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Eric Scott..

A/U season 2.. Angelus is the big bad and Spike is looking for a way to take him out.. He

knows the slayer won't or can't... But he has an ace up his sleeve... The slayers White Knight...

Xander walked onto his front porch.. He had just finished his latest Solo Patrol as he likes to

call them and he was very proud of himself.. He had been patrolling by himself every since

Angel went Angelus and Buffy couldn't do her job to her best ability... Xander snorted to

himself... "Not even to my ability." He walked up the steps and turned quickly... "Come out."

He frowned as a peroxide blond vampire walked out of the shadows.. "What the hell do you

want? And shouldn't you be rolling up to me right now?" Spike chuckled as he took a drag off

his cigerette... "I've been watching you droops... your not half bad." Xander just stared at the

blond vampire... "I want your help." Xander noticed that he said want instead of need... but he

just shrugged it off mentally and nodded for Spike to continue.. "I want rid of Angelus mate...

And your the only help I can get at the moment." Xander snorted... "I can't beat him... Yet."

Spike smiled and chuckled as he stomped out the butt of his cigerette and looked at Xander.. "I

can help you there to mate.. Don't get me wrong.. I have a few demands of my own.." Xander

nodded for him to continue.. " When this is over you let Drusilla and I go.." Xander looked in

thought.. "You'll leave Sunnydale?" Spike shrugged... " Thats the idea mate.. To many bad

memories of the place to suit me.." Xander looked in thought... " Meet me at Westside

Cemetery tomarrow at midnight.. I need a training partner.. And If I can take you WE might

have a chance with deadboy.." Spike nodded as Xander turned and went into his house.. Spike

slipped back in the shadows..

Xander walked into Sunnydale High library at 7:30 the next morning.. All of his friends noticed

he was diffrent from the fun loving Xander they had known the year before... gone were the

bright colored hawaiian shirts and pants.. replaced by either dark colors or white... He walked

in and leaned against the wall closest to Giles's office... He listened as they reported in last

nights patrol.. Buffy was relaying what had happened " We only found four vamps Giles.. it was

an easy night.. I got two and Willow and Oz took two.. See easy." Xander raised his

eyebrows.. He dusted at least eight last night by himself.. he mentally shrugged it off as luck and

sat to listen as Willow told the story.. "We were walking into eastside cemetery when we were

jumped by two vamps.. I was scared but Oz protected me.." Xander let a small smile touch his

lips. it quickly dissappeared as everyone noticed him.. "What did you do last night Xan?"

Xander shruged.. " Not much Buff.. Movie and pizza at home.. sounds like you had a boring

night to." Buffy only shrugged.. " Up for patrol tonight?" Xander shook his head.. " Nah.. I got a

little thing to do for the next few weeks.. Pretty busy schedule.." Everyone looked at him

strangely as he pushed himself off the wall. " See you guys later." Xander waved as he walked

out of the library.. Buffy looked at her friends "Its probably better for him to stay in anyway.."

The others nodded there agreements.. Xander smiled to himself outside of the library doors... "

If only they knew.." He chuckled as he walked toward his first class..

Xander walked into his first period class the next day.. a big purple bruise on his left cheek...

"Damn british bastard... At least I know he's on my side now.." He mumbled to himself as he

sat down.. he skipped the morning scooby session.. he didn't want the third degree about his

face.. he would just say he was leaving the bronze and was attacked but still.. he didn't want

them to worry.. He watched as Cordelia walked up the steps... "What the hell happened to

you?" Xander smiled at her.. "Got in a fight with a blond.. He won." Cordelia didn't smile or

laugh.. she looked worried.. "You really shouldn't go out at night Xand.. Your not Buffy.."

Xander was fighting to hold in his anger.. but he couldn't help but get a little defensive.. "Since

when does that matter?" Cordelia is shocked by his anger.. She doesn't show it long and she

takes a seat with the Cordettes... Xander closed his eyes and waited till school was over.. He

walked into the cemetery The blond vamp was waiting for him.. as Xander walked closer..

they each threw a punch......

3 Weeks Later~~~~~~~~~

Xander walked quickly into the library after hearing very bad news earlier that morning just

before sunrise... He flew through the doors with a calm calculated look on his face... He noticed

everyone is looking at him.. "G-Man... We have one hell of a problem." Giles looked at him

with almost no emotion on his face at first.. then confusion... "What might that be Xander?"

