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A Web of Love: Rewoven

Chapter 15: An even BIGGER family

May yawned as she awoke, stretching 'Hmm...Another day, another family member.' May thought 'At this rate Dad'll be married to an Asgardian...' the thought as a joke. She stretched before getting dressed, her thoughts drifting to thoughts of her fellow Spider-Girl 'She is so...cute...' May blushed 'Maybe...she feels the same...? I mean... I have only had boyfriends before... maybe I should shake it up? And something... just seems to pull me to her.'

Anya walked past her door waving " Morning May." She waved

"Oh, Morning." May waved back before Anya froze, staring at May "What?" May asked, looking down... and realizing she was only in her underwear "AH! Sorry...It's just comfier for me." May quickly got her dressing gown on

'That was hot!' Anya thought holding back a nosebleed. "D-don't worry about it."

"Y... Yea... How about some breakfest?" May said, still blushing

"Yes, breakfast! Definitely, let's...let's go." Anya blushed and got her words flustered, the two teens nervously walked off to the kitchen

"Morning you two." Gwen smiled

"Hi, morning." May and Anya answered awkwardly

"What's wrong with you two?" Gwen asked

"Nothing!" They both said quickly

"Oh...'kay..." Gwen looked at them curiously

"So what's on the agenda?" Jess asked

"Not, sure...Where's Leah?" Natasha asked

"She's still asleep. She's loving sleeping in a bed instead of the floor." Jess answered "Plus yesterday WAS tiring."

"Yea." Gwen nodded

"I'm glad I've got some cloths of my own now." May nodded

"Yeah." Anya agreed 'Really. Nice. Clothes.' Her mind drifted off to the red and blue bikini May had asked her opinion on and gained a goofy grin on her face

"Anya, you okay?" May asked

"Huh, yeah...just...thinking about a cartoon." Anya lied

"What one?" Gwen asked

"Err...Looney Toons." Anya lied again

"Okay..." May answered

'She is a bad liar.' Gwen thought with a grin

"*Yawn* Morning all..." Peter yawned

"*Yawn*Morning dad...Man yawning's contagious." May commented

"You know: if people read or hear other people yawn they do it." Wanda added

"That's ridiculous." Carol disbelieved

"Oh yeah? *Fake yawn*" Wanda jested

"*Yawn*...Proves nothing." Carol yawned then quickly defended

"I'm telling you and the readers that it's psychologically true." Wanda crossed her arms.

"Readers?" Peter asked

"Don't worry about it " Ben said, covering his lovers mouth

"When did you get up?" Wanda asked

"Just now. Can't have you being crazy THIS early." Ben teased

"Meanie." She pouted, giggling as he kissed her neck and tickled her sides gently

"There's a couple things I gotta do first. I mean this family IS getting bigger." Peter rubbed the back of his head.

"Like what?" Natasha asked

"Bills and food. I think we're REALLY eating into Tony's wallet here." Peter admitted

"He's a billionaire. We're good." Wanda brushed off "Imagine all the kitty cats and catapults we can get..." she imagined.

*Inside Wanda's mind*

"Now my feline companions we must overthrow the scourge that is canine!" A cat wearing a Roman centurion armor ordered his compatriots who all wore similar looking armor

"Hail Fluffykins!" they shouted as they loaded a shit-tonne of dynamite onto the catapults and flung it at the dog enemy

*Back in reality*

"Awesome..." She smiled. giggling crazily

" more sugar for you." Ben looked at her with worry

"Awwww!" She pouted

Elaine stretched as she swayed into the kitchen "*Yawn* morning all..."

"*Yawn* Morning, what the...?" Natasha who had been up for hours yawned back

Wanda looked smug at Carol "Still doesn't prove anything." to which Wanda raised a "really" eyebrow look.

Peter smiled, hugging Carol from behind, and whispered "Calm down dear."

"Yeah, we got the WHOLE day to drive you crazy." Wanda jested

"Wanda..." Ben said with a stern voice

"What professor? Have I been a bad girl?" Wanda asked making Ben blush.

