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Prologue – The Curse's Beginnings
Thebes, City of the Living, crown jewel of Pharaoh Seti the First, home of Loki, Pharaoh's high priest and keeper of the dead; birthplace of Thor, the Pharaoh's male lover. No other man or woman was allowed to touch him. But for their love, the two were willing to risk life itself.

Thor walked into the large ante-chamber, his unique blond locks (that had drawn him into the Pharaoh's attention in the first place) were pulled back at the nape of his neck to reveal the full extent of the artwork added across his bronzed, rippling muscles. He wore very little, at his Pharaoh's order, only a short loincloth giving him any sense of comfort. Glancing about wearily he managed a weak, but no less bright, smile for his true love's followers to receive bows and small smiles in return. Though many of them remained silent, their eyes told Thor everything.

Gathering strength from the warmth in their eyes, as they moved to shut the doors behind him, Thor strode towards the large balcony to meet the man he had been aching for the whole day. His clear blue eyes met a comforting, sparkling green that never failed to take his breath away. The emotions roiling within them and the secrets they must hold drew the blond in like no others had ever done before. Feeling as if he were floating, he grew ever closer to the man he loved and took in all of him hungrily.

Loki had silky ebony locks that fell freely about aristocratic and defined features and Thor knew his robes, as the Pharaoh's high priest, hid sleek and wiry muscles. Despite the harsh sun that constantly shined down within their home, the priest's skin remained pale and flawless.

Loki met Thor half-way and they froze, the small space between them filled with tension and electricity as Thor lifted a shaking, calloused palm to touch Loki before pausing just above his skin and tracing the air around it. Loki closed his eyes, inhaling deeply, leaning into the invisible touch before lifting his own palms to do the same to Thor's own stubbled jaw. Instantaneously, the two leaned in and the moment their lips touched all else ceased to exist between them.

Thor was swept up in a heat wave far more powerful than the lands outside could produce as lust pooled in his belly and spread through him without pause. He felt Loki's cool, slender fingers touching his heated skin and could not help the moan that escaped his lips as he leaned into the man further, eliciting a breathy moan of his own from the highly composed man making him smirk smugly.

Loki, feeling this, renewed his attack on the taller man's lips flicking his tongue coyly over the plump lips attached to his own before retreating playfully. Before the mischievous priest could go further their lusts were cooled instantly when they heard a shuffle behind them, by the door, and a familiar voice echo towards them.

"What are you doing here?"

Thor looked fearfully at his lover, it was the Pharaoh! Thinking quickly, Thor shoved Loki closer to where the Pharaoh would enter, hiding him behind a convenient pillar before rushing to stand near the balcony and act as if he were waiting eagerly for the Pharaoh.

Trying not to give away his love, Thor forced himself to relax and smile coyly towards Seti as he entered, feeling hopeful as the man smiled lustfully back only to feel as if his stomach dropped to his very feet when the man frowned and pointed towards the artwork on his shoulders.

"Who has touched you?" the Pharaoh demanded heatedly, anger sparking in his eyes.

Seeing movement, Thor glances up in time to see Loki reveal himself causing Seti to turn as well, "Loki! My Priest?" the man gasped before reaching for his blade.

Without thinking, Thor reached for his hidden dagger and stabbed Seti in the back, unwilling to allow harm to befall the man he loved so deeply, the only man who had treated him with love and as a person rather than a possession. Loki quickly followed up by grabbing the Pharaoh's sword and stabbing the man through the chest killing him off.

Thor had no time to feel relief as he had only just fell into his lover's arms when they heard the clamoring and banging upon the doors to the chamber.

"Pharaoh's bodyguards," Loki's smooth, lilting voice soothed something in Thor and the blond knew what he must do. Gently extracting himself, and instantly drawing Loki's attention, Thor pushed the more delicate man towards the balcony where another exit could be used, "You must go. Save yourself," he urged, eyes determined as he straightened himself to face what he planned to do.

"No," Loki snarled, pulling Thor closer to him, knowing exactly what was going through the blond's mind, "You cannot do this," the ebony haired man choked out, eyes watering and filled with turmoil, "not without me."

Thor smiled sadly, his own eyes tearing at the sight of his strong lover brought to this; leaning forward his kissed him gently, only a bare, brush of the lips before he wrenched himself away as Loki's priests came to drag him away at Thor's silent orders, "Only you can resurrect me," he said teasingly, not truly believing his words but he would not allow the man he loved to die.

Loki struggled against the strong hold his loyal priests had on him as they dragged him away, "I won't leave you!" he managed to get an arm free only to have it quickly recaptured and his feet physically lifted from the floor, he was far too emotional to do any real harm, "Get away from me!" he snarled down at them but he was ignored as they continued to force him away. Calling back desperately, Loki attempted to commit his exuberant lover to memory, "You shall live again, Thor, I will resurrect you!" he promised.