Xander tilted his head to the side.... "Angel has Acatha." Giles's face went from confusion to

fear... Xander looked at him and smirked... "Oh.. And I have to fight him tonight." Everyone

was shocked at the smirk on his face.. Buffy was in the most shock.. "You can't take Angel!"

Xander smiled... they heard a voice from behind the stacks.. "Packs more of a punch than you

slayer." Everyone turned to see Spike walking from the stacks.. his trademark cigerette in his

hand.. "So Mate? Ready for the grand finale?" Xander chuckled and walked toward Spike as

everyone else just stared dumbly... "Of course. Did you see the look on Angelus's face when I

challenged him?" Spike chuckled as he stomped on his cigerette.. Giles looked astonashed

"You pick that up!" Spike did quickly.. He then looked around and frowned.. "What are you all

bloody staring at?" Buffy blinked and raised her stake. "Woah now slayer.. I'm on your side.. at

least for now." Xander glared at him.. "Fine.. I'm leaving the second we defeat Angelus.. Right

Droops?" Xander sighed.. "Right Billy.".. Spike chuckled.. " Ya know Angelus has been a little

afraid of you since the hospital incident." Everyone looked at Xander as he glared at Spike.

Buffy looked at Xander curiously.. "What incident?" Xander shrugged.. " No biggie." Spike

laughed.. "You faced down Angelus and you say No Biggie.. Hell take credit when its do you

bloody wanker... Hell i'm glad you did it.. I wouldn't want a vampire slayer as a vampire."

Everyone looked at Xander... "He's um... exagerating.. Really." Everyone was still looking at

him as Cordelia walked in and screamed.. "Whats that thing doing here?!" Spike looked at her

with his mouth open.. " I resent that!" Xander chuckled.. "Remember the day I had that bruise

on my cheek?" Cordelia nodded... "He's the blond that did it. Only now I kick his ass." Spike

grumbled.. "I told you those were lucky shots." Everyone is looking at the two.. Buffy blinks..

"You two are friends?".. The both look at her like she's crazy and yell at the same time.. "Are

you bloody Crazy?!!!" Xander took over from there... "I'm only using his ass to get rid of

Angelus.. Basterds been threatening me and my friends he's going to be dust.. Buffy looked at

him sighing... "You can't take Angel." Xander looked at her for a moment.. "I think your getting

us confused Buff.. Unlike you I'll have no problem shoving a stake through his heart.." Xander

turned and walked out of the library.. Spike looked at the group.. "Talk about

underappreciated.. The whelps been slaying more vamps and demons then all of you combined

for the last year... Wankers.." Spike turned and walked back to the sewer entrance.. The

scoobs looked at eachother in shock.. Willow is looking at the doors Xander walked out of "I

can't believe he did this!" Willow looks at Buffy... " Go tell him we'll try the spell again..." Buffy

nodded dumbly and followed him out of the library..... She didn't find him until he was walking

into the mansion... "Xander." Xander turned to look at her... "Willow said she's trying the spell

again..." Xander shrugged... "Why should I care?" Buffy took a step back.... "We'll have Angel

back.." Xander looked at her like she was stupid... "No Buff.. You'll have Angel back... Look

I'll put his dusting off as long as I can.. I just hope you can live with loseing me for him..."

Xander turned and walked into the mansion.. leaving a very confused vampire slayer.. Buffy

followed him as he walked into the mansion... She watched as Xander walked toward a smiling

Angel... "So the white knight actually showed... I'm impressed... I didn't think you had it in ya.."

Xander doesn't say anything as he looks at Angel... without warning they jump toward

eachother..Angel gets the best of Xander and throws him into Acathla.. His shoulder is cut on

the edge as he falls to the ground.. he quickly stands and pulls the sword from the demons

chest.. Angel looks at him in shock for a second then pulls a sword off the wall.. he chuckles...

"I know you wanted a one on one but thats just not possible..." Angel looked around for a

second not seeing his minions... "That means get him!" no one moved.. Xander smiled as

someone began chuckling... Spike walked out of the darkness.. a shocked Drusilla moves

beside Angel... "I want to see if the bloke can take ya Angelus... I told your little gang to take a

walk..." Angel glares at him in rage.. Then turns back to Xander... all of the present company

seem to not notice the swirling vortex opening behind them... Xander and Angel run toward

eachother as there swords clash Spike grabs Drusilla and pulls her out the back... only three

remain in the room.... Angel, Xander and Buffy... all of them knowing only two would walk

out... Xander carefully lunged as did Angel.. both sidestepping at the last second cutting only

there shirts as he circled... "I underestimated you boy..." Xander just looks coldly... " No one

messes with my friends.." Angel smirks and jumps forward bringing his sword down in an arch..