"Err...what?" they asked

"A moment please." Ben grabbed Wanda out of the room. About ten minutes later those with good hearing could hear moaning and grunting from a few rooms away

"That answers THAT question." Natasha deadpanned and glad that Anya and May were nowhere near where the sound.

"Where's Kaine. I thought he would be up by now." Peter asked

"Let's just say: one of us is nocturnal." Elaine smiled

"Okay." May nodded "How about we head out?" May asked with a small smile "It looks like it's gonna be pretty buisy here today."

"Yeah. But where to go, that's the question." Gwen pondered

"The cinema? We haven't gone there yet." May answered

"Cool. Peter, anything on at the cinema while you're looking over the taxes?" Gwen asked

"Hmm...yea... oh no." Peter gulped

"Whats wrong?" Jess asked

"Well... there is a film 'based' on me out..." Peter gulped

"Well how about that? How bad can it be?" Jess asked thinking it could be flattering.

"Its like that film from a few years ago... I think it was called... Owleman and Talon?"

"And..." Gwen asked

"It's not good." Peter cringed

"Let me have a look." Natasha walked over "Is that... a rubber suit? Wait... does that suit have NIPPLES?!" She gasped in disbelief

"Yes...and...*shudder* Yes." Peter cringed

"The codpiece doesn't leave much to the imagination." Jess saw it

Carol looked over and stated "Peter would probably rip that. Your too big."

"THANK YOU CAROL!" Peter snapped slightly since his daughter and her friend were there.

"... let's see it." Gwen grinned

"Oh come on!" Peter groaned as he began to bang his head on the table

"They don't do you justice." Gwen commented

"Hmm..." Kaine moaned "Afternoon."

"Where have YOU been?" Peter asked

"Sleeping..." Kaine answered yawning

"*Yawn*" Gwen yawned

"No, not again..." Carol moaned

"Proof! AH...!" Wanda's voice called out then went back into pleasure.


"Well that was..." Carol began a comment

"Interesting..." Gwen finished

"Urgh..." Peter groaned

"I thought it was HILARIOUS!" Anya giggled

"Of...course you would." Peter commented

May please tell your girlfriend that she has VERY unusual tastes in movies." Kaine asked

"She's/I'm not my/her girlfriend!" the two girls shouted

The two looked at each other before looking away from each other blushing "Me thinks the ladies doth protest too much." Natasha smirked

"Huh?" Peter asked

"Nothing." Natasha reassured Peter while walking back home

Up in the rafters of New York slunk a black costumed thief with flowing white hair, observing the family. "Well well well, if it isn't Spider." She grinned

*In another dimension*

"It seems there is one other, doesn't it?" Julia asked talking to The Someone.

The Someone just smiled and nodded and continued to tune its guitar only for a string to break. No feeling unfazed by this The Someone just wove a string that was the correct length and size and began to apply it to the musical instrument.

"Was it always a guitar? or was it something else?" Julia asked to which the Someone imitated a lyre or harp "Oh...another string instrument..." to which the Someone nodded again, then started playing the instrument

*back to 616- night*

May and Anya where getting dressed, the guest doing so in the bathroom, into their Spider-Girl costumes for a night of web slinging 'Okay, doing a reconnaissance with Anya/May. Should be alright, just gotta keep my head in the game and not get distracted by: her legs, her smile...the way she laughs...whoa, whoa, knock that out!' May and Anya thought about the other. The two walked out, all dressed, and meeting up with Peter in the main room

"Ready girls?" Peter asked, dressed in his white and black Future Foundation suit before pressing the spider made of hexagon's which swapped the black and white of the suit

"When did you get that?!" May asked

"Yeah it's totally kick-ass!" Anya smiled

"I got it when I became a member of the Future Foundation." Peter smiled

"Wow..." May was amazed "Well what're we waiting for?"

"Yeah, let's roll out!" Anya smiled

"Wrong franchise kid!" Wanda shouted out.

