Hello y'all!

No chapter today. I'm ever so sorry.

I am officially at an impasse with this story. Most of my writing time I spend with AFITR or Supernatural one shots/drabbles, and the rest of the time is taken by that unavoidable thing called Life. I'm not abandoning it yet, but there's a very long road yet to go, and it's pretty intimidating to think about, let alone plan and write. Additionally, the first few chapters are crap, so I want to rewrite them. Except I don't. I'm lazy. Again, I'm sorry. Ideas are always welcome, especially if they regard shortening the story (I was originally planning to take it all the way to the Apocalypse, aka S5 of Spn).

Basically what this all adds up to is this: Reunion is on a temporary but indefinite hiatus. Once I finish AFITR, I'll have more time to spend on it, but I also have some multi-chaptered Supernatural fics in the works that might possibly take priority.

Thank you so much for your comments, support, love, etc. and I promise I will begin work on this again ASAP.