The last he physically saw of Thor, the blond was smiling lovingly towards him, eyes filled with such sadness as he seemed unable to stop himself from reaching for Loki for comfort as he always did in such times.

Thor, turned, picking up the knife he had used to help kill his Pharaoh and clutching it tightly, he straightened himself to meet the Magi proudly as his father had taught him before the Egyptians had taken his people and Seti determined him a perfect prize. Standing over the fallen Pharaoh he met the shocked faces of the Magi, whom he had all befriended and offered a sad, but no less radiant smile, "My body is no longer his temple," he stated simply, lifting the dagger, "And I will have my freedom," here, he never paused as he plunged the dagger through his own ribs.

He felt his body caught gently by the Magi, and he felt the cool fingers of Anubis come to take him. His last thoughts were towards Loki, his only love, and if he truly meant his words. Part of him would be happy to be brought back, if only to see the man he loved again and live a happy life with him, but another part was torn and wished to pass on to be with his people. With those last conflicting thoughts, Thor passed into the afterlife.

To resurrect Thor, Loki and his priests broke into his crypt and stole his body. They raced deep into the desert taking Thor's corpse to Hamunaptra, city of the Dead, ancient burial site for the sons of pharaohs and resting place for the wealth of Egypt. For his love, Loki dared the gods' anger by going deep into the city where he took the black Book of the Dead from its holy resting place. Thor's soul had been sent to the dark underworld and her vital organs removed and placed in five sacred canopic jars.

Hamunaptra – 1290 B.C.

Loki pushed his horses harder than he ever had before across the vast sands of his homeland, glancing every now and then back towards the bandaged form of his lost love. He knew how much Thor would have laughed that they had given him an Egyptian burial. He had shared with Loki, during one of their nightly trysts, that his people believed in burning the bodies of their dead so that they may be free to join with nature should they choose. Loki remembered thinking how ridiculous it had sounded and had teased the blond mercilessly, but now he could only feel a mixture of fury and relief. Fury that the Magi had not abided by Thor's peoples' rituals of death thus sullying his pride and relief that they hadn't so that Loki could perform this ritual to return his love to him.

When he saw the Hamunaptra rise up from the dunes, he could not help but push his horses even faster, his priests trying desperately to keep up with him. Soon, Thor would be back with him and they could run away together. This spurred Loki further and helped him to push aside the rational voice in his mind telling him Thor would not like this and they would only be able to live as fugitives from the gods and Magi should he succeed. All he could think of, however, was his blond lover's smile and how his great, booming laugh that never failed to bring so many of Loki's emotions forth in one tumultuous wave.

Soon enough, they were in the heart of the City and Thor's body was reverently unwound from its bandages as he was laid out upon the table, looking as if he were merely resting his eyes and not dead. Loki felt his heart wrench and he had to swallow hard to remove the knot in his throat before he began to read from the book, desperation coloring his tone and magic while his priests bowed and chanted as they were instructed to around them. From the pool before him a dark shape lifted from the writhing mass of tar-like substance and settled over his love's body.

Suddenly, Thor's eyes shot open and he gasped making Loki's heart lift as he raised his knife exuberantly to finish the ritual.

Thor's soul had come back from the dead. But Pharaoh's bodyguards had followed Loki and stopped him before the ritual could be completed.

Loki watched in tortured silence as Thor's eyes met his own in recognition before his soul was wrenched from him once more, and he laid dead and cold upon the slab of stone. Loki was far to numb to struggle against the hold the guards had on him, cold and in shock at watching his love die once more while he still had breath to prevent it.

Loki's priests were condemned to be mummified alive. As for Loki, he was condemned to endure the Hom-Dai, the worst of all ancient curses, one so horrible it had never before been bestowed.

He was to remain sealed inside his sarcophagus – the undead for all eternity.

The Magi would never allow him to be released for he would rise as a walking disease, a plague upon mankind, an unholy flesh eater with the strength of ages, power over the sands, and the glory of invincibility.

DeRanged: So? What did you think?

Loki: Why is it that I am with this fool?

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Loki: *raises unimpressed eye* For one, Thor, I am not your brother. Secondly, I've had a six legged horse and a wolf for children. Do you really think incest is something I care about when choosing my partner?

Thor: *looks at Loki for a moment before speaking* So you would not be adverse to such an act?

Loki: *heaves a sigh of exasperation* Is that not what I just said?

Thor: *grins* Then, would you like to accompany me to a romantic dinner, Loki?

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Thor: *tilts head* If you mean to ask, if I asked to court you, then yes.

Loki: *tries to hide a flush behind a superior chin tilt* If it is an abysmal date then I reserve the right to take over Earth.

Thor: *chuckles while herding Loki out* Whatever you say, Loki *turning back to me, now alone again, to wink*

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