White Knight 15/?

Here we go White Knight part 15. Its a miracle you've read this. I can't believe I actually have people wanting me to continue. thanks for the reviews everyone.

Buffy awoke alone on the couch as the sun streamed through the front window. Her first thought is that last night was nothing but a dream. Then she see's Xanders' jacket hanging over her recliner and a smile comes to her face. She stands up quickly and searches the house not finding Xander finally she looks out a window to the back yard to see a shirtless Xander Harris doing a Sword Kata. Every movement flood. What she coulden't see was the blue eyes that stared at the the darkness of his eyelids. He felt Buffy watching him long before he opened his eyes. He opened his now brown eyes and smiled at her from the otherside of the window. He saluted her with his katana and moved toward the back door. As he walks in he smiles again. "Morning Buff." Buffy smiles and hugs him. "Morning." Xander steps out of her arms. "Are you okay?" He looks at her with concern. "I'm better than okay Xand. I'm great." Xander smiles then hugs her again as they stand in the doorway they both feel another set of arms. Xander can't help but smile. "Morning Dawn-patrol." "Morning." Dawn says happily as they break up the group hug. "I kinda thought it was a dream. That you really didn't come back." Xander smiles and hugs her tighter. " I'll never be gone forever Dawn. I'll always come home." They three stand there in a comfortable silence. Finally Xander breaks it. "Get to cooking Women. The men are hungry." Buffy and Dawn playfully slap him and they all walk farther into the kitchen.


Xander walked alone into the Magic Box. Giles see's him from behind the counter and offers him a fatherly smile. Xander smiles back then takes a seat at the table. "What do you need to know?" Giles takes a seat across from him. "I've done some research Xander. According to my text there are five champions at a time. One for Earth. One for Humanity. One for Animals. One for demons. And One called the Guardian. The leader of the five. The protector of the slayer. And the savior of humanity. Which one are you?" Xander smiled and stood pacing. "In the time of the end days I will stand beside the slayer. I will fight for humanity with the help of the champions. I will rise above imagination. Taking the form of the true savior." Giles looks at him. "Thats from the codex. Well in first person." Xander chuckles and nods. "Yeah. According to Whistler thats me." Giles looks at him in shock. "The Guardian." Xander nods. "The White Knight." Xander takes a seat back across from Giles. "Giles. Any research you can do I'd really appreciate. I don't know much about myself anymore. And I'd like to find the other Champions." Giles nodded. "Do you know any of them?" Xander sighs. "Angel is the Champion of Humanity. As far as the others I have no clue." Giles chuckled. "Angel. The champion of Humanity?" Xander smiled. "I know. Wierd huh?" Giles wiped his glasses. "Very much so." Xander and Giles looked up as Faith walked into the room. "Hey G-Man. Boytoy." Xander chuckled as Faith took a seat at the head of the table and put her feet on it leaning back. "Anything need slaying?" Xander chuckled. "She's diffinatly a slayer." Giles nodded. "Yes they do seem to have the same violent tendencies." Faith looks at them. "Hey. Right here ya know?" Xander nodded. "Hard not to notice." Giles rolled his eyes. "Xander. Could I get you to do me a favor?" Xander nodded. "Sure G-Man. Whats up?" Giles scoffs. "How many time do I have to tell you not to call me that infernal nickname?" Xander laughed. "You have no idea how much I missed hearing that. So what do you need Giles?" Giles handed him a book. "I need this delivered to San Fransisco. Can you do it?" Xander nodded. "Sure G-Man. This the address?" He held a yellow post it that was on the inside cover of the book. "Yes. Thank you Xander." Xander shruged. "No problem." He looked at Faith. "You and Buff be careful on patrol." Faith rolled her eyes. "Whats the fun in that boytoy?" Xander sighed as he shook his head. "Now I know how you feel Giles." Giles chuckled. "Don't like it much do you?" Xander smiled and shrugged. "Actually I find it funny. Seya. Tell Buffy and the others I'll be back tomarrow." With that Xander walked out the door of the magic box and onto his stolen Ninja. "Maybe I should go by the bank first."


