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"Ok Mikey, you have to stand." Don helped his brother to rise up from the floor. He steadied the shaking turtle that desperately clutched to him.

"Mikey, you are going to have to try and walk on your own," the purple clad turtle instructed him. The younger one looked at him confused.

"Come on Mikey, ya can do it," Raphael said were he was standing a slight more distance away.

"Walk to Raph, Mikey," Don said but their younger brother refused to let go.

"Wha…wha…?" he looked at Donatello and then Raph utterly confused.

"Go to Raph," the olive green turtle said and gently freed himself from Mikey's hold and slowly pushed him forward. Raph was at ready holding out his hands.

"Come on Mikey," he said grinning. "Ya can do it."

The damaged turtle frowned in heavy concentration, glanced at Don once more before taking one step forward. He wobbled and almost fell, but just about managed to stop himself. Donatello followed but did not hold him; but the turtle was ready to catch his shaky brother.

Mikey took another step; he almost fell again but managed to steady himself. Donatello gave Raph a glance, both turtles smiled. It looked like this was working.

"Come one Mikey, you can do it. Just few more steps," Raph said.

Mikey took a third and the fourth but then his knees gave in. The turtle fell forward but before he even reached the floor he was gently but firmly grabbed by Raph. The red masked turtle had lunged forward as soon as he saw that his brother was going to fall.

"Good job Mikey, you did good," Raphael said, he noticed the disappointment in his brother's face. "It's alright Mikey, you will walk again."

"This is was a very good job you did. Mikey," Don said patting his brother on the carapace. Raph gently lowered the young turtle to the ground.

It was now the second month since the incidence. Ever since Raph actually began participating more with Mikey's rehabilitation, the turtle's process had accelerated. His hands had stopped shaking at all and he had much more control over them.

However, he still needed to learn to walk, as well his speech and understanding it was still far off. Donatello was positive that he would start showing process in that field soon.

Raphael was feeling slightly better. The guilt of what he did still bothered him, but his nightmares had stopped. Little bits of his old attitude were beginning to surface again. He had yet to begin wearing his weapons though; Master Splinter still thought there was a risk.

The red masked turtle didn't notice it really. At the moment he was quite content on redeeming himself by helping his brother. Now Mikey didn't want to lose sight of him either and also preferred to have Leo and Splinter in view.

Leonardo sat on the ledge near the dojo area were Don and Raph had been getting Mikey to walk on his own. The turtle was proud of his brothers, just a month ago there had been a rift between them. Now they dutifully helped each other take care of the damaged one. He finally felt less worried and more content.

However, the proudest was Master Splinter. He watched from his chamber door as his sons helped each other. Especially with the one that needed it the most. The old rat had feared for the family when there had been friction in their relationship, a rift in the family, but it had been mended fortunately before it was too late.

Before Splinter had to take a drastic decision to save it, it would not have been popular he knew. However, it would have been the only way, there had been just too much tension and it wasn't helping.

Now with this development, he didn't have to do it and for that the old ninja master was grateful. He did not want them to know that he had seriously considered sending Donatello away, especially if he continued his relentless attitude towards Raphael.

It wouldn't have been an exile, but it would have been a time off. He would have told his purple clad son to leave for a while and return when he was ready to accept whom his family was. Fortunately it didn't happen and Splinter soon brushed those thoughts away. There was no reason to dwell on them now.

Leonardo stood up from the ledge and walked over to his father. The old rat noticed that something lay on his mind. The turtle bowed respectfully and Splinter returned it.

"What is on your mind my son?" he asked.

"Sensei, Raph was talking with Casey yesterday and he suggested that we change the scenery a little for Mikey. The man is ready to take us to an old farmhouse that belongs to his grandmother. It is abandoned and secluded; we would be in no danger of being discovered," Leonardo explained.

The old ninja master recalled the human his two sons had med two months ago, quite by accident. He recalled when this same man came few days ago and accidentally interrupted their practice session. It had been the first time the man had come to the lair.

"Hm, a change in scenery would do well for Michelangelo, and probably for us all," Splinter mused while stroking a whisker. "Tell Mr. Jones that we accept his offer."

"Yes Sensei," Leo smiled and bowed before returning back to his brothers.

"Yes, I think we all need to get out of the lair for a while," Splinter nodded to himself and watched where Leo now crouched in front of Mikey to hug him, the other turtle had demanded one. Don and Raph stood close by grinning.

Yes the family was recovering. Hopefully the damaged member would be able to do what he once did again, but only time could tell and at the moment things were looking good for him.

The End

A/N: Yes I know it's a little strange that Splinter might have sent Don away if he hadn't realized what he was doing. But I felt that this was something the he would have to consider, considering how Donatello was behaving and how it wasn't helping things at all.

And I made a point it was not an exile, but a rather a time off. In my mind not unlike what happened to Leo in season four, when Splinter sent him away to study with the Ancient One.

Of course it never happened, so we don't have to worry about that

I would like to thank Artykidd for talking me into writing this story long ago, I had wondered about this event for a long time. Ever since I first saw 'Meet Casey Jones'.

And thank you for reading it, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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