As they left Benjy and Nicky went to find their mother "Mom, what does "kick-ass" mean?" which left Natasha for lack of a better word "gobsmacked"

*time skip*

Peter and the girls swung through the city, stopping small muggings and other similar crimes when they heard alarms go off at the museum "First problem of the night. Okay stay back, if any escape you web them in place." Peter ordered

"Yes sir!" Anya smiled

"Sure thing." May agreed

The group landed, Peter sliding in slowly. Looking around, he saw Black Cat taking a large ruby 'Felicia...she never learns.' Peter thought as he lowered himself down using his webbing.

"So...pretty..." Black Cat smiled observing her prize.

"You DO look good in that Black Leather." Peter joked

"Hello Spider..." Black Cat said sultry "Trying to catch me in your web?"

"Trying to stop a crime." Peter stopped the flirting there

"Oh...where's the fun in that?"

"It's not about fun, it's about doing what's right." Perer replied, flipping down

"Too bad...We could've had fun." Felicia prepared for a fight. Peter leapt at her, aiming a kick at her face, but she backflipped away "Nice try." She winked, wrapping a whip around his leg and pulled him in close "Same old Spider, falling for the same trick." Felicia taunted

"Not the same Spider. I've learned a few things." Peter spun out of the whip and kicked her in the mid-rift.

"Oof! Cheater." Felicia joked

"I'm just getting started." Peter grinned, sprinting towards Felica. He didn't notice but he was moving twice as fast as normal, several a trail of images appearing behind him

"Wow... I didn't know he could move that fast." May gasped

"He isn't normally." Anya replied

Peter was running around Felica, making the wind pick up around her, before she lost her balance. She looked down and saw the webbing around her heeled feet "That's a new trick Peter. Been practicing?" Felicia asked

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Peter smirked

"Yes I would." She grinned, using her claws to free herself before she jumped at him and wrapped her legs around his neck before flipping him by doing a backflip

"Now who's the cheater?" Peter joked

"I was just giving you want you want, I know you want to feel these sexy legs wrapped around you again." She flirted

Anya and May blushed after hearing that. "Felicia..." Peter growled a bit

"Come on, I know about you and those others..." Felicia smirked

"THAT'S what this is about?" Peter asked as he shot his web at her

"Be honest Spider. You miss me..." She flirted with a hint of lust in her voice "I WAS your first, and we have so much fun. I wasn't going to steal the ruby anyway, I was getting your attention! Do you really think I am stupid enough to set off the alarm?"

"No...No you're not THAT careless." Peter commented "You're always up for a bit of attention seeking when you're bored."

"Only when it is YOUR attention Spider." She winked

"That I've got no doubt on. But I'm already taken." Peter commented

"I know: two sons, two daughters, your brothers back from the dead...I know about them..." Felicia grinned

Peter felt anger rise within him and pinned her to the wall "STAY AWAY FROM THEM!"

"You know I wouldn't hurt them, I wouldn't DREAM of it! And you know it." Felica glared lightly

"What DO you want Felicia?" Peter demanded

"What do YOU think I want?" Felicia asked before putting a kiss on Peter's lips

"Well... there's another mom." May deadpanned

"Give you any ideas..." Anya whispered and blushed

"Huh? What was that?" May asked

"Nothing!" Anya defended

"Come on, what did you say?" May asked

"It's nothing."

"Anya, you can tell me." May pouted

"I...I...can't tell you...It's embarrassing." Anya blushed

"Please?" May pouted

" you..." Anya muttered

"What?" May blushed

"Ilikeyou!" Anya blurted it out.

Picking apart what Anya said May discovered what she said " me?"

"Yea." Anya blushed

"Well... I like you to." May smiled with a small blush

" do? I thought you it was unrequited." Anya said

May blushed "How long? Just asking?"

