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: Sherlock x Kagome


: Subject cannot be obnoxious, ditzy, nosy, or carry any other infuriating trait that may drive a man crazy. Being able to cook is a must. If interested please drop by 221B Baker Street with advertisement in hand.

Case Study
Chapter One: The Job

x . . . . x

Kagome looked at the newspaper with a sigh and back to the building in front of her.

Searching: Searching for a woman between the ages of 20 and 30 for an intimate case study. Details will be provided as the case study progresses. Subject will be provided room and board for the duration of the study and will be compensated weekly. A contract must be signed before beginning the study making subject legally bound to pursue the whims of the study. Subject cannot be obnoxious, ditzy, nosy, or carry any other infuriating trait that may drive a man crazy. Being able to cook is a must. If interested please drop by 221B Baker Street with advertisement in hand.

Right now, she was desperate for cash - more than desperate really.

After moving to London in order to get a change of scenery and run away from painful memories, she found herself a small, clean, but extremely old flat and job that paid practically pennies. She had been looking for more work in the newspaper when the advertisement caught her eye with 'room and board'. She was currently paying an arm and a leg at the complex she was at now.

Room, board, and compensation?

It sounded too good to true!

She would be able to live much better then she was now at any rate.

She was twenty-two which met the age requirements, she didn't think she was ditzy or obnoxious - she was definitely nosy and occasionally infuriating - but she could cook! Lips curling down, she took several steps, and made her way to the front door. She quickly banged the knocker twice and waited.

There were several moments of silence and then a slam of a door.

It was quickly followed by a cool, "I'll get it, Mrs. Hudson."

"Oh, alright dear. Let me know if you need anything!" another, older, female voice responded.

There was a rustling, a turn of a lock, and then the door opened.

Her azure orbs met the startling gaze of a man's that contained several hues of blue and green. She watched as his eyes darted over her form quickly and then met her gaze.

"Here about the advertisement?" he asked brusquely. His voice sent a small shiver along her spine and she nodded her head at him. She kept her eyes trained on him instead of moving over his form as he did her - and like how she wanted to. "Good! Come in and follow me!" Tentatively, she entered the small entry way and the male stepped to the side. He was exceedingly taller than herself, at least six foot, towering over her 5'4" height.

As she stepped completely into the hall, he closed the door behind her and then made his passed her toward a staircase to the left. He gestured with his head for her to follow and she did so. He was silent and so was she as they walked up the stairs and took a quick right into an open door. The scent of dust quickly assaulted her nose as they entered the open doorway and into a small but cluttered living space.

Curiosity gripped her as she saw the many different items littering every single surface, books, scientific equipment, tea cups, among a variety of other things.

She wasn't aware that she was being more than a little nosy in her intent perusal of the living space until the male in front of her cleared his throat. She gave a light jump and a sheepish smile. He gestured for her to sit one of the comfy looking chairs accompanied by a, "Please have a seat." Doing as he requested, she took off her purse and set in her lap while he sat in front of her, one leg over the other, knee meeting ankle, and set his hands together, in front of his face, his fingertips aligning perfectly. "I am certain the advertisement clearly indicated no nosiness."

Another sheepish grin, this time accompanied by a flare of crimson over her cheeks, "I'm not really nosy. Just curious by nature!"

He gave a quiet hum and held his hand out, "I assume you have the advertisement with you, correct?" Kagome nodded and dug into her right pocket where she had hastily stuffed it before knocking on the front door of 221B Baker Street. She handed over the folded piece of paper and he set it down beside him, "You follow directions well then. Good. Let's get straight to the point. I am doing a case study of the intricacies between physical attraction and love. You see, a friend of mine was recently married and I have little experience in area but I find myself completely fascinated by the lengths he will go to for this woman and how their relationship works. This case study will observe the way a relationship flourishes from date one until then end which naturally includes the physicalities of the relationship." At her look of surprise he interjected, "Not now, of course, as the relationship progresses and it may not ever occur... I might find you utterly abhorrent."

Kagome blinked slowly, processing everything that left the man's mouth in front of her before replying, "Basically, you're asking me to be your girlfriend."

The male pursed his lips and after a moment responded, "Essentially, yes."

There was a quiet huff from Kagome and she leaned back in the chair, "I don't even know your name."

The male stood and took a few long steps toward her. He bent down on knee before her and held out his hand to her, "Sherlock."

Kagome grabbed his hand tentatively and shook it, "No last name?"


Their hands were released and Kagome gave a small, quick smile, "I'm Kagome Higurashi."

"Do we have a deal?" he questioned, unmoving from his spot in front of her, giving her a chance to trace the sharp, angular features of his face.

She took her bottom lip between her teeth before releasing, "Room and board, right? Compensation too? And it may not ever get physical?"

"It is a relationship from beginning to end." He informed rather than providing a direct answer, "I will never force myself if that is the question and your bedroom door locks from the inside, no key can access it."

There was a moment of silence.

Room and board.

All she had to do was cook - maybe clean - and pretend to be a girlfriend.

"Let me see that contract."




'Gome Yuki:: I was rewatching Sherlock and read the Elle article with Benedict Cumberpatch on Sherlock's sex life and this definitely teased me. Told in small chapters. Probably the last plunnie I'm going to post until I get some other stuff completed. I thought it would be interesting and not too OOC; Sherlock would conduct a study like this out of sheer confusion and curiosity of John's relationship with Mary. Kagome would agree because ROOM, BOARD, COMPENSATION and it would likely never get physical? She's broke as shit. Women do things in time of need.