Xander ducks under the blow and sidesteps to Angels side.. he turns the sword him his hand so

the flat edge is running down his forearm.. he spins as Angel goes past slicing into the vampires

stomach... Angel turned to him shocked as he fell to his knees... "Xander?" Xander looked in

his eyes and lowered his sword slowly.. He could tell that Angel was back... Xander fought

down the urge to dust the vamp anyway... He watched as Buffy ran over and began to hug

Angel... He turned away and for the first time saw the vortex... "Uh.. guys.. How do we close

this?" Both Angel and Buffy looked up to see the vortex... both looked scard... "Blood." Buffy

said lowly... both Xander and Angel heard her... "Blood opens it and blood closes it..." Xander

looked down at his shoulder and sighed... " Both of you get out of here.." Buffy and Angel both

looked at Xander... Buffy in fear and Angel in nothing short of respect... " We'll find another

way Xand.." Xander shook his head... " By the time we do the whole town will be in hell... Just

go Buff... Take Angel with you.." Buffy was crying as she and Angel stood and began to walk

out the door... Xander walked toward the vortex slowly... "Take care of them Angel..." Angel

nodded silently As Xander took a deep breath and with one last look back stepped into Hell....

Okay.. thats the first part of the White Knight... In this story the Acathla portal doesn't really go to hell but a Hell dimension... All will be explained in further chapters.. expect large crossovers as Xander tries to get home with the help of a very badly dressed balance demon... This will eventually turn into a B/X story... eventually..


I own nothing... except my pride.. and thats fading fast...

Xander Harris stood above the open pit.. His skin had gotten significantly darker even though

he'd been near the fires for no more than a few days... his body was covered in second and

third degree burns and he was constantly in pain..but through it all he kept his cool cover.. he's

quick wit. and most of all.. his hope... "Hey kid.." Xander looked up to see a man dressed like

the seventies... Xander tried to talk but found he couldn't.. his throat felt like sandpaper with

every breath he drew... "So you ready to get outta here?" Xander only nodded weakly...

Whistler kinda smiled... "Thought so... Why don't we go somewhere... Cooler.." The man

snapped his fingers and the scenery changed.. gone were the fires and lava pits... all he saw

around his burnt and nearly naked body was the water... he sighed as he rolled over and fell

into the blue ocean.. Whistler kinda chuckled as the young man just floated there... still not

drinking... "Okay kid.. enougha this. We gotta talk.." Xander walked weakly out of the water

and held his hand like it had a glass in it.. he brought his empty hand to his mouth... Whistler

nodded... "Sure follow me kid... first we get you water.. then we get you cloths.." Xander and

Whistler sat at a table in a bar called Joe's... Xander had an empty shot glass next to a large

glass of ice water... "Ok kid.. Listen good... The powers that be aren't going to let you just go

back to your life... you have to prove yourself..." Xander chuckled.. "Who?" Whistler sighed...

"The powers that be... the overseer's of humanity.." Xander nodded finally catching on... "Ok...

here's how it is... The PTB think you have talent... they have been looking for a champion for

sometime and they think that your sacrifice proves your the best for the job..." Xander looks at

him.. "Me? I'm no hero.. I'm a coward.. They can find someone better.." Whistler chuckles...

"Belive it or not... your the better.. they had someone else picked out.. Angel.." Xander smiles..

he was picked above angel... he feels good... Whistler smiled as well.. he knew just what

buttons to push.. "Ok.. so basicly I go through a lot of shit and then they send me home?"

Whistler nods.. "You got the idea... I'll be back to check on ya from time to time..." Whistler

stands putting his hands into his pockets... "Oh and Kid..." Xander looks up to see the barrel of

a snub nose .38... "This might hurt.." He hears a click then it all goes black....