Xander slid his new Suzuki Katana to a stop in front of an older looking two story house. He took the books from his saddle bags and walked toward the door. He knocked quickly and moved his head around looking at the house. As the door opened he looked down to see a very pretty girl about 22 or so looking at him. "Can I help you?" Xander smiled nodding. "I have a book for Prue Halliwell. Is she home?" The girl nodded waving Xander in. "I'm Phoebe." Xander nodded. "Xander." Xander looked toward the stairs to see a man and a woman walking down. the man saw him and stopped in his tracks. "Alexander Harris?" Xander nodded ready to defend himself if he had to. The man smiled and walked down the stairs in front of the woman. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Leo and this is my wife Piper." Xander nodded taking the mans offered hand in a firm handshake. "Nice to meet you to. How do you know me?" Leo chuckled. " Everyone on the upper plain knows who you are. Your the Guardian." Xander looked at him confused. "Your a whitelighter?" Leo nodded still smiling. "And Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are the charmed ones." Xander looks at them in slight shock. then shakes his head. "What is it with the tough girls. There all hot." Leo laughs. "No kidding. Have you seen..." He stops talking quickly when Piper hits his arm. "Uh. Never mind." Xander and Phoebe chuckle as the door opens. "Phoebs. Help me.. Whose this?" Xander smiles. "Xander. I'm delivering the book you bought from Rupert Giles." Prue nodded turning nononsense buisness girl. "Thank you. I'll get my checkbook." She left the room. Xander looked at Leo who shruged. "She's not a people person." Xander chuckled and sat the book on the table. "Leo. I was wondering if you know where the other champions are?" Leo looked thoughtful. "Theres a Vampire with a soul in L.A." Xander nodded. "Angel. Yeah he's the only one I know. I thought I'd find the others." Leo nodded. "I'll tell you what I'll find out what I can and be in touch." Xander nodded. "Thanks. I have a feeling I'm going to need some help guarding the hellmouth." Leo nodded as Phoebe spoke to him. "If you ever need us you know where to find us." Xander smiled. "Thanks. Knowing my luck I'll need it." Phoebe laughed as Prue walked in and handed Xander a check. "That should cover it." Xander nodded and put the check in his wallet without looking at it. "I'll talk to you later." Xander began to walk toward the door as Leo called out to him. "I'll find the others for you. See you in a few days." Xander waved and nodded his thanks. As he closed the door Prue turned to Leo. "What was that about?" Leo grinned. "You were just rude to the savior of the human race." Leo, Phoebe and Piper all laughed at the look of utter shock on Prue's face.

Okay how was that? Next Xander finds the location of a champion. one question. Should they be original characters? Or Crossover Characters? Keep reviewing.

White Knight 16/16..

I've decided to end the white knight and make it into a type of series. the next fic in the series will be called The Champions. It will be about Xander's search for the champions. Some of which will be normal humans. Others not so normal Humans. The will act almost the exact opposite of what they are champions for. (Ex. Angel Vamp. Peoples champ.) Anyway here is the final part in the first book of THE GUARDIAN series. Thank you.