"How long have I liked you...a while..." Anya answered

"Same." May blushed

"Same." May blushed

"So how're we gonna play this?" Anya asked

"What d'you mean?" May asked

"I mean: are we going to be open about it or do hide it from your family?" Anya asked

"I don't think they would care too much." May shrugged

"Probably not. Seeing how much they're open about their relationship with your dad." Anya commented

"Yea, you're right." May nodded, puling her mask up to her nose so Anya could see her smile

"You've got a nice smile." Anya blushed

As the two girls edged closer Peter was releasing himself from Felicia's kiss "Miss that Spider..." Felicia sultry spoke

"You're...the second most insatiable woman I know..." Peter gasped

"Only the second?" She pouted

"Carol and Rogue are tied for first place." Peter grinned

"Oh...wait Rogue? She wasn't with you!" Felicia was shocked

"The X-Men called her away for a mission...She's gonna be REALLY glad to see me." Peter explained feeling a bit worried

"... foursome with me and them." Felicia challenged

"Really? You're coming home with me?" Peter asked

"You're taking in a lost kitty aren't you?" Felicia purred rubbing against his neck

"Felicia, you're not a cat." He deadpanned

"Says you..." Felicia teased "Are those two making out up there?" she asked

"Huh, what?" Peter asked as he saw Anya and his daughter kissing up in the rafters "Oh... fuck." Peter muttered in shock

"Seems that they're enjoying themselves." Felicia giggled

"Not when they're on the clock." Peter muttered "HEY!" he shouted

"Busted..." Anya and May shrunk back in guilt.

"No making out on patrol!" He snapped

"But you where!" Anya pouted

"That's different." Peter tried to explain

"How?" May asked

"She kissed me and I didn't have much say in it, while you two decided to just start kissing! If Cat and I where gonna screw then I'd be in the wrong here!" Peter replied

"You tell'em Spider..." Felicia smiled

"Stay outta this Felicia." Peter snapped back at her

"Hmmmmm... so forceful." She purred

Police sirens wailed as the four were still there "Oh, MAN! J.J.J.'S REALLY gonna have a field day with this. We gotta get outta here." Peter groaned "Looks like I've got no choice." He muttered, picking Felicia up bridal style and taking off webslinging with the two Spider-Girl's right behind him

"Whoa!" Felicia enjoyed the ride 'I can get used to this.' She thought

As they reached back to their home Rogue was there seeing what had changed in her absence "'Ah can't believe this little beauty belle is our Leah." She lifted her from the floor and spun her around her head like an plane but not letting go.

Leah blushed, but also laughed at Rogue's actions "Thanks Mahma." Leah grinned, mimicking Rogue's accent with the second word

"Awe..." Rogue smiled

"She's picking up our traits." Jess smiled 'Hopefully not the adult ones...*insert sweat-drop*'

"Yea, I'm teaching her to play the drumbs." Gwen grinned, spinning her drumbsticks

"It's really fun. Where have you been Mahma?" Leah asked almost sadly

"X-Men business. 'Ah'm sorry 'Ah haven't been here. But 'Ah'm here now." Anne-Marie smiled hugging her.

Leah smiled and hugged a her back as Benjy and Nick ran inside, Natasha following them I am going to have words with that girl when she get backs in." Natasha groaned

"Mama Rogue!" Benjy and Nicky smiled as hugged her

"Hey boys. How're you doing?" Rogue smiled

"What's wrong? Which girl are you talking about?" Gwen asked

"Anya. She's got some punishment coming her way." Natasha explained angrily

"What did she do?" Jess asked

"She said a bad word..." Benjy admitted

"And we asked what it meant." Nicky added

"Oh great." Carol groaned

"Pour Anya, she's gonna be dead." Jess sighed

"And just when she and MayDay where getting close." Gwen grinned

"Huh?" Carol and Rogue asked in confusion

"What didn't you know? Those two think we're blind to their little romance but we're not." Gwen smirked

"Wow." Carol gasped

"Really?" Rogue asked

"Yep." Jess nodded

Just then Felicia, Peter, May and Anya walked through the walkway that was in front of the double pane glass door causing everyone to look in their general direction "Whatever we did, is not our fault!" May defended

"Oh, ho,'re in trouble young lady." Peter looked at her

"Not as much as Anya." Natasha glared at the Venom costumed Spider-Girl

"What did I do?!" Anya gasped

"You know what you did young lady! Off to your room!" Wanda shouted pointing to the main bedroom

"Wanda, she's not OUR kid..." Ben deadpanned

"Or any of ours." Julia chuckled

"AH! Don't do that!" Wanda jumped into Ben's arms like Scooby-Doo.

