Losing My Mind

A Halo Outtake

This is the first in a few submissions for Bethyl Smut Week. If you have any prompts you'd like to see, let me know!

"Damn it, Beth," he muttered and pressed against her harder. "Ya gotta be quiet."

Her mouth was on his neck, and she was trying, he knew she was, but the little moans were getting louder. She had pulled him into this janitor's closet somewhere between C Block and the library. He hadn't been planning on this. He had some shit to do today outside before they went on a run, but he wasn't about to push her hands away and tell her no.

At the moment, he had her perched up on a low shelf, cleaning supplies littered the floor around them, as he kissed and licked across her chest. He unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them down and threw them behind him as he got to his knees and pulled her forward.

She didn't have his shoulder anymore to smother the noises she was making, and Daryl knew he was a matter of time before someone just happened to walk past and catch them in the act. His tongue circled her clit and his fingers pumped in and out, curling every so often, as she twisted her fingers into his hair and rode his mouth.

"I'm so close," she groaned and pulled him into her.

He could have died like this, and it wouldn't have bothered him one damn bit. When her legs started shaking, he sucked on her hard and her thighs closed around his ears and squeezed him tight. Finally, she was loose again and leaning back, trying to catch her breath.

She looked beyond beautiful in these moments. Beth was calm and relaxed. Her forehead lost those lines that seemed ever permanent. Daryl still wasn't too sure what he was doing, but he knew that taking this out of their cells and putting it into play around the prison was bigger than he was trying to keep it.

Truth was, Beth came to him, and she kept coming back. She would find him odd places in the prison where no one went and change those dark corners into really fucking good memories. Daryl stood up and tugged down his jeans. "Ya got somethin'?"

Beth nodded and pointed to her pants. She was still breathing a little heavy from what he had just done. He reached over and dug around in her pockets until he pulled out the condom she had probably stolen from Maggie.

He rolled it over his cock and thought to himself that he really needed to get some of their own. Otherwise, Maggie would catch on, and he didn't want to deal with that. Daryl only had time for one shit storm wrecking his life, and right now, it was Beth Greene and her flushed cheeks, wrapping her legs around his waist and letting his push himself inside her.

"Hard," she whispered to him. "It's been days." It had, but Daryl didn't like bruising her up in case someone saw. "Please," she begged as he thrust into her, shallowly.

"Don't wanna hurt ya," he said and gritted his teeth.

"You won't," she argued. Her ankles crossed on the small of his back and she pulled him forward. "I need it like this."

Daryl didn't hesitate any longer. He grabbed her hips, his fingers digging in enough to cause her to flinch then picked her up and carried her to the door. She was pressed against it and her mouth worked over the corded muscle of his neck as he worked her over his cock.

Before the turn, he had never really considered himself a strong man, but since this had all started, he was getting really good at picking her up and fucking her against walls and doors. They usually made less noise than the creaky springs of cell block mattresses.

Beth threw her head back on a particularly hard thrust and hit the door. The banging reverberated around the tiny room, and Daryl stopped, pushing all the way inside of her and working his fingers through her hair to make sure she was okay.

He almost started going at it again when he heard the voices move down the hall and toward them. It was Maggie and Carol. He froze, and Beth met his stare.

"Keep goin'" she mouthed. "Just be quiet, remember?"

There was no reason in the world why he nodded and pulled out, only to press right back inside her. It was pure stupidity on his part, but she looked at him with half-closed lids and swollen lips, and he was useless to anyone but her. If she told him to lay back on the floor and let her ride him like a fucking race horse, he would have done it without a second thought.

The slow movements made his breath catch. He could feel every single muscles inside her contracting against him. The voices passed by, never knowing what was going on behind the door, but just to have them that close, knowing they could have been caught seemed to up the ante a little.

"Ya want them to catch us?" He asked as he slid his hand down the middle of her chest.

"Yes," she whispered. Daryl knew she meant it, too. There was nothing more in this world that Beth wanted than to have her family know about him and her and them being together.

"Ain't gonna happened today," he muttered and pressed into her with a newfound strength.

A handful of thrusts later, her legs were shaking around his hips, and she was biting into his shoulder. "Harder," he grunted. "Leave a mark."

She did as she was told right as her orgasm hit. The duel sensation of pain and unbelievable pleasure made his knees give out, and he went to the floor as easily as he could, taking her with him.

Just like earlier when he thought about her being in top of him, the image came to life. Beth with her long blonde hair and her sweet, perky tits, put her hands on his chest and took over. The pushing down and swaying of her hair and chest made him take her hips in his hands and groan louder than he ever had before as he came inside her.

They were sweaty and sticky when it was all over, but that was usual for a Georgia summer in a prison with no air conditioner.

"I'll head out first," he told her after they were dressed. "I's supposed to be helpin' Rick a long time ago."

Beth leaned up on her toes and kissed him softly. "Ya got guard duty tonight?"

He nodded.

"I'll see ya then, I guess."

Daryl smiled a little then went to the door, looking back one last time before he left. He wasn't sure what to do with her, or even if he should do anything. Beth wanted this completely, and who was he to say no?