Duncan McCloud watched as the man shot the pre immortal at the table then ran out the door..

he ran after the man but as he ran out the door the killer had vanished... Duncan ran back to the

table just in time to feel the light buzz in the back of his mind dissappear.. Joe walked up behind

him... "I had to call the police Mac..." Duncan nodded all the time thinking of a way to break the

kid out of the morgue.. Duncan looked at the boy then at Joe... "Tell the watchers I'll train

him.." Joe nods walking back toward the bar to make another phone call... Duncan looked

down at the young man.. he already felt the spike in the buzz.. the kid was about to wake up...

"Help me move him into the back." Methos who was still at the bar looked at him wide eyed

and nodded.. each grabbing an arm and dragging the corpse into the back room... How the hell

am I going to explain this? thought Joe as he picked up the phone to call in a false alarm... and a

few of his contacts at the council and on the police force... Xander took a deep breath as he sat

up quickly... " He shot me.." Xander said very low... "That stupid polyester wearing Boogie

Nights reject shot ME!!" Xander jumped to his feet and looked around noticing the looks of

complete shock on the two immortals faces... "Were did he go?" Duncan and Methos both

shrug... they still haven't gotten over how quickly the kid had awaken... or how strong his

BUZZ was... both still had a slight headache.. Xander looked down at his chest.. he saw blood

and a hole in his shirt but no marks on his skin.. he looked at the two guys watching him... "He

did shoot me right?" Both Duncan and Methos nodded... "How am I alive right now... I'm not a

vampire am I?" Both Duncan and Methos shake there heads no.... Duncan looks at the young

man... "You are immortal.." Xander nods... "Oh...." With that the young mans eyes roll into the

back of his head and he falls to the floor unconciese... Methos looks at Duncan... "He took it

rather well don't you think?"

Ok.. there's part two of the white knight.. The reason I'm moving quickly is because i can't stop writing until I get this out of my head.. and I really want to finish my other fic.. The Daywalker before I get into another big project... which is what this is turning into in my head... thanks for all the reviews already and any ideas would be appreciated.. as for the immortal thing.. it will be explained why the PTB wanted him that way in another chapter.. hope you like the fic.. keep reviewing...


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Okay.. with all the positive reviews my artistic side.. (however small it may be) and my ego ( which is constantly growing) seem to want me to continue this fic... okay... now this might effect some of the fic but I thought I'd tell you the reason the PTB wanted Xander immortal.. If you want to know it will be at the very bottom of this part... since it won't be explained in the story for quite some time.. I'm talking at least another five or so parts.... so if you don't wanna know till then.. don't read the last paragraph!! Also.. many of you... I think all of my reviewers.. think that Xander should have aged more.. well his 17 or 18... and at that age your usually at your physical peak.. your pretty much grown.. from then on you body doesn't really change until your 25 or so... The thing that will age in Xander is his soul... he's already a completely diffrent person then he was in season 2 of Buffy.. his aged beyond his years... plus it isn't like he won't change.. facial hair... things like that will still grow... plus... We (both you and I) have no idea what suprises living on the hellmouth will give an immortal.. could be good... could be bad... don't really know yet.. on with the FIC....

Xander awoke minutes later... in the same shape as he was in when he fell... "You could of at least picked me up." Methos shrugged.. Xander looked around the room looking for the other guy.. "McCloud went to get a drink..." Xander nodded then looked at the man.. "Whats an Immortal anyway?" Methos sighed and began telling him of the game and the quickening... Xander listened to it all.. he didn't say a word until Methos nodded to him that he was finished... "I don't wanna kill a human.. I swore to protect humans." Methos sighs... "Xander... This game.. Its not murder... If anything its life... You fight to keep your own.. There are some. NOT MANY.. but SOME peaceful immortals.. those that don't fight.. or like McCloud and I don't like to fight.. BUT.. most immortals are not like that.. most are headhunters. Your life just turned into a fight for survival.. Think of it as nothing less than that... SURVIVAL.. You win they die.. you live.. Got it?" Xander nodded still in deep thought of how he was to live.. maybe he could run from the fights.. "And if a headhunter does come after you don't run.. they not only try to take your head but they kill your family and friends in the process..." There goes that idea thought Xander as he looked at the floor.. he felt the BUZZ and turned toward the door to see McCloud walking in.. " Have you told him?" Methos nodded.... "Okay.. As Methos told you... You are immortal.. you must fight to live.. and you must fight well... I'm here to insure you live a very long time... That is if you accept..." Xander hung his head... He didn't want to kill.. he wanted to save.. he never wanted to destroy he wanted to build.. but fate once again bit him on the ass... "Do I have a choice... I'm in.." McCloud nodded....