"I don't mind." Ben smirked

"Meanie." Wanda pouted

"Where have YOU been?" Gwen asked

"Just observing." Julia smiled

"You're blind." Rogue deadpanned

"I can see the future, remember?" Julia chuckled "I even showed you the future at one point."

"That...IS true...but why's Black Cat here?" Rogue answered

"I'm joining this "little" family you have here" Felicia smiled

"Really?" Carol asked with a raised eyebrow

"Another mom, dad?" Benjy asked

"Err..." Peter gave no answer

"Oh your so cute." Felicia smiled "What're your names?"

"Benjy, Nicky." the boys gave their names

"You are both great names." Felicia smiled, taking her mask off "And who are you?"

"I'm... I'm Leah." The once homeless girl said nervously

"What a nice name. I'm Felicia." She smiled

"Okay, so is this the last girl or do we have to watch out for: Susan Storm and a Female Loki to drop in?" Wanda joked

"No, the web has been completed." Julia smiles "Although there ARE wolds where he got with them. And it was just one of them per world."

"Wait...I got who with the what now?" Peter asked in TOTAL confusion

"To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if Victor Von Doom got with them in an alternate dimension." Wanda continued

"Okay...on a different subject: Where's Kaine and Elaine?" Jess asked

o"Having..." Julia began but stopped "Having fun in their room. Should I bring my daughter around tomorrow?"

"I don't see the harm." Peter spoke

"Wait. Another sister?" Nicky asked

"Oh MAN! Can't we get BROTHERS soon?" Benjy moaned

"Who's your daughter?" Rogue asked

"Her name's Rachel, she ten. I had her with my ex-husband." Julia said sadly

"Ex-husband?" Gwen asked sadly

"He died." Julia sighed

" I feel bad..." Nicky got depressed

"We're sorry." Benjy apologized

"You didn't know." Julia understood. "Its fine." She smiled sadly at them "And I shouldn't tell you two this but... I have a little secret."

"What's the secret?" Benjy grinned

"Yea, what is it?" Nick grinned

"You'll have a little brother in a year." She whispered

"Really?" they both whispered

Julia nodded "But you can't tell anyone. Promise?"

"Promise!" Benjy and Nicky agreed giggling at the thought of being older brothers.

"Shouldn't you two be in bed?" Peter asked with a teasing smile

"Err, yeah. Come on Nicky. Goodnight everyone." Benjy waved goodnight with a smile

"Night all." Nicky smiled

"And go to sleep, no playing RPG's." Peter joked

"AWWWWWWW!" they both pouted

"Night Leah." Rogue smiled, kissing the girl's forehead

"Night Mahma." Leah smiled as she went off to bed.

"So...Who's up for some fun?" Felicia played

"Only till we spay you kitty cat." Wanda drew her katana out from her magic satchel

"No, sharp objects Wanda." Ben grabbed the weapon from her hand

"Oh..." Wanda pouted

Carol looked at Rogue and huffed, the two not having a very... good relationship ship since Rogue put her into a coma and drained her powers "So...I guess you're here now..." Carol stared at Rogue

"I was here before you Carol." Rogue stated

"Doesn't mean I'm still not keeping my eye on you." Carol glared at her.

Rogue just rolled her eyes, grabbed Carol then kissed her. Carol gasped, trying to pull back... but she eagerly kissed back after a few seconds

"This happen often around here?" Felicia asked

"Oh yeah." Peter grinned "You get used to it though. May, go to your room and Anya can't go with you."

