Bruised and battered the gang panted in the rubble of what was the Avenger's tower. Yet another battle on their home front it seems.

"Y'know," Tony began, leading the whole group to groan in unison and Steve even to say 'don't start', "I'm just saying it's a recurring theme I'm seeing here."

Nat caressed the Hulk's arm, making him fall over, "Well I'm seeing us temporarily homeless. Gonna do something about that, Stark?"

The battered suit turned it's head towards her, "Excuse me? What am I going to do about it? You don't know any good hotels?"


Tony sighed as they pulled up to a little suburban style city. He knew one place they could at least relax a while and get a free meal at.

It took nearly an hour for the rest of the gang to meet him where he'd designated. Well, he was there within a matter of minutes, they needed a longer time. Thor not know how Earth works and the others not being able to fly. Tony smirked, flight was awesome.

The house they met at was a relatively nice sized, two level home of grey bricks and white roof. Considering how different it was from the rest of the house it clearly had work done to it, built from the ground up. All that said it was to be expected that even the yard was well manicured.

"Alright, where are we?" Nat, once again, was the first to speak as the group pulled up.

Tony was sipping some cold bottled water as they began congregating around, "We're at mama's place."

Steve looked at the home, "This is a nice house. New?"

"Yep, I just bought it as an 'I love you and you need more room' gift," Stark smiled to himself as he put his finger on a certain stone to have the print scanned.

"Your mom's house?" Nat raised a brow, "Did you really decide to bring us to mom's place?"

Thor scoffed, a little embarrassed at Tony, "What sort of man runs to his mother for aid?"

The tone in his voice just wasn't agreeing with the genius. Tony turned and raised a brow at the godling, "I'm sorry, do you have a mother you can go to?" he noted the change in expression, "Do any of you?" he put a hand to his ear as the group became interested in the scenery, "I thought not, so don't attempt to judge me for the love and safety I receive from mine."

That cut them all deep to hear such a thing spoken. Especially Thor as it had not been long since his mother being slain.

"That was uncalled for," Steve sighed.

"It totally was called for! Trying to tease me like that. The truth hurts," he stepped inside the house expecting them to follow, "Take your shoes off."


The gang examined the decorations as they settled in, removing their coats and shoes at the door.

It was just as huge on the inside, if not more so, than it looked on the outside. High ceilings and everything in a certain level of order. They entered at the back of the stairs to the second level and just looked around as they walked in.

"Well I'll say one thing about your mommy," Clint looked around, "You sure do care a great deal about her."

Tony glanced back, "Her?" he snickered and walked to the kitchen, "Water?"

Natalia inspected the decorations and furniture, taking her water bottle and walking past a fish tank with few male and female fancy guppies and panda cory. It even had two beautiful Red female Veiltail Betta. Very calm and soothing. She continued on as the group sat to discuss what just happen.

She came into the livingroom and her eyes fell on a photo frame. She picked up the tan, heart covered picture holder and looked at the photo. It was a picture of Tony with an arm around his friend Rhodes' shoulder looking all buddy buddy as guys tended to. Nothing out of the normal there, even made her shake her head and smile, until she read the frame.

'Mama, you're the greatest. Love Tony.' she read in her mind before turning towards the kitchen, "Tony, whose your mom?"


"Yeah?" the Colonel walked down the stairs just as he was called, "Oh you're all here. Good."

The group kinda gawked to the man when he entered. All of them, with the exception of Steve, were a little disturbed to hear that.

The archer stared at the genius, "Wait, he's the 'mama' you keep referring to?"

Tony nodded slowly, "Yeah? I thought you guys already knew that."

"How would we know that unless you told us?" Nat gave him a weird look.

"Well you seem to know a lot about me before we even got eachother's names," he smiled to her, getting an eye roll.

"Please put that down," Rhodes motioned to the photo frame in her hand, "Does he actually hide that?"

"No," Steve scoffed, "They probably just don't pay that much attention."

" are a man," Thor looked to Rhodes, "How..." he paused and thought, his brother has given birth to an eight legged horse so perhaps this wasn't so odd. Rhodes youthful appearance actually meant very little to him, plenty in Asgaurd had children young.

As the group was trying to come to terms with the fact that Tony called his best friend 'mama' a woman with red hair stepped from the bathroom, wiping her damp neck.

"Thanks for letting me use your shower James," she smiled and pat his back, she started to leave until she noticed the goateed man, "Oh hey Tony. I love how you constantly change your hair, last time I saw you it was a beard." he happily squeezed his chin before skipping out.

The group's attention all turned to Rhodes with wide eyes as he smiled and walked her to the door and waved her goodbye.

He turned back and saw their amazed faces, "What?"