3rd Month of 300 A.C. Skane


Skaagos had been their haven for nearly a year, since the Greyjoy boy had come and turned his cloak. She had never liked the Greyjoy boy, he had been trouble, and she had always known that. The way he had acted and spoken when the young wolf had been around had been different to how he had been when the young wolf was not there. He was conceited and a liar, and she looked forward to the day that she could shove her spear through his throat and watch as he bled to death. But that was neither here nor there, they had followed the advice of the maester and when it had come to separating from the little lord- something she had not felt certain of considering what the swamp boy was talking about- she had taken little Rickon with her to Last Hearth Lands. The lands of the giants, and they had wanted to take them in, but her protests along with those of mother mole, the old woman of the giants had convinced them that it would be safer if they disappeared for good. And so they had boarded a boat provided to them by the people of the Lake and sailed to Skaagos. They had arrived at Skaagos during a quiet night, and had been greeted by the whole island it appeared they had been waiting for them, for some time. Something Osha had been worried about, but it seemed they were not as savage as she had been led to believe.

The Skaagosi had taken them and led them to Joramun Magnar, the Magnar of Magnar and the most powerful lord on Skaagos, and it was from him they had learned briefly what had befallen the north. Little Rickon was too young to fully understand what was going on, but Osha did. She had heard growing up as a child that the Skaagosi had some strange beliefs and it seemed they worshipped little Rickon and his wolf Shaggydog. It seemed there was a tale around the boy and his wolf that they were supposed to bring about the light and end the darkness. Osha was still not completely clear on all of it, but she knew one thing, the white walkers could not get them on Skaagos, the water prevented them from coming here. There was more of course, there is always more. It seemed that the children were somehow involved with what was going on north of the wall, and that they were either the good or the bad forces in this struggle that according to the Skaagosi had been raging for thousands of years. She did not know what to make of it, and truly she did not care, she only wanted to keep Rickon safe and she had sworn she would.

Rickon was a good child, even if he were very wild. He had managed to cope somewhat with the changes that had occurred so quickly in his life. His father was dead, his sisters were scattered to the win, and Osha suspected that his brother the Young Wolf was dead as well. And yet Rickon remembered them somewhat, it was as if his wolf and the island was keeping them fresh in his memory, for he would often ask about them late at night as they went to sleep. She would tell him what little she knew of his family, often recalling the things she had observed in Winterfell when the young wolf had been there, and what the little lord had told her, but she feared it was not enough. More and more it seemed that little Rickon embraced the island lifestyle of the Skaagosi and that was something Osha knew she would have to stop before it went too far. There was one thing about the kneelers they did not like what they did not understand, and it did not take a genius to know that they did not like the Skaagosi. And that was a shame for the Skaagosi were true northmen, they had not forgotten the old way, the way Osha and her family had known and had followed before the darkness had come and driven them out.

And now as they had been told repeatedly they were sailing to the abandoned isle of Skane. The island had a grim reputation, for it was where the Skaagosi had supposedly come and wiped out the entire island of its people. She had asked Joramun about this once, and he had merely said that it might have happened or it might not have happened. All she knew was that the island had a fierce reputation and that she was not entirely comfortable allowing Rickon to come here. And yet Joramun had been insistent, stating that Rickon needed to come here if he ever wanted to reclaim the north before it became too late, and little Rickon who could be stubborn when he wanted to be had voiced his agreement, stating he wanted to reclaim his home from the bad people and to be like Robb, and so Osha had relented and here they were.

The island was grim, and foreboding, the boats rocked slightly on the water, as they came closer. Osha felt something in the pit in her stomach, something primal, some sense of fear. There was something on this island, something old and powerful. She did not know what it was and she did not know whether she trusted it, but as she looked at Rickon the boy seemed oddly calm, and had done during the entirety of the journey, and his wolf who paddled alongside the bot was calm as well. That the wolf had managed to keep going throughout the duration of their journey was impressive. But then she had to remind herself that the wolf was not a normal wolf, it was a direwolf and as such had a direwolf's stamina and strength.

As the boats pulled into the island Osha looked at Rickon and saw that the boy looked concerned about something. "What is it my little lord?" she asks.

"Shaggy can feel something. There is someone on the island." Rickon says.

"Well we are about to go onto the island little wolf, so of course there will be people on the island." Osha replies.

Rickon shakes his head. "No, there's someone or something on the island. Not just Jor and his people. There are others."

"Others? What do you mean by others?" Osha asks trying to keep the panic from her voice.