"What?" May groaned

"Why?" Anya followed

"You know." Peter gave his best disapproving look.

"Oh..." the girls groaned

"What happened?" Gwen asked

"They got together." Peter explained

"On patrol?" Natasha asked to which Peter nodded "Oh..."

"Yeah, they're in trouble." Peter explained

"And now...we should probably get in on this." Felicia pointed at Anne-Marie and Carol still making out.

Peter sighed and nodded, knowing there was no way he could say no. Felicia grinned and put her mask back on "It frames my eyes." She winked, making Peter blush as he remembered how she lookes when she gave him a blowjob. She then ran, holding his hand, pulled Carol with her. Rogue was shocked when Carol was pulled away from her

"Hey!" she called, following

"Don't worry...We're gonna have a REALLY nice time..." Felicia smiled foxily

"I'm not gonna get any sleep to night." Peter moaned slightly from being felt by Rogue's hands around his abs 'Not that I'm complaining' The four entered their room, slamming the door closed

"... looks like we're in 'Tasha's room tonight." Gwen chuckled

*inside the bedroom*


"Hmm..." Peter moaned as Felicia ran her fingers through his hair.

"I hope you can keep up Spider..." Felicia smiled

"I haven't had ANY playtime in the last few days..." Carol unzipped her clothes

"I haven't had it for WEEKS..." Rogue stared at her

"... here's hoping." He chuckled nervously

Peter switched lips from Felicia to Rogue where she hungrily accepted it. Felicia slid Peter's hand down her leather suit so she can feel flesh on flesh. She moaned softly as she felt his finger's rub her breasts lovingly. Carol meanwhile slid his pants down, grinning at seeing the hardness bulging in his boxers. Rogue moaned into the kiss she ans Peter where having as he massaged her ass 'Best life ever...' Peter thought as Rogue cupped his face

Felicia moaned lightly since her nipples were now being teased.

Carol removed his boxers to reveal Peter's throbbing member. Carol pulled down his foreskin and began to kiss it lightly then began to take it into her mouth. Carol moaned, bobing her head softly as she sucked at the head lovingly

Rogue broke the kiss and began kissing him all over his face "This... is amazing." Rogue panted

"I know." Felicia nodded, pulling back from Peter and kissing down his body

"Carol...I'm...I'm gonna..." Peter struggled to hold back but he released while Carol was still "massaging" his member

"Wow..." Felicia was amazed on how much he climaxed

"Hmm..." Carol smiled "I think it's time for the "main event"..."

"It has been a while since I've seen this." Felicia smiled, grasping Peter's cock and jacking it off

"This is fun to watch." Rogue smiled, unzipping her costume down to her pussy

"Yea." Carol nodded, suddenly gasping as Rogue reached back and slid a finger into her ass

"Naughty, naughty..." Rogue playfully teased

"Not as bad as you..." Carol moaned

Felicia lifted her legs around Peter and began to kiss him as she rubbed her pussy around Peter's cock. Peter ran his arms over her leather clad body, moaning as he slid into her pussy "Oh yes, I've missed this." Felicia moaned

"I have to." Peter moaned, massaging her leather clad ass as the white haired girl began to bounce on his lap

Rogue smiled as she had Carol roll onto her back, continuing to finger ass as she reached up to massage her lightning-bolt covered chest "Ah...ah..." Carol moaned as Rogue continued

"You like being fingered, while seeing the man we love fucking a different woman...?" Rogue teased whispering in her ear

" long has it been since we did this...?" Peter moaned

"Too long..." Felicia moaned

"Y... yes." Carol moaned, shuddering as she reached up and started grouping Rogue's breasts

"Come on Spider, fill my pussy!" Felicia moaned "Fuck this Kitty's pussy!'

Peter increased his speed, passionately kissing her as he released inside her pussy. "How's that...?" Peter joked

"Fucking...awesome..." Felicia kissed down his neck.

