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When he got back to their house after the longest day he'd had in quite some time as Captain of his own squad, a day that involved Kenpachi trying to start a fight for the 458th time and his fourth seat accidentally putting a bunch of transfer papers through the shredder, he was ready to sit down, and have a well-deserved dinner and sleep all night.

But the scene when he arrived wasn't quite what he expected.

"… What the hell are you doing?" he asked, quirking one orange eyebrow up.

She huffed, clearly frustrated. "I'm baking a cake, what does it look like I'm doing?"

He smirked, his handsome face encouraging a punch. "Well, you've got something in the oven."

He left for a moment for the kitchen, then returned and crossed from the living room doorway to the sofa. He turned on the television and took a swig of his newly opened beer.

"So, have a good day?"

"I hate you, you bastard. Why didn't you answer your mobile?"

"I left it on the night stand."

"And if something had happened?"

"If something had happened and no one had immediately flashstepped over and told me then I'd have to invade Squad 4 and make them regret it."

She clenched her jaw in repressed anger. "Well obviously I could have done with being able to get hold of you."

"Yeaaah… what happened exactly?"

"I was having a nap on the sofa and thought it would be easier to stand if I rolled onto the floor."

"That was pretty fucking stupid."

"Oh, so you know all the techniques for 4 foot 10 girls to be able to stand despite being eight months pregnant?"

He actually smiled this time. "No, I guess I don't. Need a little help?"

She tried to repress a smile and failed. "Yes please, I've been stuck lying here since 3 and I really need to pee."