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Unexpected Visitor



"Mornin' chere."

"Hmm?" Rogue opened her bleary eyes only to see Remy standing in front of her bed. "What do ya want? Ah'm trying ta sleep." Closing her eyes again, she nestled deeper into the warm blankets.

"Remy know dis, chere, but he also know dat today is Valentine's Day."

Rogue's eyes flashed open. Aw, no! Sitting up, she noticed he was holding a tray in front of her. Glancing at him she sighed. "An' what's that?"

Remy looked at her innocently. "Dis? Nothin' special." He shrugged. "Remy jus' t'ought ya might wan' some breakfast, Cajun style." He rose his eyebrows expectantly.

She couldn't help but give him a small smile. Swamp Rat did this for meh? Wait a minute. Can he even cook?

As he placed the tray on her lap, she poked at the food with a fork. "What's wrong, chere?"

Rogue looked at him. "You can cook?"

"Oui. Remy learn in da bayou."

"An' that's suppose ta make meh feel bettah?"

Remy glared at her mockingly and pointed at her food. "Eat." He stood up and walked towards the door.

"Where are ya going?"

He faced her and smirked. "Remy got ta get evert'ing ready for tonight, chere." Remy closed the door behind him as Rogue heard Kitty getting up.

"Morning, Rogue." Getting her clothes ready for the day, Kitty noticed a delicious scent in the air and glanced at Rogue. "What's that?"

Rogue just barely managed to keep the smile off her face. "Oh, nothin'. Remy just made meh some breakfast."

"Oh," she squealed. "That is, like, so sweet!" Kitty mock glared at her and crossed her arms. "I'll bet you're the only girl in the Institute who got breakfast in bed today."

Rogue smiled at Kitty and ate her food.

* * *

Rogue walked down to the kitchen to put her plate in the sink as everybody gave their morning greetings.

"Would you like something to eat, Rogue?" Ororo was putting numerous plates of food across the table, swiftly avoiding the attacks of the hungry forks and knives.

"No thanks." Rogue turned and walked into the recreation room, intent on reading more of her book before leaving for school.

Kurt looked at Bobby. "I don't think she's feeling vell."

"Maybe you should go check on her."

"No," Kitty interrupted. She blushed in embarrassment as everybody looked at her. "She, like, already had something. Remy brought it up to her."

Jean glanced at Scott, but directed her question at Kitty. "Isn't that sweet, considering it's Valentine's Day and all, that he made her breakfast in bed?"

Kitty nodded her head in agreement. "And Rogue told me that he has more planned for today."

Scott looked at the other male members of the table, visibly paling. Making eye contact with Kurt, he mouthed the words 'Valentine's Day?' to which Kurt only shrugged.

* * *

After breakfast, Scott offered to drive the male members of the Institute to school so they could do some last minute planning.

"Ok, guys. Vhat's the plan?" Kurt was met with blank stares from the others.

Looking out the window, Bobby got an idea. "Whatever we decide to do, we should make it for everybody. You know, like a group thing."

Scott glanced at Bobby. "That's a great idea!" He frowned. "But what can we do?"

The rest of the trip was made in silence as the boys tried to find a way to escape the wraith of the girls.

* * *

Rogue walked into school, flanked by Kitty and Jean.

"So what do you think Remy's gonna do tonight?" Jean glanced at Rogue.

Kitty giggled. "Something, like, really romantic."

Rogue watched Jean and Kitty smile and shook her head in disgust. "He's probably already forgotten what today is." Stopping in front of her locker to get some books, she faced the two girls. "Anyway, ah'll bet he's got the girls chasin' after him, if he isn't doin' it himself."

Opening the small metal door, she jumped back in surprise as roses fell onto the floor in front of her. Everybody in the hall turned to look, curious to see who would give the quiet Goth flowers.

Reaching in, Rogue took out a note that was taped to the inside and read it out loud. "'Until tonight when the stars come out to plat and the moon is set free, Ah will be thinking of you, mon cherie.'"

Jean and Kitty tried to stifle their laughter as Rogue tried to hide her blush, slamming the locker door shut. Following her, Jean whispered to Kitty. "Looks like the only girl he's chasing today is her."

* * *

It was the longest day of school that Rogue had ever gone through and she was happy to see it end. She didn't really mind school that much, but word had gotten around about the flowers in her locker and it seemed as though everyone wanted to know who her boyfriend was. Of course you had the people like Duncan who said she probably put them in here locker herself just for the attention.

When she got outside though, she noticed a large group of people surrounding some guy on a motorcycle. Thinking nothing of it, she started walking towards Scott and the others, intent on getting home and away from everybody.


Rogue turned around and saw that Remy was the center of attention in the large circle. Of course ah shouldn't be surprised. Sighing, she walked through the crowd who seemed a little surprised that she dared to barge in.

Taking off his helmet, Remy leaned down and took her hand, giving her a quick kiss and smirked at her. "Did ya get da flowers?"

Rogue rolled her eyes.

"Remy take dat as a yes." Reaching back, he grabbed his extra helmet and held it out to her. "Ready?"

Rogue smiled as she put it on and climbed onto the motorcycle behind him.