Rickon looks at her and says. "Maybe not others I don't know. But there is something there." he then shakes his head and looks at Shaggy, the wolf who had been paddling suddenly bounds onto the land and runs off into the distance.

"Where is he going?" Osha asks.

"To see." Rickon replies simply.

Osha nods, the boy might be young but he is powerful, very powerful that much is true. Their boat has stopped now, and so Osha stands and helps Rickon out of the boat onto the land. The others join them as well, and when Rickon takes her hand she says. "Remember what I said before we left little wolf."

"I am to stay by your side until we get to the cave." Rickon replies. "Why must I stay by your side until then Osha?"

Osha looks at Joramun who has stepped off his boat, the Magnar of Magnar is a big man, broad shouldered, with flowing red hair and a flowing red beard. He is handsome and strong. The man merely nods at her. "Because this is Skane, and I need someone here to protect me from the monsters that might be on the island." She replies.

"But there won't be any monsters. Shaggy will eat them if they come near us." Rickon says confidently.

"Good, I would not like to end up in the belly of some monster." Osha jokes softly.

The boy laughs. "You would hurt them before they ever got the chance to do anything to you wouldn't you Osha? You would not let them take you away. Not like they took my mama and papa away." The last is said in a very soft and scared voice.

Osha stops then and gets down on her haunches to look at the boy she looks him in the eye and says. "I will not go anywhere unless you ask of it of me little wolf. I am with you always."

"Do you promise?" the boy asks.

Osha nods. "I promise."

Rickon hugs her then and Osha holds him for a moment before the boy pulls away and takes her hand then forcing her to stand up. They continue walking following Joramun and his men toward where the cave is said to be. "Where's the wolf?" Joramun asks in his gruff tone.

"He's coming this way. Shaggy found nothing scary on the island." Rickon says immediately.

Joramun merely nods before saying. "You will need to enter the cave on your own my King. You and your wolf will need to enter alone."

"Osha cannot come with me?" the boy asks confused.

"No. Whatever is in that cave wants you to go in with your wolf alone. That is what we have been told. If you want to go home that is what you must do." Joramun replies.

Rickon looks at her and Osha feels her heart ache at the hope in his eyes. "It is true my little wolf. You must go in with Shaggydog and come out. I promise you I will be right here."

"You are not going anywhere?" Rickon asks her, his lower lip quivering slightly.

She wants to hold him and reassure him, but she knows that he would not appreciate that not now. And so she merely ruffles his hair and says. "Of course my king. I would not leave you."

They are silent then as a big black shape comes bounding toward them. Shaggydog stops before Rickon and rubs his head against the boy's side, causing Rickon to laugh. But then he stops playing and looks at Joramun. The Magnar looks somewhat intimidated and rightly so the wolf is nearly as big as him. "You must go in now my king." Joramun says.

Rickon looks at her and she smiles reassuringly, and then he starts walking forward toward the cave, Shaggy following obediently at his side. Osha can feel her heart hammering as she watches her little wolf walk toward the cave. He stops outside the save and looks at her a moment and then runs in. her heart is still hammering, nothing has happened, and the wait is killing her. She wants to know what is happening inside the cave, is there anything at all, or has she just given her little wolf over for some sort of Skaagosi trick? As the silence extends she grows more and more nervous she wants to walk into the cave and pull her little wolf out of the cave, before something dangerous happens. She takes a step forward and then the ground begins to shake.

It is not a soft shake either, it is something violent the like of which she has never seen before. The sheer force of it forces them all to their knees. Her heart is hammering and she wants to run into the cave, which looks as if it might fall in on itself. As the shaking worsens and the rocks begin falling down she makes to move forward. But is stopped. "You cannot go in. not now." Joramun says.

"He will die if we do not do something!" Osha shouts.

"He will die if we interfere, let the old man do what he must." Joramun shouts back.

Struggling against the man's arm, Osha strains to see what is happening, she just wants a sight of her little wolf to make sure he is okay. The ground continues to shake and groan and moan, and her heart is hammering viciously in her chest. She is worried, so deathly worried. She fears she has led her little wolf to his death. The ground stops shaking and all goes quiet, and yet a moment and then another, and then another passes and there is still no sign of Rickon. She begins to worry now, Joramun is still keeping her in place but his grip is weakening. The silence stretches on, until someone gasps and Osha looks back at the front of the cave and sees a tall figure emerge, a black wolf the size of a small war horse at his side. The figure is naked from head to foot, with long hair kissed by fire and his eyes, those eyes are a startling blueish grey. "Rickon." She whispers. As the Skaagosi get to their knees before her little wolf, she sees he is not so little anymore, he has become a man grown.