Peter pulled out slowly and lay Felicia down gently on the bed as he went over to Carol and Rogue who were still teasing each other "Looks like you're ready..." Peter caressed Carol's ass

" next...?" Carol moaned in pleasure

"Why not me...?" Rogue asked while having her breasts kneaded

"Don't worry...I promise: it'll be worth it..." Peter smirked as he entered Carol's dripping pussy

"AH!" she moaned

"I can't wait." Rogue pouted, crawling over to Felicia and sitting on the white haired woman's face "Can you please?" She whispered in need, her pussy inches from Felicia's face "I can return the favour, 69?" Felicia smiled and began to lick Rogue's pink pussy making the mutant moan in pleasure, while Rogue herself began to lick Felicia's cum filled pussy.

Peter and Carol were still fucking "God, how're you THIS tight when we've fucked this many times..." Peter moaned

"Must're so...good...!" Carol moaned with the momentum

"Thanks." Peter moaned as he moved his hips faster "So are you."

Carol moaned, wrapping her legs around him, and asked "Please don't stop!"

"I'll try not to..." Peter moaned as he began to suckle on her breast

"AH!" Carol moaned happily

"R-Rogue..." Felicia moaned as the two of them finished their 69 session

"More...need more..." Rogue moaned lying on her back. Felicia went and stroked Rogue's now sensitive legs and waist. Felicia began to rub her own pussy against Rogue's making the mutant and cat burglar moan again. The two where in the scissoring position, grinding their pussy's together. Peter's cum dribbling out, adding more lube. And with the lack of touch, Rogue's entire body was super sensitive. Felicia had slid one of Rogue's legs out of her boot and costume, now kissing and licking her leg and toes as the two continued to grind against each other "Oh fuck!" Rogue moaned in pure ecstasy

"Your pussy's so wet..." Felicia teased

"Oh...Mahma..." Rogue continued giggling in places "So...tickly..."

"Carol...I'm gonna..." Peter began to reach his limit

"In me! In me!" Carol went faster but still had Peter inside of her.

"FUCK!" Peter groaned, filling her womb

"GOD YES PETER!" Carol screamed in pleasure

"CAT!" Rogue screamed, cumming against the leather clad cat burger

Peter pulled himself out of Carol's pussy, unfortunately his cock was flaccid. 'Come on, come on...You promised Rogue!' He began to jack off to get hard again while seeing Rogue and Felicia still in tribadism.

"So...Good..." Carol moaned pleasurably

"Peter..." Rogue asked with a flustered face

"Hey...hey I'm here..." Peter smiled with a now erect cock

"Kept your promise, hey Spider..." Felicia smiled

"I want you to enjoy this." Peter smiled as he kissed Rogue tenderly which maintained his hardness.

Rogue shuddered on the bed, loving the feeling of pleasure the simplest touch provided. Peter positioned himself over Rogue's pussy and inserted himself into her; obviously climaxing three times, once from a blowjob and twice from intercourse, had made him sensitive, but Rogue had been busy with her pussy with Felicia and Carol. "Oh Gahd! I've missed you!" Rogue moaned happily hugging Peter

"Me or junior?" Peter joked as he increased his speed.

"Y-you..." Rogue answered tongue kissing with Peter. Peter smiled, kissing her back as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her Meanwhile Felicia and Carol crawled down, licking at Rogue's ass and Peter's cock as it slid out of Rogue respectively

"'Ah...'Ah don't go without you...THIS long..again!" Rogue gasped as her hair was now wet with sweat.

"Didn't Remy try and...hit on you...while you were there?" Peter asked as he kissed on her neck

" pussy's...yours!" Anne-Marie explained between the pleasure.

'Fuck, if this keeps up...' Peter thought "Anne...I'm..."

