July 31st: Surprise Disaster

I been staying on this bus for an hour, but it feels like I've been here forever, like a never ending destination. My name is Kelly Sullivan, I'm 18 years old. I've just graduated from high school. I live in Seattle, Washington, with my parents and my 17-year old sister, Sylvia. But I'm not in Seattle, I'm in Japan! You see, earlier in July, my parents wanted us (me and Sylvia) to spend the summer in Tokyo, Japan, to see our long distance uncles and my two cousins, Ashley and Ashton. My uncle is the vice president of a pharmaceutical company and he's been promoted and he and his family moved to Tokyo, where the HQ is located. We do get to see them on the holidays and I visited Tokyo before, just with my father, because he needed me, because I have learned to speak Japanese, he used me as his translator, but some Japanese know English, but that was when I was 14. I've never thought of going to Japan again, until that day.

So my sister and I arrived in Tokyo for a two-month stay. Is clearly for me that my parents wanted us to be busy while they have fun for themselves. While arriving there, me and Sylvia stayed at my uncles' home, is really nice, is like they live in a high-class society. While staying there, my 21-year old cousin, Ashton, takes us to some of Japan's iconic landmarks.

It was so amazing, despite that I've visited before but they haven't given me a tour, I only stayed there for ten days, but this time is two months (July and August), that's enough to visit some of Japan's attractive tourist destinations. I've learned so much than speaking their language…

But one day something unthinkable happens to me. Only me…. Is the last day of July after a five-day stay at a hotel, where I can see the Mount Fuji, my cousins and my sister quickly took the morning bus to Tokyo, without knowing my presence. I was distracted after helping a lady whose luggage exploded and her clothing blew everywhere in the lobby. I checked the time and I was in big trouble, they've left me behind. I tried to call them, but no response. I quickly took the next bus that was leaving at noon. The bus' route was different, it included several stops and Tokyo was the final stop. But what choices do I have? I have no choice but to take it. It will arrive there maybe before or after 6:00 PM. Before I've boarded, I called my uncle to inform him that I have missed the bus and I will arrive there before dinner. With no problems, I felt confident that this was all going so smoothly.

And here I am, sitting here for two hours since I've departed from Fuji. The bus made several stops, some passengers have disembarked or boarded, and I been sitting at the back of the bus, if you have put a camera and put it on fast forward you can see the performance.

At this moment the bus was fully loaded with passengers and they seemed to be from a big city, not Tokyo, but some other metropolis.

The bus stopped and all the passengers disembarked and few more boarded and I'm pretty sure that the bus driver have been wondering, what is my destination? More passengers boarded, it was full again, and I'm still sitting at the back of the bus. Then one passenger was standing next to me where I'm seating.

"Um, excuse me, can you move your backpack? There's no more room left." The young passenger asked in Japanese.

"Oh, sure." I said as I put my backpack under the seat.

"Thanks." He said as he seats next to me and I grabbed my headphones to past the time, it was going to be a long ride to Tokyo.

The bus steps on and continued it's next destination. The young Japanese who is next to me seems to be the same age as I am, he seems he lives from the city. I wonder what's his destination? Maybe he's visiting to a family reunion or something. No more guessing for one day!

As the bus follows the road and looking through the window, I see the beautiful scenery, there where green mountains a nice blue sky and one giant white sun shining the afternoon. The bus driver speaks up. "Next stop, Minasato Village, please press the button if you are departing."

The Japanese teen pressed the button. He lives on a big city and he's visiting a village? Is possible that he used to live there and he has family there or friends, right? I've been talking to my mind whoever is sitting next to me and think, what is their destination? Without asking.

I tried to call my sister or my cousins, but the moment I boarded the bus there was no signal in my cellphone, I was out of range, and I haven't received a call from anyone. I was cut from the outside world. On a bus. "Oh great…." I sighed as I relaxed on my seat.

Suddenly, a loud explosive sound jerked the bus, I was thrown from my seat, the passengers screamed. The bus moved heavily to the left and then right. I tried to stand up and sit back onto my seat, and also the Japanese teen who was next to me, he handed over his hand to me so I can grab it. But it was too late, the bus rolls over and I was thrown from the floor to the side and I blacked out. The terrible sounds hits my ears, the metal creaking and twisting, the glass shattering, and the screams of the agonized passengers. It was a surprise disaster!

I hear voices of desperation, I hear uncomfortable sounds. I feel weak, I tried to fight and recover what just happened… but I can't. I can't move, I can't scream for help. I was done, and I haven't say goodbye to my love ones… I will never see them again.

My head hurts, my eyes were bursting into tears, my right wrist is sprained, and I feel the right side of my face leaking from a wound I've just received in my forehead. It was hurting me and I was scared. I was losing consciousness and at any moment, my life was about to be taken way.

The sounds from earlier was gone, leaving me hopeless. My weak voice was the only thing I can hear. "Help… help… help me… anyone?" I said what was left of me, my eyes closed.

I hear footsteps, stepping on broken fragments of the bus and I hear a voice. It was calmed and kept my hopes up. "Hey, you're going to be okay… Everything is going to be okay, just hang in there." The voice said in Japanese.

I don't remembered anything after that, I remembered feeling weak and a few more blurry voices around me, but nothing more afterwards.