night, when everybody had gone to bed, Logan walked into the kitchen and saw Ororo drinking some hot chocolate by herself. He smiled to himself as he got an idea. Without saying a word, he walked up to her and kissed her on the lips. Pulling back after a few seconds, he waited for her to respond.

Ororo was surprised "What was that for?"

Logan shrugged. "We got interrupted earlier. I owed you that."

Ororo blushed. "Logan, you are a man of honor."

Grinning, Logan spoke again. "Only when it's for a good cause." Watching her blush again, he chuckled. "Come on. I'll walk ya upstairs."

Pushing her chair in, Ororo placed her hand in his waiting one as they left the kitchen together.

In the corner, a shadow chuckled. "Man, I'm glad Evan left his camcorder!"

"Yes, but I feel bad for him, Bobby. Can you imagine Logan as your uncle?"

A faint bamph noise could be heard as the two boys teleported away, laughing into the night.