Sunnydale... Library.. After Acathla incident...

The group watched as a still crying Buffy and a weak looking Angel walked into the library... they noticed the distance between the two and thought it odd.. what Willow thought was odder even was that Xander wasn't there making a joke... "Where's Xander?" Buffy started crying harder and sat down as Angel just looked at the floor.. Willow at first looked confused.. then angry she jumped at Angel knocking the still weak vampire to the floor... "If you did anything to him I'll kill you!!!" Oz pulled his girlfriend off the vampire for her own safety.. He to looked mad enough to kill... "I didn't hurt him.." Everyone looked at the vampire.. all but the slayer not believing him.. Buffy finally spoke.. her voice full of sadness... "He didn't.." The group turned to Buffy... "Xander won..." Everyone looked shocked.. buffy kept talking... "But it was to late.. I asked him to not kill Angel.. If he would have he would still be here... If I would have.." Buffy broke down crying unable to say anymore.. Willow walked over and put her arm around her... Everyone looked at Angel to finish the tale.. He stood and sat in a chair.. " I.. Angelus.. couldn't open Acathla.. I tried everything... Then Xander showed up.. We were fighting and I threw him into the demon.. he was cut on the edge I think.. He pulled the sword from the demon and we started fighting again.. He beat me..." Angel said this words in a whisper.. still not believing it... "And I somehow got my soul back.." Everyone looked at Willow.. the vampire didn't notice.. " We noticed the portal was opening.. and Buffy said something about Blood opening and closing it.." Giles looked in shock.. "Dear god.." Everyone looked at Giles.. Willow and Oz not comprehending... "He went into the portal.." Angel and Buffy both nodded.. Giles sat down beside Buffy.. his eyes open and looked to be tearing up... "That poor man.." Everyone noticed how Giles used the word man.. Willow looked at Giles.. "What does this mean Giles?" Giles looked at Willow who was crying silent tears... "Xanders in hell... He's in eternal hell....." No one said anything.. the only noises that could be heard were the near silent sobs from his friends.. the only thing seen was the unwavering respect from his enemy... After several minutes Angel began talking... " I never like the kid.. " Everyone looked at him with disgust.. "Now I know why.." Everyone is still looking at him in hatred.. "I was jealous.. He had everything I wanted... Friends.. family... love... Honor... At first it was just because he annoyed me.. but when he forced me to take him to the masters lair... Thats when I began to envy him... He was a hero.. What he done tonight.. If the situation was reversed.. I don't think I could have done it.. I don't think I could have willingly walked into that portal... world be damned.." Everyone was staring at Angel as he took an unneeded breath... " He was a hero... In the hospital.. my demon said things to him... cruel things.. He was afraid.. that was obvious.. but he wouldn't back down.." Angel kinda chuckled... "Buffy's White Knight... Thats what I called him... I think he took it as a compliment.." Willow finally speaking.... "I remember when we were ten... His parents were in a big fight and he didn't want to be at his house so he came over to mine.. It just so happened that my parents were fighting that night.. they hardly ever fought.. I was scared and crying.. then I saw Xander smiling at me through my window.. He help me through the night.. the next morning things were fine.. but that night he was my rock.. he's always been my rock..." Fresh tears were flowing down her face as Oz held her.. they spent the rest of the night.. mourning there friend.. even Angel stayed till just before sunrise... laughing with the scoobs as Willow told embarressing stories..... The mourned... all except Giles... Who decided to find a way for Xander to come home... They needed him... They all needed there rock.....

Okay part 3 is over... I hope its getting better.. next chapter... expect Xander to start his training and a few suprises come from his immortality.. also.. The Funeral.....expect a tear jerker.. well maybe not.. but it will be good... I hope...

Okay.. i'm going in large spaces.. do not go beyond this line unless you want to know why Xander is immortal....

The PTB needed Xander immortal because what is seeming like two or three years to the scoobs will be more like 20 or 30 to xander... The PTB haven't had a human champion because to train to a champion's level you need many lifetimes... Xander was chosen and thrust into the life.. therefore the immortality.. And if your wondering why the PTB are going through all this trouble... Remember what Skip and Doyle say.. they treat our lives like a game.. they love to watch us do things... Xander is just a piece of the puzzle they want to see more of...