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Dear Santa

Part 1: Color Me Happy

"Ok David, you go on and play, I'll be back to pick you up later, honey." Wide, frightened gray eyes looked up into the soft blue eyes of his mother, begging her to stay, to hold him, not to leave him in this scary, unfamiliar place.

"Mommy I don't want to stay here, I'm scared." David whispered shakily as he tugged on his mother's hand tightly. She knelt down next to him, folding him into her arms and kissing the dark curls atop his little head.

"Oh sweetie, I know it's scary not to know anyone, but I promise you'll make some new friends ok? Just be brave, little love, it'll be ok. I'll be back before you know it." With another hug and kiss she was up and out the door, stopping only a moment to turn back and blow her only little boy a kiss. David swallowed thickly and sat at a nearby red and blue table. He looked around the large room, filled with little boys and girls, laughing together and playing together. He could feel his eyes fill with tears, and he quickly put his head down on his arms to hide them. He didn't want to be here, he was lonely. He wanted to be home with his mommy and daddy, where he didn't have to be brave and make new friends. He didn't want to be scared.

"Are you sick?" David's head jerked up at the small, curious voice. His eyes immediately locked with a pair of friendly dark brown ones, which were staring at him intently. He stared back quietly, wondering what she had just asked him, and felt like a dummy when she shrugged and sat down next to him, placing a box of crayons and stack of paper between them.

"Nevermind, you're not sick. You're sad, I can tell. I was sad too when my mommy brought me here, but they let you color with all these crayons here and when I started coloring I didn't feel sad anymore! So you can color too, then you won't feel sad." She explained as she took one piece of paper and set it in front of her and then another piece and set it in front of David. David watched her as she picked out her crayon and began to draw; he too picked up a random crayon and began drawing whatever came to him. He couldn't really concentrate on drawing though, and he kept looking over at this strangely friendly girl who seemed to want to make him happy. He wondered if he should say something to her, ask her name, or something. He was just about to when she spoke up again.

"My names Lizabeth, and I'm gonna be 4 soon. I have a little brother, but he's stinky and he cries a lot, and I don't really think he's any good, but my mommy and daddy seem to like him. I asked my mommy and daddy if they could trade him for something else, but they said no. So then I asked them if they could take him away as my Christmas present, and they got mad at me. Do you have a little brother?" David shook his head silently, and watched in awe as Lizabeth continued to talk to him about her family.

"Well, you're lucky then. I wish that I had a pet instead. Like a puppy dog, or a kitty. I'm sure those are much better than my stinky little brother is. But my mommy and daddy won't let me have a pet. Not even for Christmas! That's not fair, is it?" Lizabeth looked at David, her questioning eyes wide and serious. David could only shake his head, not sure what to say. Lizabeth suddenly stopped talking and looked at David curiously, tilting her head to the side, which caused her thin blonde hair to fall into her eyes just a bit.

"Do you talk?" She questioned, scrunching up her face in confusion. David nodded silently before realizing what he was doing. He cleared his throat and nodded again.

"Yeah." He answered shortly, turning back to his drawing, which was really just a bunch of scribbled lines. Lizabeth, though, continued to stare at him, as if trying to figure him out.

"What's your name?" She asked, picked up her crayon, but concentrating more on her new friend than her picture.

"David Gordon." David had always been taught that when asked your name you should always state your full name, it was more polite that way. His head turned sharply when he heard a soft giggle erupt from the friendly blonde beside him.

"What's so funny?" He demanded, wondering what was so funny, and if she was laughing at him. He didn't like to be laughed at.

"Gordon is a funny name." Lizabeth giggled, putting her small chubby hands over her mouth. David felt mad, and he narrowed his eyes at Lizabeth, glaring at her menacingly.

"It is not. Take that back." He cried; slamming his crayon down on the table with as much force as his little muscles could produce. Lizabeth stopped giggling, or at least tried to, and looked at David in apology.

"Sorry, I'm not laughing at you. I like your name, Gordo." She said sincerely, calming David's anger a little bit.

"My names David." He stated, still on guard, but less angry.

"I like Gordo better, it's fun!" She said brightly as she picked up her crayon and went back to concentrating on her drawing.

"Oh. Ok." They sat and colored together quietly, Gordo trying to think of more things to say, and Lizabeth concentrating on her drawing.

"Why don't you ask Santa?" Gordo asked suddenly, causing Lizabeth to look at him in confusion.

"I mean, why don't you ask Santa to get rid of your little brother? Or for a pet? I always ask Santa for presents and I get them." He explained. Lizabeth started giggling again, and shook her head softly.

"Oh Gordo you're silly, Santa is just pretend." She stated matter-of- factly. Gordo narrowed his eyes again, feeling defense boil inside him.

"No he's not, I write to him every year and I get everything I ask for. He's real, he is!" He stressed, staring at Lizabeth, willing her to believe him. The blonde merely laughed and continued drawing.

"Mommies and daddies just tell little kids that so they won't try to look for presents around the house, Gordo. Mommies and daddies are the ones that bring us presents, not a big red fat guy." She explained, bursting into giggles as she finished. Gordo stared in awe, wondering how someone could believe something so untrue. He thought he might get mad, but instead he decided something better, and dismissed the subject, going back to his own drawing. Once he finished, he turned to his new friend and smiled brightly.

"Here you go Lizziebeth, it's your Christmas present from me." He said as he handed her his drawing of big, bright, colorful flower. Lizabeth smiled brightly and took it, staring at it as if it were the best work of art she had ever seen.

"Oh thank you Gordo, when I finish mine you can have it as your present. But I thought only Santa brings presents?" She said, giving her new friend a cheeky smile. Gordo giggled and took a new piece of paper to begin a new drawing.

"But this ones special from me since you don't believe Santa is real, Lizzie." He stated, pretending to concentrate on his drawing and not Lizabeth's cheerful giggle.

"My name's Lizabeth, Gordo." She stated in mock anger. Gordo giggled and glanced at his new friend through the corner of his eye.

"Lizzie is more fun." He turned and gave the blonde a bright friendly smile, which was returned immediately before the two went back to their artwork.


Dear Santa,

Today I met a new friend at the new daycare my mommy brought me too. She was really nice and really pretty. She said she didn't think you were real, and that makes me sad, because you bring everyone presents and if she doesn't believe that you're real then she doesn't get presents, does she? And she's really nice so she has to get lots of presents. So for Christmas can you show her that you're real? And can you let her be my friend for a long time? Cause I really like her as my friend a lot. And can you please get me a new airplane, and that 'mote control car that was on the TV last night? I was really good this year, so I should get them, right?

Thank you very much, David Gordon (Lizzie calls me Gordo)


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