Xander stood in the magic box talking with Giles as the door flew open and Spike ran in with a beagel dog in his hands. "You gotta help me Rupes." Xander looks from the dog to Spike then back to the dog. Giles takes off his glasses. "What seems to be the problem Spike?" Spike is looking around the room making sure no one is there. "Okay. I went to the pound. Ya know. I was hungry. Anyway I find this good natured dog here and just before I sink my fangs in and drain the little basterd dry. It tells me he bites back." Xander bust out laughing and Giles barely contains his laughter. Spike looks at the dog and nodded. "Yeah I know." Xander looks at him curiously. "He said your an idiot." Xander glares at the dog. "Hey! You wanna be vamp food?" Everyone in the room could swear the dog stuck his tongue out at Xander. Xander was about to say something else when a bright light filled the room and a man stood beside Xander. Giles gasp in shock. "A whitelighter." Spike looked on in equal shock Xander just shook the mans hand. "Hey Leo. Find out anything?" leo nodded. "Yeah. One of the other Champions is in Sunnydale. Get this he's a vamp. But he's the champion of Animals." Xander looked at Spike and laughed. "You hear that Spike. Your the champion for the animals." The dog looked at Spike and began to whimper. Xander looked sorry for the little thing. "The animals are dead." Spike looks up. "Hey droops I can do this!! As long as I can still eat a few now and again." Spike looks at the dog. "Fine I won't eat you. Right now." Xander sighed."How can anything expect Angel and Spike to work together. Hell how can anything expect Angel and I to work together?" Leo shrugs. " They never make any sense." Leo hands Xander a sheet of paper. "Here's the other two. There's also a wild card. He was mentioned in the prophecy but he isn't a champion." Xander takes the paper nodding. "I'll check it out in a few days. I kinda wanna stay around here for awhile." Leo nods smiling. "I understand. Keep in touch. And if you need help call us." Xander nodded his thanks and Leo orbed out or of the room. Giles looked at Xander. "Who was that?" Xander looked up from the paper. "The charmed ones whitelighter." Giles was in a state of dumb shock. he didn't even notice the drool that fell out of his open mouth. "I'll talk to you later Giles. And Spike, don't eat the dog." Spike sneered at him. Xander took the dog from him. "Not that I don't trust you or anything." Spike looked at the dog with hungry eyes as Xander walked out of the magic box. "Damn. Now I have to find another meal. Hey Rupes, got any wheatabix?"


Xander walked into the Summers home with the dog under his right arm. He smiled as Dawn squeled and pulled the dog out of his hands and into hers. Buffy glared at him. "What? I couldn't let Spike eat it could I?" Buffy raised her eyebrows. "I guess not. Dawn your not keeping it." Dawn stuck her tongue out at Buffy and started up the stairs. "Thats what you think sis." Buffy looked at Xander. "You see what you did?" Xander smiled and nodded. "Yeah." Buffy's glare got harder and Xanders smile wider until both were laughing. Buffy finally stopped. "I can't believe you did that." Xander smiled and walked toward her. " I thought it was hilarious. Besides I had nowhere else to go. I'll tell you what. I'll get my own place and take him with me." Buffy frowned. "When are you getting a place?" Xander showed mock hurt. "Are you that desprate to get rid of me?" Buffy rolled her eyes smiling. "Of course not." Xander looked at her open mouthed as he followed her into the living room. "You could have said that with a little more emotion." Buffy laughed as they sat on the couch and began talking about well nothing.


Xander sat on his bike looking at the gang. The moon in the sky was nearly full. He smiled as he looked at each member. Knowing that it was now his job to keep them safe. "I'll be back soon. Promise." He started the bike and looked again at the group. at the family. "Spike. Don't eat any animals alright. I'll figure out something when I get back." Spike sneered. "First I can't eat humans now animals are out to. This is unfair." Dawn looked at Spike. "Life isn't fair Spike." Spike smiled. "I know. But I'm dead. Hell look at the time. I have to go watch passions." Xander sighed and shook his head. "Giles. Set up a place for the teams. I left enough money in your account. Also. Any books you want. Have fun." Giles grinned. "I'll take care of it Xander. Do hurry home." Xander nodded. "I won't be gone any longer than I have to be. Bye Everyone." Xander saw them wave as he twisted the accelerator and the bike flew down the empty streets of Sunnydale. First stop. Earths Champion. Xander took the on ramp to the interstate. His bike tacked out as he went toward his destiny. Toward his future.

Okay thats it for the first book of the White Knight. Does anyone want me to continue the series? I already have Ideas for the second Book but I want to work on my Daywalker fic before I start the second Book of the Guardian series. So it could be awhile. I'll keep writing it when I get Ideas but i won't post anything from it for a little while. Thanks for all the feedback on this and my other fic. I'll keep writing if you will.