"Don't pull out. I wanna see stars..." Rogue smiled

"Argh!" Peter came inside of Rogue making her see those stars, she had run out of energy and fell asleep. 'Note to self: take Viagra next time...' He joked

"Peter...Peter...where are you?" Rogue muttered in her sleep

"I'm here. I'm here." Peter smiled kissing her. She smiled in her sleep, curling up at his side


*in a different part of the house*

" were...hmm..." Elaine smiled

"You were better." Kaine smiled

" ever regret what we did?" Elaine asked

"Kind of a weird question..." Kaine answered "but no. No I don't regret what we do."

"That's not...entirely what I meant..." Elaine snuggled close to him.

"Listen: we wear protection, you're on the pill...You don't mean: you regret meetin me, do you?" Kaine asked thinking of the obvious answers

"No! No I don't regret us hook in up...I mean: the bad things." Elaine asked

"You mean both of us doing what we did in our lives? Yeah, every day. Still if I didn't do what I did, I'd never have met you." Kaine answered kissing Elaine

"I love you." Elaine snuggled into him.

"I love you to." He said with a rare smile

*elsewhere... again*

"Wahooo! That was fan-fucking-tastic!" Wanda laughed lightly as she lay next to Ben

"Yea." He nodded in agreement, holding his fellow blonde close

"I need to think of something awesome for Grey and Ghost for hooking me up with you." Wanda thought aloud

"No thanks necessary Wanda, you two are some of my fave characters ever and I thought you'd be awesome together." Grey replied

"Oh you flatterer." Wanda giggled

"Speak for yourself Grey. Wanda, do me a solid will ya?" Ghost answered

"Yeah what?" Wanda asked

"Make sure if you DO have kids at the end, don't name the little douchey one after me." Ghost asked

"No promises." Wanda laughed

"Damn it..." Ghost deadpanned

"You know... for most people crazy is crazy. But for you... it's strangely sexy." Ben smiled.

"I think the Internet agrees with you." Wanda giggled

"Just ask anyone who's seen Deadpool with Harley Quinn...*shudder* Oh...Harley." Ghost smiled

"Wait ME with Harley Quinn?!" Wanda shouted

"No, WADE with Harley...oh crap we've just created a fan service!" Ghost explained then shouted at the unintentional yet now unavoidable fan-storm.

"... it's also kinda awesome." Greu admits

"Oh yeah it is. But you're not the one who's got to draw it!" Ghost explained

"Let's just leave that to the people who read the story." Wanda called out

"Wait what?" Ben asked

"Nothing dear." She smiled, patting his chest


The rest of the harem, besides Julia who went home to her daughter, where laying in bed in their sleepwear "Natasha. You awake?" Gwen asked

"Yeah..." She replied

"Do you think one of us is pregnant?" Gwen asked innocently

"Why?" Natasha asked

"It's an innocent question." Gwen argued

"True. But why ask it?" Natasha looked at her lover's first.

"I'm just thinking, how many times have we ALL been with Peter?" Gwen pointed out "And not all those times we wore protection."

"Hmm... I'd say maybe." Natasha shrugged

"I'm kinda young for it." Gwen muttered

"Hey, it's fine. All of us will be there for you." Natasha assured

"Thanks." Gwen smiled

"There was a time when a hero, the Scarlet Witch, had a mental break down. She used her power to completely change realty so it as everyone's dream. And in that world, he was married to you and the two of you had a son." Natasha smiled

"Whoa...I feel sorry for her..." Gwen was astonished "Wait if she changed the world, how come you remember?"

"She eventually changed it back, whipped out 80% of the mutant population, and everyone remembers the way the world was."

" did everyone take it? Knowing about that dream reality?" Gwen asked concerned

"Everyone took it differently. Peter moved on, just glad he could have had the chance." Natasha shrugged "A lot of people hated Wand. And Wolverine remembered his entire life, before then he couldn't remember much beyond when he was experimented on."

"We'll make his dream a reality." Gwen spoke confidently following with a yawn

"*yawn* Yeah, night..." Natasha rolled over to sleep.

"Night." Gwen smiled, hugging Natasha close as she fell asleep

Beside them, Jess rubbed her stomach softly as she slept