"Wait a minute." One of the cheerleaders looked at Rogue who put her visor up. "You really do have a boyfriend?"

Rogue thought about it for a second before answering. "Yeah, ah guess ah do."

Without another word, she put her arms around Remy as he started the engine. Pulling back the throttle, they took off.

* * *

Bobby tugged at his tie. "You know, I'm really glad Remy was able to pull this off for us, but is it really worth doing all his chores for 3 months?"

"Yes!" All the guys shouted in unison.

"Have you ever seen a girl upset on Valentine's Day?" Ray asked, shuddering. "It ain't pretty."

Sam smiled. "Ah'm jus' glad that Rahne and Jubilee came fer a visit."

"I'm just glad that Amanda vas able to come." Kurt tried to smooth out the fur his face.

Scott glanced at his watch. "Alright guys, let's go or were gonna be late." Walking down the hall, the guys' mouths dropped as they met with the girls, holding their hands.

Jean was wearing a one-strap black dress that cut off at the knees, while Amara wore a strapless gown that stopped also stopped near her knees. Amanda wore a long black dress with two-straps that crossed in the back. Kitty wore a one-strap light blue gown that reached to her ankles. Tabby wore the same thing as Kitty, but it was red and reached her knees. Jubilee was wearing a long, dark blue dress with two-straps across the shoulders, while Rahne settled for a long deep green dress of the same style.

Tabby was whispering something to Ray, who was blushing a deep crimson. Bobby and Jubilee were catching up on things, as were Sam and Rahne. Kurt and Amanda were laughing together, noticing that Scott and Jean were silent, but blushing. Jaime and Kitty were the last ones down the stairs.

"So," Jaime spoke up. "I hope our date tonight will be better than the first one."

Kitty rolled her eyes. "Me too."

* * *

Rogue chuckled to herself as she watched the two cars take off and head for town. Ah wonder what would've happened if Remy hadn't been able to pull this off for 'em? Rogue was brought back to the present when she felt a warm hand on her shoulder.

A gruff voice spoke. "Ya gonna be alright tonight, Stripes?" Rogue nodded her head.

"Remy's got something planned for later." She turned to face him. "What about you?"

Logan cleared his throat nervously. "I'm gonna take Ororo out to dinner and maybe a movie or dancing."

Rogue laughed. "It's about time."

Logan cocked an eyebrow at her and smiled softly. "That obvious, huh?" She nodded. "Well, guess I better get ready."

"Have fun." Logan waved in response.

* * *

Dere, Remy thought happily. Now ta get chere. Walking downstairs, he found her reading. "Ready, chere?"

Walking over, he took her hands and pulled her up. Rogue smiled at him. "Lead the way." Remy smiled back and took her to the roof.

Opening it for her, he watched her smile grow as she saw a table with chairs surrounded by roses that covered the ground. Off to the side, Rogue noticed a small stereo accompanied by the soft flow of gentle music escaping from its speakers. Behind the table, she noticed a blanket that faced the west side of the mansion.

Remy guided her to one of the chairs, and help her in. He left for a second, only to return with their dinner. Rogue smiled as he set the plate in front of her and lit the candles in between them.

Rogue picked up her fork and started to eat. "Did ya make this too?"

Remy grinned at her sheepishly. "Non. Remy had it pre-ordered."

She laughed and he felt his heart soar. To have Rogue open up like this made him love her even more. She jus' need da right person ta open up to. Maybe someone who's had a rough life too. Somebody like moi. He smiled at her and started to eat.

* * *

"Thank ya, Remy." She snuggled closer into his warm body.

He glanced at her. "Fer what, chere?" After they finished eating, Remy brought her over to the blanket so they could watch the sun set together.

"Everything you did for meh today. It was really sweet of ya."

He lowered his head next to hers. "Remy do it cause he care. And he happy dat you happy, chere."

Rogue sighed to herself and watched as the sky turned from pink to purple. Ah guess ah do like him. He took the time ta get ta know meh, and he doesn't even let mah powers get in the way. She smiled sadly.

Remy noticed her frown and decided to intervene. "Chere, Remy couldn't help but get ya somethin' 'fore the day goes out."

Rogue looked into his eyes as he held out a small box. Grinning, she took it. "Ya didn't steal this, did ya Swamp Rat?"

Remy feigned hurt. "Aw chere, ya wound Remy."

Opening the box, Rogue let out a small gasp of surprise. It was a platinum necklace with a matching pendant. It had an onyx backing, almost like a ying-yang with an emerald set in the middle. Remy smirked as he put it around her neck.

"Remy, ah don't know what ta say." She shook her head and reached back to take it off but his hands caught hers. "Ah can't accept it."

"Why not, chere?"

Rogue looked at him almost pleadingly. "Ah didn't get ya anything."

He shook his head at her. "You're wrong, chere. Ya gave Remy da best gift today." At her confused look, he smiled. "You said Remy was your boyfriend."

Rogue looked at him, confused for a second. "Ah did, didn't ah?" She smiled.

Wrapping his arms around her, Remy brought Rogue closer as the sun began its final descent. "Remy loves ya, chere." He gently kissed the top of her head.

"Ah love ya too, Swamp Rat."